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Keep your surfaces and equipment clean, and eliminate static charge, with our anti static cleaning and treatment solutions. Maintaining your static control equipment is crucial in ensuring maximum effectiveness, resistivity and longevity.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Many electrostatic discharges are occurring all the time, especially in dry climates and during the winter, when the air is primarily dry, and there is no moisture to help remove the excess electrons (because water is conductive, the electrons can pass much more easily). Typically, this is nothing but a minor irritation, however it can have dire consequences with static sensitive electronics.

It is important to have ESD sprays and cleaning supplies on hand and ready to go for your Electrostatic Protected Area or office to avoid electrostatic discharge. Browse through our range of ESD sprays and cleaning supplies above, fit for static prone areas and equipment.

Cleaning ESD Equipment

Cleaning and treating your ESD equipment are vital processes of your ESD Control Routine. Without taking the necessary precautions to clean your equipment properly, you could compromise the effectiveness of your equipment and therefore damage electronics. These processes are important because they do not only remove contaminants and excess static charge, but also maintain the longevity and effectiveness of your static control equipment – often extending the shelf-life. Whilst this is one thing, it is important to remember to use the right type of cleaning products to treat your ESD equipment. Otherwise, you could be doing more harm than good.

The use of standard household cleaners on ESD equipment, such as ESD matting, can put an ESD Control Program at risk and compromise the ESD properties of the items. Many household cleaners contain silicone or other insulative contaminants which are great to use on surfaces in your home but can be damaging to ESD equipment. The problem is that silicone and other chemical contaminants can create an insulative layer which reduces the grounding performance of the mat. Therefore, the mat will become more susceptible to static charge build-up which can then dissipate and transfer onto the static sensitive item, damaging it.

Using the correct form of cleaning products is particularly important if you have invested a lot of money into ESD control equipment. You wouldn’t want to spend a large amount of money to then coat it in an insulative layer by using household products. There are many specially formulated ESD cleaners available on the market, take a look at our extensive range above. We stock all types of ESD cleaners and treatments, specially developed for ESD Control. Remember, only clean your ESD working surfaces using specially formulated ESD cleaners.

Bondline’s ESD Cleaning Products

Bondline have an extensive range of anti static cleaning products such as mat and tabletop cleaners, heavy-duty anti static sprays and general-purpose anti static sprays. Our wide range of cleaning products gives you lots of options to choose from to best suit your needs. Our antistatic sprays eliminate electrostatic discharge from generating on surfaces. Keep in mind, this is only a temporary solution. See ESD Flooring Tiles for a permanent antistatic solution.

Bondline’s ESD cleaning products range:

Anti Static Floor Cleaner. Specially formulated floor cleaning solution for effective cleaning and long term static control. This KillStat floor cleaner removes contaminants from ESD flooring to ensure maximum efficiency. Great to use for vinyl and rubber flooring materials. 1 Gallon (4.54 Litres). Water-based solution.

Anti Static Mat and Table Cleaner. ESD Mat and Table Top Cleaner is a multi-purpose neutral cleaner that is designed for production areas including static control stations. This ESD cleaner allows for effective cleaning with no alkali or ammonia.

General Purpose Anti Static Spray. Inhibits static on all surfaces. General Purpose Staticide® Spray can prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment, components, and sub-assemblies during manufacture, shipping or receiving by reducing a static charge to zero volts. Anti Static Spray is recommended for use on non-porous surfaces to help prevent static charges and other static related problems.

Heavy Duty Anti Static Spray. Eliminate static on carpets, upholstery and fabrics with our Heavy-Duty Staticide® Anti-Static Spray. Recommended for use on porous surfaces such as carpets to help prevent charge generation and other static related problems.

Anti Static Hand Lotion. Static Dissipating Hand Lotion moisturises the skin for better bonding between the skin and wrist-strap which is imperative in the electronics manufacturing industry. Enriched with natural moisturisers, including aloe vera and vitamin E.

Anti Static Wipes. Staticide® Wipes are the ideal anti-static applicator for keeping electronics and equipment clean and static-free. Staticide® Wipes have the same long-lasting protection against static as our Staticide® topical liquids but offer a one-step cleaning and static control solution.

Anti Static Floor Stripper. Our water-based, non-hazardous Killstat Floor Stripper solution can be used on vinyl, linoleum and ceramic tiles to generate a reliable ESD surface finish.

