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Bondline supplies a wide range of anti-static flooring, floor mats, floor marking tapes and floor treatments and cleaners to safeguard against ESD for any application, big or small.

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Anti-Static Floor Solutions

Bondline’s Flooring & Floor Matting

Bondline offer a wide selection of flooring solutions for your Electrostatic Protected Area, including floor tiles and anti-fatigue matting. Installing anti-static flooring is an essential step in creating a safe environment for workers and visitors. Our range includes the following:

Who Needs ESD Flooring?

If the electrostatic build-up is more of an inconvenience than a fundamental risk to your processes, the choice between ESD vs anti-static would favour anti-static flooring.

Anti-static and ESD flooring are widely used in many electronic manufacturing environments where static is present. Generally, you will need an ESD floor if you are manufacturing, repairing, servicing, handling or using equipment that is susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge or if you deal with combustible materials. Some typical sectors include the manufacture of components for the electronics industry, aviation, automotive, IT, medical, oil and gas, printing, packaging, telecoms and even some food and beverage production environments. While many organisations may consider anti-static flooring options for a variety of reasons, certain industries require anti-static floors as a most basic safety precaution.

In particular, chemical manufacturers and processors, as well as any businesses that may use flammable chemicals or materials in their operations, need to create static-free work environments to avoid igniting chemicals, fumes or even microscopic flammable particles. Companies who also produce and assemble any electronic good, will need to use ESD flooring for good practice.

Additionally, hospitals and air-traffic control rooms should also take precautions to prevent static, especially if they rely on uninterrupted or guaranteed use of specialised electronic items.

How Does Anti-Static Flooring Help?

Static protective permanent flooring, in conjunction with conductive footwear or heel grounding straps, drains static charge away to ground through the floor. It is a solid foundation for a comprehensive static control system. By grounding the charge, anti-static flooring prevents the ESD from building up and discharging into the environment, where it could be destructive to goods or dangerous to people.

In addition to dissipating charges, the static-dissipative flooring reduces triboelectric charge generation in walking and minimise charge accumulation on chairs, carts, lift trucks and other objects that move across the floor. However, these items require dissipative or conductive castors or wheels to make electrical contact with the floor.

Almost any movement within an environment will contribute to the static electricity present, whether it’s the familiar walking across a carpet in an office, the everyday movement of vehicles or heavy equipment over a warehouse floor or the repetitive movement of parts of an automated machine in a factory. That majority of electrostatic discharges are below 3,500 volts and totally undetectable to people, so we’re not even aware of most of the potentially dangerous ESD happening all around us. Anti-static flooring, however, is capable of capturing all those charges and grounding them before they cause reactions.

Why Should You Invest In An ESD Floor?

Investing in quality ESD flooring is one of the best, yet smarter ways of combating electrostatic discharge in the workplace. Not only will anti static flooring provide you with a durable, long-lasting surface that will last for years on end, it will also ground everything placed onto its surface, provided that the floor has a path to Earth.

Despite ESD flooring being expensive, it is important to note that you are spending your money on the time and raw materials that is needed in the manufacturing process of your ESD flooring; ensuring only the highest quality. Cheaper ESD flooring may not be the best of quality since less time and poorer materials are used in the process of manufacturing them. Often, manufacturers try to cut corners by producing poorer quality products that they can sell more of for what seems like a ‘good’ price. However, don’t be fooled by this. Purchasing cheaper flooring can often mean that the floor will have a shorter longevity as it may not be as durable and therefore need to be replaced more frequently. Poor quality flooring may also compromise some of the ESD properties which will result in the flooring being less effective against grounding static charge. Similarly, if you were to opt for non-ESD flooring, and providing your workers will be moving around holding sensitive electronic devices, there would be no path to ground from the person to the floor meaning the electronic item is exposed to static charge and can therefore be damaged.

Investing in high-quality products does not come cheap, it is important that you should not cut back on costs. Make the smarter choice by investing in a quality, anti static floor from a top supplier / manufacturer like Bondline Electronics.

Importance of ESD Flooring In Industrial Environments

ESD Flooring and ESD Floor Matting are essential grounding solutions that many businesses’ use to prevent electrostatic discharge in their static safe environments. It is widely used for industrial static control since many items in these areas are sensitive to static therefore prevention methods are required.

In most workplace environments, the static generated when people walk is the biggest contributor to random ESD events (or problems caused by electrostatic discharge). For this reason, a static-protective floor—or an ESD floor/footwear combination—is the cornerstone of any effective static-control program.

An electrostatic discharge can have a highly damaging effect on electrical components, costing manufacturers a lot of money. There can also be more serious consequences within medical applications if an electromagnetic charge causes components within medical equipment to fail, and in some chemical applications a small spark electrostatic discharge can set an entire laboratory or warehouse up in flames.

