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Comfort Is Key In Every Workplace

On a weekly basis, we spend many hours of our week at work. In fact, a significant amount of our time is spent in our work environments whether that’s in an office, out in the field, on-site, etc. Since most of our time is spent at work, it is crucial that we have a comfortable working environment.

Employers should ensure that their employees are provided with all of the necessary comforts at work. For example, providing comfortable chairs to support their employees’ backs and postures and/or providing anti-fatigue matting to provide comfort underfoot and reduce the health dangers of standing for long periods of time.

Investing in quality, supportive equipment will not only ensure high satisfaction but increased productivity too. Below are some of the benefits of implementing comfort in the workplace.

Importance Of Comfort In The Workplace

Happiness & Satisfaction

If your employees are provided with all of the necessary comforts in their workplace, then they will more likely to be happy and content. A happy workforce means that people will tend to work harder and be more productive. This has a lot of positive impact on workplace productivity – a key barometer to use when measuring your success as a company. There will be times when individuals are feeling down from doing tedious tasks but, if you can create a comfortable work environment, those tasks will be a lot easier to push through.


If your employees do dangerous jobs, are required to stand for long periods of time or will be working at their computer desk all day, (etc.), then you will need to ensure that they are comfortable as possible and provided with all of the necessary tools and equipment to support them.


If an employee at work always complains about being uncomfortable, there’s a good chance they have an underlying issue. So, if you can, find out what that problem is. Have an open door policy where employees can explain how they are feeling, and do what you can to give them a healthy environment.

For individuals who spend most of their time at their computer desk, it is vital that they take screen breaks every now and then to prevent damaging their eyesight. Employers should also provide those who work at desks with comfortable chairs to support the individual’s back.

By understanding your employees’ comfort needs and providing solutions for them, this will help to keep your productivity levels and performance as high as they can be.

Comfort Solutions With Bondline

At Bondline, we know how important comfort is in the workplace. That’s why we have a range of equipment designed specifically for comfort for you to use in your work environments. Our products are manufactured with anti-static properties that are compliant according to IEC-61340-1-5 International Standard. This makes them suitable for use in the ESD industry.

Ergonomic ESD Workbenches

Each of our workbenches provide great comfort and ergonomic features for the user and can be designed to suit each user’s individual requirements.

Types of Bondline Workbenches

Classic Workstations

Classic ESD benches are simple, functional and inexpensive. A classic bench is ideal for a wide range of industries including production lines, workshops and many more. They are often the cheapest option, but are the most commonly bought style of bench. The classic workbenches allow for the attachment of interchangeable units due to the smart modular design. Our classic workbenches are designed to hold loads of up to 300kg, and are perfect for work that requires you to be seated.

Comfort Workstations

Comfort ESD benches look more appealing and offer advanced ergonomics for comfortable work, providing the user the support they need. With a comfort bench you can work with loads that are designed to handle weights of up to 200kg.

Square Tube Style ‘Four Leg’ Workstations

Square Tube ESD Anti Static Benches offer static dissipative properties which acts as protection from an electrostatic charge. These benches are perfect for use within the electronic assembly industry. As standard, the ESD bench includes a wrist strap that is attached to the workbench which ensures that the user is earthed to the bench.

Square Tube Style ‘Cantilever’ Workstations

These are constructed to allow for maximum legroom and space underneath the bench, allowing the user more comfort when working. They are height adjustable feet for easy levelling. The Cantilever ESD Anti Static Bench range provide static dissipative properties which act as protection from an electrostatic charge for employees, and employers within the workplace. These workshop benches are ideal for electronic assembly industry. The workbench includes a wrist strap which is attached to the workbench which ensures that the user is earthed to the bench.

Ergonomic ESD Chairs

We offer different types of ESD chairs with low and high heights for your comfort including: Basic ESD Chairs, Intermediate ESD Chairs and Supreme ESD Chairs. Each chair has been designed to provide the user with comfort and support with each of their unique features.

Types of ESD Chairs | Bondline

Basic ESD Chairs

Our basic ESD chairs are fitted with a fully adjustable back-rest, a gas-lift height adjustment and are available in three different heights. These features allow for additional comfort for the user. The chair conforms to BS4875 part 1 to highest test level 5 (strength and stability).

Intermediate ESD Chairs

Our intermediate ESD chairs are fully ergonomic and are fitted with a seat tilt, back rack angle, height adjustment and gas lift swivel height adjustment. Fully ergonomic intermediate chairs with three-dimensional moulded foam for added comfort.

Supreme ESD Chairs

Our supreme ESD chairs are fully ergonomic and are manufactured with a waterfall seat design and three-dimensional moulded foam for added comfort. The full synchro mechanism provides ergonomic seat and back adjustments to ensure all-day support, especially for your back.

Comfortable ESD Matting

Anti-Fatigue Matting and Mats

Anti-Fatigue Matting 3  KSAFSM Anti Fatigue Matting

Our anti-fatigue matting and mats provide excellent comfort and support for operators. These flooring materials are generally used around machinery where static build up is common.

Anti-fatigue matting and mats can reduce the health dangers of standing for long periods of time; especially on hard, cold floors. In the absence of appropriate flooring, employee health problems can include pain in the lower back, legs and feet, etc. Whilst protecting the operator from static build-up, the matting provides excellent comfort underfoot.