Anti Static Floor Finish. Specially formulated using non-hazardous ingredients to provide a reliable static dissipative floor finish with a long-lasting durable glossy surface.

Anti Static Restorer. Our Killstat Restorer & Cleaner is a non-toxic, biodegradable solution that has been specially developed for cleaning ESD floors without affecting the ESD properties.

If you would like advice and guidance on which cleaning solution you need, contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you.

Staticide® Cleaning Range

Highly Effective, Premium Products You Can Trust

ACL Staticide® has been a trusted supplier to electronics manufacturers for over 50 years in the automotive, avionics, medical device, plastics, and telecommunications industries. From highly regarded static control products designed for ESD-protected areas, contamination control products for critical environments and enhanced precision preparation products for PCB rework, repair, and prototyping, ACL Staticide® is a worldwide leader.

Recognised for performance, quality, and innovation, ACL Staticide is dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction. ACL Staticide® is abreast of all standards and regulations. They support RoHS and REACH objectives to improve the protection of human health and the environment. It is their policy to provide products that are safe to use and environmentally acceptable and to communicate and classify their chemical products according to UN and OSHA GHS rules.

Explore the Staticide cleaning range: 

Why Should You Clean ESD Equipment?

It is crucial to clean your static control equipment regularly to ensure they are working to their best ability and are rid of any static charges. Our ESD floor cleaner is dedicated to cleaning vinyl and rubber flooring materials, specifically formulated for effective cleaning and long-term static control. Our mat and tabletop cleaners are ideal for cleaning most non-porous surfaces. This water-based cleaner is perfect for use on antistatic mats and vinyl chairs. When choosing an ESD cleaner to purchase, it is important to check its ingredients before purchasing. Two factors to check for are whether it’s suitable for cleaning production areas and its chemical composition.

Cleaning ESD Mats

Since dirt can behave as an insulator, it is essential to clean ESD mats before testing and monitoring the resistivity. A dirty mat could affect the test results. This is something you want to avoid. Cleaning will also ensure optimum electrical performance and, by regularly cleaning, you will maintain the original resistivity of the anti-static mat whilst extending its shelf-life (a bonus!).

To clean ESD mats, we recommend using a mild, multi-purpose neutral cleaner that doesn’t contain any alkali, ammonia or chemicals on RoHS and REACH SvHC. You should also opt for a cleaner that leaves no streaks or film. Generally, any ESD-safe mat cleaner should be safe to use on workstations, tabletops and anti-static mats, including rubber and vinyl.

An example of an excellent ESD-safe mat cleaner is Bondline’s Staticide Mat and Table Top Cleaner. This mat cleaner is a non-flammable cleaner that leaves no film or streaks. It effectively removes flux residues, oily finger-marks, grease, nicotine, dirt, grime and inorganic contaminants. It also removes dirt on chair mats and other antistatic mats without degrading the surface’s antistatic properties.

Cleaning ESD Mat With Standard Cleaners And Treatments

When it comes to cleaning and treating an ESD floor or anti-static mat, it is an absolute must that you use the appropriate cleaning equipment. Why? Using standard cleaning products on your ESD matting or flooring can affect the ESD properties and therefore make them less effective; it can even increase the surface resistance to the ground which can lead to dire consequences. This, in turn, can affect your static sensitive components, leaving them prone to ESD damage. Not to mention, it can lead to costly replacements down the line, particularly if there is latent or catastrophic damage. This is why it is so important to use ESD cleaners and treatments to properly clean and maintain your mats and floors while ensuring the ESD qualities are safe. Browse our static control cleaning range above.

Testing Surface Resistance Of ESD Mats

Even if you clean your ESD mats and floors properly using the correct solutions, the integrity of your ESD mat/floor is not always guaranteed to be working to its fullest. You should regularly check your matting and floor with a surface resistivity meter to determine whether the surface is at the correct resistance value.

Cleaning Contracts

One of the most common failures we see during annual ESD audits is an increase in ground to floor resistance, usually caused by a change in cleaning contracts.

When a company changes cleaning contracts, the new cleaners likely have no ESD experience or training and could therefore use a cleaning product that leaves a layer of non-conductive residue behind, thus increasing the surface resistance to ground.

If a non-conductive polish is used, the floor could need stripping and retreating. It is essential to ensure that the cleaning contracts you hire, whether new or existing, are ESD trained and use the correct cleaning products in your EPA. If they are not ESD trained and use the incorrect cleaning products, this can result in costly replacements!

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