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Earth Bonding

Effective grounding protects sensitive areas from the damage caused from ESD. Our range of Earth bonding plugs and brackets are excellent solutions for ESD grounding in an Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA).

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ESD Grounding Solutions

Effective grounding with Earth Bonding Points

Within an Electrostatic Protected Area, all objects, surfaces, people and static sensitive components and devices are kept at the same electrical potential. This is achieved by connecting all objects and people to ground using Earth Bonding Points.

The Earth Bonding Point (EBP) plug and bracket are designed to provide a common ground point for grounding using protective Earth in an ESD protected area (EPA). The bonding point fits into the mains supply socket, making a connection with the Earth conductor only. Each bonding point supports IEC-61340-5-1 and ESD S20.20 ESD Handling standards.

Using Earth Bonding Points In An EPA

Earthing is used to protect you and static sensitive components and devices from being affected by an electric charge. It does this by providing a path (a protective conductor) for a fault current to flow to Earth.

Earth Bonding Plugs, Brackets or Points should be installed at each workstation and should be connected directly to a verified electrical system ground or to a verified grounding bus which is connected to the protective Earth ground. There should be only one groundable point installed on a working surface. Both ESD surfaces and ESD wrist straps can be grounded via an Earth Bonding Plug or Bracket.

Many industries such as electronics manufacturing and cleanroom (microelectronics), must implement an Earthing system in their Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA). They do this simply by inserting bonding points such as Earthing plugs and brackets into the mains’ socket where they can then attach grounding cords as required. Typically, Earth bonding points will be utilised at ESD-safe workbenches where operators will be spending most of their time working on static sensitive electronic components and devices.

How Do Earth Bonding Points Work?

An Earth Bonding Point is inserted into the mains’ socket. A grounding cord will then be attached to the plug at one end and, on the other end, to another piece of equipment such as anti-static matting, wrist-strap or else. If a static charge were to generate on the matting or wrist-strap, the charge’s current will travel from the piece of equipment, through the cord and into the bonding point where it would then be grounded to Earth.

When Do You Need To Use Earth Bonding?

Earth Bonding Points are designed for use where main Earth may not be suitable or may be inaccessible. They provide a safe effective and easy to use Earthing point in an ESD protected area (EPA). The plug/bracket fits into the mains supply socket, making a connection with the Earth conductor only.

If you are to be handling and assembling static sensitive electronic components and devices, then Earthing your EPA equipment and personnel is a must!

How To Use Earth Bonding Points?

To properly use Earth bonding points correctly, you must insert the plug or bracket into a mains supply socket and push it fully in. The plug / bracket functions safely whether the socket is switched off or on. Connect the elements of the EPA such as bench and floor mats to the plug / bracket face using ground cords.

Benefits of Earth Bonding Points

  • Simple and easy method of grounding personnel, ESD-safe work benches, ESD-safe matting and ESD-safe flooring.
  • Reduction in the static decay rate of workstations.
  • Reduction in component damage when handling sensitive electronic devices.

Customise Your Earth Bonding Points With Bondline!

Do you require specific configurations, resistance values or special printing for your Earth bonding points? At Bondline, we can personalise your bonding points to match your specific requirements on request. Whether you’d like different configurations, resistance values, languages, printing or even your own company logo added, our team can manufacture these in-house. Configurations can include 4mm studs ,7mm studs ,10mm studs, banana sockets, M5 binding posts and more.

Please contact us on +44 (0)1793 511000 or sales@bondline.co.uk if you are interested in a custom special bonding point.

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