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Our competitively-priced, anti-static chairs are designed for use in the electronics industry to ground any static charge. Our chairs are made in the UK and have a lead time of approx. 7 working days with guarantee.

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Industrial Seating

Why do we create ESD when sitting?

ESD occurs when static electricity builds up on the surface of any non-conductive object that rubs against another similar non-conductive object. When sitting down or getting up from a chair, static charges can generate. The contact between your clothes and the chair can cause this static generation to build on the chair and on your clothes.

While you stay in contact with the chair, your body voltage stays low. If you lean forward so your back moves away from the chair back, or if you get up out of the chair, then you take the electrostatic charge with you.

Your body voltage can rise very rapidly to a high voltage as the charge is separated from its counter charge on the chair. Even though you may not feel this static charge on your body, you should be aware that this charge can be passed to static sensitive devices nearby and can significantly damage them.

Why does this matter? This is important for a variety of reasons. As an example, ESD damage can occur to sensitive devices with as little as 1 volt of electricity. Most devices need about 100 volts before they are damaged beyond repair.

People can’t feel the static discharge until about 2,000 volts and higher. So just because you didn’t feel the zap, doesn’t mean it didn’t occur.

To prevent any static damage from occurring, investing into ESD seating for your industrial environment is a smart choice to opt for.

How do ESD chairs work?

Quite simply, ESD chairs dissipate any static potential that it receives from the operator or the environment and balances out the potential until both the operator and the chair share the same charge.

The resistance to ground from any part of the seat which may have contact with personnel, must be less than 1×10^(10)Ω. At least two castors or feet must provide a path to ground.

Electricity only flows through conductive objects, and normal concrete floors are not conductive. Therefore, any buildup of static potential will discharge when contact is made with an electronic device unless a grounded connection is maintained with an ESD wrist strap. An ESD chair ensures the effectiveness of ESD flooring and ESD mats.

Non-conductive ESD chairs create opportunities for user error, such as when a user rests their feet on something besides the floor such as a separate footrest or stool rail. If both of a user’s feet do not touch an ESD floor or ESD mat, and the user is not grounded with an ESD strap, then the likeliness of an ESD event is greatly increased. Likewise, if the user is not wearing ESD footwear or grounding straps, the insulative character of standard shoe soles threaten the integrity of a conductive ESD chain.

Why do you need ESD chairs?

Your workers need the same comfort, adjustability, and ergonomic support in electronic assembly, repair areas, and other highly sensitive environments as they do in other areas that are non-sensitive to ESD.

Some areas require the static protection provided by ESD chairs for workers that deal with delicate electronic circuitry or work areas that require minimised environmental pollutants such as a cleanroom environment.

Even when there is an ESD floor or floor mat in place, it is highly recommended that you use an ESD chair. If an operator were to remove their feet from the ESD floor, then this could cause static to generate and discharge onto the person and then to the electronic they are working on. Therefore posing a high risk to the static sensitive item. A combination of ESD flooring and ESD chairs would be the most effective solution to static control.

Features of ESD chairs

Generally, ESD chairs are manufactured with high quality non-flammable, ESD fabrics and vinyls to provide full support and comfort for the user.

Most ESD chairs you will find are draughtsman-made and are specifically designed and manufactured for use in the electronics and electrical industry. Their static-dissipative properties prevent the build-up of static electricity by dissipating it directly to earth.

Key features of ESD chairs include:

  • Adjustable conductive backrests.
  • Robust metal frames.
  • Gas lift seat height adjustments.
  • Ergonomic seating.
  • Soft and durable cushioning.

ESD chair benefits

Depending on the type of ESD chair you choose, each chair will have different features and benefits. For example, some may have special moulded foam or a synchro mechanism to provide extra comfort. However, they all generally have the following benefits:

  • Specifically designed to protect yourself from electrostatic discharge problems.
  • ESD chairs use non-conductive materials, static-free fabric and static free casters in a chair that’s attractive and comfortable.
  • Urethane foam is used in seat and back to make it more comfortable.
  • Specifically designed for use in electrical and electronics industry.
  • Maximum ergonomic support for sitting or standing workers.
  • Minimises environmental pollutants in clean room applications.
  • Ensures product reliability and worker productivity.
  • Easily adjustable and have an ergonomic design.

