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ESD Flooring

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Anti-Static Floor Solutions

ESD Flooring is an essential grounding solution that many businesses’ use to prevent electrostatic discharge in their static safe environments. It is widely used for industrial static control since many items in these areas are sensitive to static therefore prevention methods are required.

ESD Floor Matting is used to ensure people and products are grounded in the static sensitive environment.

An electrostatic discharge can have a highly damaging effect on electrical components, costing manufacturers a lot of money. There can also be more serious consequences within medical applications if an electromagnetic charge causes components within medical equipment to fail, and in some chemical applications a small spark electrostatic discharge can set an entire laboratory or warehouse up in flames.

Bondline supplies a wide range of anti-static flooring and floor mats to safeguard against ESD for any application, big or small.

ESD / Anti Static Flooring can be applied in:

  • Electronic and high tech areas.
  • Cleanrooms.
  • Operating theatres.
  • Classrooms.
  • Industrial areas.
  • Pharmaceutical areas.

We not only supply superior ESD flooring at competitive prices, we offer the very best in pre-sales and after-sales service including a free floor audit, expert advice, full preparation and installation service, annual testing and calibration and a full cleaning and after care service. Our antistatic flooring is sourced from high-quality manufacturers that is designed to our exact requirements; ensuring product excellence for our customers and high satisfaction. These conform to the ESD standards for manufacturing.

Conductive Flooring

In industries such as the pharmaceutical industry where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. All active electronic components and equipment e.g. micro-chips, integrated circuits and machinery are sensitive to electrostatic discharges (also known as ESD events).

Even when areas and people are equipped to handle such static-sensitive devices, inadvertent contact and damage can occur. Bondline’s ESD Permanent Flooring and Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles can safeguard your entire process. These systems can be designed to produce a floor tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Heavy Duty Condutive Rubber Matting is also an excellent choice for use in busy areas around machinery such as wave solder machines.

ESD Flooring Maintenance

An ESD floor requires specialised care when it comes to cleaning. If you do not clean or maintain your antistatic floor, you could compromise the ESD properties of the floor. This could lead to expensive replacement costs of the damaged electronics and the floor itself. In order for your floor to perform its best long-term, cleaning it regularly with an ESD floor cleaner is essential.

Our ESD floor cleaner is an excellent choice for removing contaminations of ESD flooring and eliminating static. Before using a floor cleaner, we recommend to brush/sweep your ESD floor with an ESD dustpan and broom to clear it of all sand, grit, debris, or dirt.

ESD dustpans and brushes are usually made from static-safe materials such as ESD Polypropylene. The Black PP is formulated from anti-static raw material with no additional coating, making it permanently ESD safe. Most dustpan and brooms are made from high static materials – these should not be used in an electrostatic protected area. To protect your EPA from ESD damage, use our anti-static dustpan and broom.

For ESD floor mats, we recommend using our KILLSTAT Floor Cleaner for optimum results. This cleaner is suitable for cleaning vinyl and rubber flooring materials. To remove water-based floor finishes, we recommend using our KILLSTAT Restorer/Cleaner. This is a non-toxic, bio-degradable solution which has been developed for cleaning ESD floors without affecting the ESD properties. Effective for cleaning any sealed or hard floor finish, lower the resistivity and return the floor to safe and proper specifications.

View our full range of ESD floor treatment products by clicking here.

Bespoke Flooring

Example of ESD Permanent Flooring that was installed at a customers premises.

Astute Floor Bondline Installation

Bondline can also provide installations of:

Make an enquiry today about our bespoke flooring by contacting us.

Benefits of Using Bondline For Your ESD Flooring Installation

  • Over 30 years’ experience of installing ESD flooring
  • Advice on floor preparation and most appropriate material to use
  • Variety of materials to choose.
  • Complete supply, deliver and install package
  • Installation by our recommended fitters with experience of floor installations.
  • Test Certification.
  • Annual testing/certification if required

When establishing an electrostatic protected area (EPA), making the correct choice of ESD flooring is essential to ensure that sensitive electronic components and assemblies are adequately protected from the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD).

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