They can help prevent general tiredness of the feet and back and also help reduce cramps, circulatory problems and general fatigue.

Cushion Matting For Workbenches

Cushion Matting

Our ESD cushion matting is manufactured for use on workbenches in EPA/ESD sensitive areas. The cushioning offers a comfortable working surface for its operator which also helps to reduce mechanical damage to electronic parts (PCBs, etc). This matting should be used in conjunction with the grounded work surface.

Comfortable ESD Gloves

Our ESD gloves are designed to ground the operator and minimise the likelihood of ESD damage whilst providing the operator with excellent comfort and a snug fit.

ESD Coated Palm Gloves with Elastic Wrist ESD Coated Tip Gloves with Elastic WristGLGloveGrey

These gloves are manufactured for use in handling, transporting, and inspecting static sensitive devices that are susceptible to damage from Electro Static Discharge. The gloves are designed with seamless knitted structures and an elasticated wrist for an extremely comfortable fit. They also provide cleanliness and give no restrain. The gloves are manufactured with 25% carbon which ensures they are ESD safe. Our gloves are available in a wide range of sizes to suit each individual’s requirements which ensures a snug, comfortable fit.

Comfortable ESD Shoes

Our ABEBA ESD footwear range has been specially designed to provide you with the correct static protection and all day comfort. It is vital that you wear the correct type of footwear at work in order to prevent any health issues from wearing ill-fitting shoes. Wearing the right footwear helps to fully support your feet, enabling you to carry out your daily tasks more efficiently.

Black ESD Office ShoesBlack ESD ShoeBlack ESD Trainer with White Sole 31761ESD White Slip on Shoe 31032

Features and Benefits of ABEBA shoes:

  • Correct toe shape – Gives toes the room they need.
  • Soft but tough leathers – Have been carefully tanned and have a soft feel. ‘Action Breathe’, a stronger alternative to leather, moulds to the foot’s shape whilst standing up to the rigours of the workplace.
  • Balanced insoles – Reflecting the foot’s natural shape and supporting the body.
  • Correct fit – Our footwear holds narrow and wide feet equally securely and firmly.
  • Flexible soles – Contain thousands of tiny air pockets and cushion the feet to provide greater flexibility.
  • All styles in this range have Anti-slip soles for slip-sensitive areas.
  • Provides the correct level of static control for working with ESD protected areas.

Comfortable ESD Clothes

Antistatic clothing is an essential part of many electronic production companies, as well as laboratories, clinical environments, precision engineering environments – and should always be seen as another vital aid in an ESD protective area. In any workplace, it is important to wear comfortable clothing so you can carry out your daily tasks efficiently. At Bondline, we offer a selection of different types of anti-static garments to suit your needs and requirements.

ESD FleecesBondline anti-static lab coats.       New range ESD Unisex Polo shirts

ESD Fleeces

Our ESD fleeces are designed for operators working in low-temperature conditions in Electro Static Protected Areas. They are extremely warm and comfortable due to their warm and soft polyester material. The fleece’s 3% carbon fibre allows for ESD resistance which makes it suitable for working near static-sensitive components, materials or equipment.

ESD Lab Coats

Our ESD lab coats are designed to be comfortable and lightweight whilst also providing static dissipative properties to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components. The fabric is constructed of 65% polyester, 32% cotton and 3% conductive yarn, allowing full ESD protection and comfort for the user.

ESD Polo Shirts

These unisex polo shirts are ideal for use within an EPA area in warm environments. Manufactured from static-dissipative material with a material composition of 58% cotton, 39% polyester and 3% conductive yarn. These polo shirts are designed to be comfortable for the user and the short-sleeves enable the shirt to be worn in warm conditions.

Comfortable Wrist Straps

When thinking of comfort, you may not think about the importance of using comfortable wrist straps. For those who work with static-sensitive devices as part of their job or on a regular basis, it is highly recommended that you use a comfortable wrist strap to support you and provide a snug fit. This will allow you to carry out your daily tasks efficiently with no irritation of the wrist strap being against your skin that makes you itchy and feel uncomfortable.

HCA10 | Bondline Accessories

Our premium high comfort wrist-straps are specialised for maximum comfort for the user wearing them all day. The wrist straps are fully adjustable, woven and have a curved buckle for added comfort. Unlike many other wrist straps this design has double thickness material to ensure outer layer insulation for complete operator safety. The comfortable materials allow users to wear the wrist bands for long periods of time and are essential when handling components or assembling parts in an EPA.

The HCA10 anti-static wrist strap’s metal back plate is made of hypo-allergenic jewellery grade stainless-steel as standard to prevent any metal allergy problems.

For those who are allergic to the standard anti-static wrist straps, the HCA10AA anti-allergy wrist strap is hypo-allergenic, with a plastic backing to avoid metal contact with the skin.


To conclude, comfort is a crucial factor to consider in every workplace; especially if you’re spending long periods of time at work. Employers should be taking precautions to ensure that their employees are provided with the comfort and support they need at work to prevent health problems and increase productivity and happiness levels. By doing so, this helps to create a good working environment for everyone.

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