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ESD Wrist Straps

Wrist straps are the most commonly used device for the means of personnel grounding. They are critical components of any ESD Control Plan. Browse the range below.

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Anti Static Wrist Strap

Sometimes an ESD workbench is not enough to prevent an ESD event. Therefore, numerous accessories such as ESD wrist straps have been developed to help assist in preventing and ESD event. Wrist straps are the first line of defence against ESD, the most common personnel grounding device used, and are required to be used if the operator is sitting. Wrist straps help to disperse static electricity generated from a person. They are an ESD safety device, designed to ground people who work with static-sensitive electronic devices and components.

ESD wrist straps are the most effective method of bonding an operator to ground when mobility is not an issue. They are designed to be worn in close contact to the skin to establish a grounding path. It discharges the static being generated on the body to ground instantly. An ESD strap must be worn while sitting, even when E.S.D footwear is being used.

How to use ESD wrist strap

ESD-safe wrist straps come in a variety of materials, but the general concept for each is the same; to provide a path for electrostatic ground.

For an ESD control wrist strap to work, it is either connected to Earth bonding points fitted into workstations, typically via 10 mm press studs, or come with a removable coiled cord and crocodile clip for mobile applications. The strap is fastened around your wrist using an adjustable band. The wristband should be worn snug to the skin with its coil cord connected to a common point ground which is connected to ground, preferably equipment ground. An anti static strap must be connected to a grounding source like a bonding plug in conjunction with a ground lead in order for them to be effective.

Once an ESD-safe wrist strap has been secured to the wrist and connected to the Earth bonding point or sensitive piece of equipment, you are safe to work without fear of ESD occurring. This allows you and your workforce to go about your daily tasks freely and drastically reduces the chances of static electricity building up.


Adjusting anti-static fabric wrist-straps

To adjust the fabric wrist-strap, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the clasp by pulling upward on the “tail” of material that extends out from the clasp.
  • Tighten or loosen the elastic material through the clasp until the wristband fits snug but comfortably around your wrist.
  • We recommend that you close the clasp and wear the band with the excess tail extended for a day to be sure the adjustment is snug, comfortable, and has the proper electrical contact with the skin before cutting.
  • Test the wrist strap system to be sure of proper electrical resistance and skin contact.
  • When you are ready to cut off excess material, mark with a pencil where excess material is to be trimmed.
  • Remove band from wrist. Open clasp. Cut off strip excess material about 1/4″ short of pencil mark so that the end of material is concealed by cap. This will eliminate the possibility of frayed ends.
  • Close clasp and use as a fixed elastic wristband.


Adjusting anti-static metal wrist-straps

To adjust the metal wrist-strap, follow these simple steps:

  • Insert the link end of the wristband into the slotted opening on the cap. Insert it at a downward angle to allow the links to slide inside the channel in the backplate.
  • Change the size of the band by sliding the links in or out of the stainless steel backplate. For extra small size, you can cut off excess links with cutters.
  • Lock the links into place by pulling down on the band, seating the band securely over the lip on the edge of the backplate.
  • Test the wrist strap system to be sure of proper electrical resistance and skin contact.

To learn more about how an antistatic wristband works, click here.

Testing of wrist-strap

Wrist straps need to be checked regularly to ensure they are faultless and ground the operator properly. The wrist strap should be worn while they are tested. This provides the best way to test all three components: the wristband, the ground cord (including the resistor) and the interface with the operator’s skin.

The wrist strap need to be checked before each use. Periodic testing is not required if continuous monitors are used. They provide instant feedback should the wrist strap fail while handling ESD sensitive devices. If the wrist strap tester outputs a FAIL test result, stop working. Test the wristband and cord individually to find out which item is damaged. There are some methods to troubleshoot your wrist straps. First make sure your tester is properly adjusted and calibrated.

Why use an anti static wristband?

The goal of using ESD wrist straps is to safely provide a way for static electricity to dissipate without causing electrostatic damage. The less ESD events that occur the better. An ESD protected work environment will enhance safety which helps to increase efficiency and production. While ESD wrist straps are highly effective pieces of equipment, it’s always best to support safety initiatives with the addition of ESD mats and other essential supplies. Short-term investments in high-quality ESD gear will pay off in the long-term.

Operators should use an anti static wristband to ensure any static discharge has a way to go from themselves to the ground safely. Without wearing a wristband whilst working on a static sensitive device/component you could effectively transfer static discharge onto the item and cause significant damage. This can be very costly to replace and time-consuming.

By wearing a wrist strap, you are not only taking an important step to prevent ESD from inflicting damage but you are also setting an example to your peers and managers.

Strap solutions

Our wide range of ESD wrist straps come in a variety of designs, colours and materials. All wrist straps can be supplied with 10mm/7mm/4mm studs. Custom colours can be available on request. Our range includes:

  • Premium High Comfort Wrist-Strap
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Wrist-Strap
  • Crotched Wrist-Strap
  • Disposable Wrist-Strap
  • Economy Wrist-Strap

We also offer Workstation Kits which is compact and easy to use and carry around with you. Our workstation kits include everything you need for a basic ESD set-up, including wrist straps and cords.

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