Types of ESD chair

ESD Cleanroom Chair – Cleanroom chairs are made from high-quality and durable materials. They are easy to clean and provide excellent static dissipation. Their cushioned polyurethane material offers extra comfort and support for the user. They are fully ergonomic and are excellent to use in industries such as cleanroom, laboratory, food and medical. A great addition for static control areas. Bondline can supply cleanroom ESD chairs on demand, please send us an enquiry and we can discuss options through.

ESD Fabric Chair – This type of seating is fully ergonomic and suitable for electrostatic protected areas (EPAs). Fabric chairs come in a variety of colours, including dark blue and charcoal black, and have many features. These chairs are specifically designed for the electronics industry and prevent the build-up of static electricity by dissipating the static directly through the earth. Fabric chairs are available in a variety of heights with a fitted seat tilt lever to adjust accordingly.

ESD Stools – These are great for static sensitive production and assembly areas, providing extra protection to static sensitive devices. They are convenient, ESD-safe and can easily be transported around the EPA. ESD stools are a great option for cleanroom, laboratory and electronics production environments. If you’re looking for convenient seating that is ideal for short periods of work, ESD stools are a great option to opt for. Bondline can supply ESD stools on demand, please send us an enquiry and we can discuss options through.

ESD Heavy Weight Chair – These chairs are stronger and more durable than the standard ESD chair. They are capable of holding heavy weights and are constructed from robust materials. These chairs are specifically designed for the electronics industry and prevent the build-up of static electricity by dissipating the static directly through the earth. A great option to pick if you need more robust seating. Bondline can supply ESD heavy weight chairs on demand, please send us an enquiry and we can discuss options through.

Why choose Bondline’s ESD chairs?

Our chairs prevent the build up of static electricity by dissipating it directly to earth. Unlike other chairs, ours are made in the UK and lead time is approx. 7 working days with guarantee.

Our industrial seating is competitively priced and come in a variety of colours and materials to suit your preference. These include: Vinyl, charcoal fabric and dark blue fabric.

Not only do we offer these benefits, but we also have a whole range of superior, intermediate and basic ESD chairs to suit every budget! Each range offers different features to suit your needs. You can also find a range of heights you choose from such as low and high heights.

Bondline’s ESD chair range includes:

How does each chair range differ?

Bondline’s basic ESD chairs are a solid choice to choose if you would like cost-effective savings but also all of the essential ergonomic features of an ESD chair.

If you’re looking for a chair that offers extra comfort and support, our intermediate range is a great choice to go for!

Or, if you would like the very best of the range, our supreme ESD chairs offer all of the essential features of both the basic and intermediate range along with additional premium features. These features include, waterfall seat design, three-dimensional foam, foot ring and more!

ESD chair supplier

Finding the right manufacturer for your anti static chairs can be a daunting task, so we recommend you focus on a few key characteristics such as cost, lead times, customisation and product quality.

Cost. For many, this is the final determining factor. Although investing in high-quality products does not come cheap, it is important that you should not cut back on costs. For manufacturers of highly developed products, sending off inferior final products is costlier due to incurring lost parts during the manufacturing process as compared to saving a few pounds on creating cheaper versions of it.

Lead Times. When determining which manufacturer to partner with, determine whether they can deliver your order on time, check their delivery success rate and what assurances they provide if there are unavoidable problems. If possible, choose a domestic manufacturer because they have a significant advantage over foreign manufacturers when it comes to shipping finished products with tight deadlines and international shipping can add a layer of complexity to delivery times. Working with a domestic partner can also lessen the risk of you receiving low-quality products and not receiving them on time.

Special Orders. Finding a manufacturer that can work on your special requirements is an essential factor to consider. A good partner to work with can provide special orders for ESD chairs to fit your very specific needs. For example, swapping feet or castors, adding armrests, etc.

Product Quality. Always go for the highest quality of materials. For instance, a cushioned, hardwearing polyurethane is a good material to choose from for an ESD chair. On top of that, make sure that your manufacturing partner has a good track record of creating products that can withstand the harsh elements of your specific facilities.

Here at Bondline, we pride ourselves in being one of the leading UK suppliers and vast stockists of anti static chairs. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our ESD chairs.

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Always make sure your floor, bench and chairs are in specification to the IEC-61340-5-1 International Standard and ESD safe.


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