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Earth Bonding

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The Earth Bonding Point (EBP) plug is designed to provide a common ground point for grounding using protective earth in an ESD protected area (EPA). The plug fits into the mains supply socket, making a connection with the earth conductor only. In place of the live and neutral pins are moulded insulating plastic pins to allow positive location in the socket. Connectors on the front of the plug are available for connection via ground cords to the various elements of the EPA. Each element is held at a common potential.

A resistance of sufficient resistance to limit current to less than 0.0005 amperes (0.5 milliamps), at the highest voltage that may be encountered, should be incorporated. Nominally, 800 kilo ohms are sufficient for voltages of up to 240 volts alternating current (AC). The value of one mega ohm is specified because it is a standard value discrete resistor. Follow appropriate regulatory or company safe grounding instructions. If overstressed the resistor will open the circuit. It is virtually impossible to misuse the plug, which is permanently sealed. The resistance between the terminations and the pin of each plug is tested after manufacture. Supports EN 61340-5-1 & ESD S20.20 ESD Handling.

Custom Specials

In our warehouse, we have a separate storage area for our customised earth bonding products. We offer custom printing, logos, configurations, languages and other resistance values on request.

Configurations can include 4mm,7mm,10mm Stud, 4mm Banana Sockets, M5 Binding Post.

Please contact us if you would like your bonding plug to be customised with any of the following above.

LSBJK Custom Specials | Bondline

Earth Bonding Point Benefits:

  • Simple and easy method of grounding personnel, ESD work bench, ESD matting and ESD flooring.
  • Reduction in the static decay rate of workstations
  • Reduction in component damage when handling sensitive electronic devices

As with any ESD application, there are a number of factors that must be considered in order to protect the workforce and eliminate the risks of component damage. For expert advice on creating the right ESD safe environment, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help. You can also browse our range of anti-static wrist straps, ESD mats and other anti-static products.

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