ESD / Anti Static Flooring can be applied in:

  • Electronic and high tech areas.
  • Cleanrooms.
  • Operating theatres.
  • Classrooms.
  • Industrial areas.
  • Pharmaceutical areas.

Benefits & Application Of ESD Flooring

ESD flooring works more effectively and completely than other types of ESD flooring, such as carpet or tile.

Main benefits:

  • Protection of sensitive electrical components from damaging static electricity.
  • Protection of personnel.
  • Better performance than tile that can be rolled under heavy duty conditions.
  • Save money on replacing or repairing electronic equipment that has failed or been damaged due to static electricity.
  • Creating a 100% efficient static controlled environment with ESD footwear.

For full guidance on ESD flooring, click here.

Cleaning and Maintaining An ESD Floor

Did you know the friction caused by the rubbing of the sole of a shoe and the dust and dirt on the floor will create static? A good and regular cleaning regime using the correct cleaning chemicals will ensure a static free floor. If you do not clean or maintain your antistatic floor, you could compromise the ESD properties of the floor. This could lead to expensive replacement costs of the damaged electronics and the floor itself.

When choosing a floor cleaner, you may opt for standard cleaning products, however these can actually increase the risk / propensity to static build up due to their chemicals. Instead you should choose a floor cleaner that has a neutral PH cleaning chemical so that you do not add either a positively charged layer over the top of your floor surface. A good and regular cleaning regime using the correct cleaning chemicals will ensure a static-free floor. At Bondline, we provide a full range of ESD cleaning products to properly maintain and clean your ESD equipment.

There is a huge range of off the shelf anti-static cleaning products available which work in the same way as standard floor cleaning chemicals, but they include an anti-static additive. This attracts moisture from the atmosphere which consequently eliminates static build-up.

For light cleaning, you should never use a standard dust pan and broom as this can generate static charge. Rather, you should use an antistatic dustpan and broom that is made from an anti-static raw material with no additional coating as this makes it ESD safe.

Defining an Electrostatic Protected Area

Floor marking tapes are highly recommended to use in any industrial environment whether that’s in a warehouse or production room. Essentially, floor marking tapes are designed to mark the boundaries of an Electrostatic Protected Area.

What are the benefits of floor marking?

  • Clearly indicates hazards, thereby reducing accidents in the workplace.
  • Easier to access first aid, equipment or exits in the event of an emergency.
  • Reduces confusion and wasted time.
  • Easy way to navigate around a large area.
  • Universal, visual message which is not affected by language barriers.
  • Does not get in the way or obstruct access.
  • Helps to identify an area, i.e. an EPA.

If you choose lane marking tape or hazard warning tape to implement your system, these are both durable, long-term solutions while still being easy to apply, remove and change if necessary.

Black and yellow striped marking tape, for example, is typically used to indicate physical hazards, obstructions, height/width restrictions or radioactive materials.

Yellow tape generally indicates a traffic routes for pedestrians / vehicles and individual work areas.

At Bondline we provide various floor marking tapes to suit a range of needs. Our FT2 tape is a clear permanent adhesive featuring excellent UV resistance and weather-ability together with good adhesive performance, even on apolar substrates. The adhesive complies with the European food directives and legislations, FDA 175.105 and the German recommendations XIV as published by BFR. BFR is the German federal institute for risk assessment. The adhesive can be used in direct contact with dry and moist, non-fatty foodstuffs. Our FMT33 tape is a clear transparent UPVC film coated with buff coloured natural rubber and hydrocarbon resin adhesive. Our HT1 tape is a self coloured plasticised PVC tape coated with an aggressive rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive.

Alongside tapes, ESD signs are also widely used to identify an area or to inform staff. ESD signs are a must have in facilities that have chemical storage and electrical areas that need to be static free. These zones require that proper static grounding equipment be used to ensure the safety of all those in the facility. Safety signs like static grounding signs in these areas can help workers stay informed of the static grounding policies at your facility. Bold ESD signs will ensure that these areas of your building will remain safe as well as alert workers and visitors to follow procedures and use proper static control equipment for safety reasons.

Bondline provide a selection of signs to help remind everyone of the related procedures required to help eliminate ESD. To view our full range of ESD signs, click here. Alternatively, you can also contact us to discuss our ESD safety signs and bespoke sign customisation.

Benefits of Using Bondline For Your ESD Flooring Installation

  • Highly experienced – We have over 35 years of experience of installing ESD flooring.
  • We offer a full site survey.
  • Excellent advice and help – We offer advice on floor preparation and the most appropriate material to use.
  • Excellent communication – Our team will always have a thorough discussion with you to discuss and establish the requirements, what is needed to be done and is expected. We will provide full support in answering any questions you may have regarding the installation.
  • Many materials to choose from – When installing your ESD flooring, we provide a variety of materials for you to choose from.
  • You will receive a complete supply, deliver and install package.
  • Recommended and experienced fitters – Your installation will be conducted by our recommended fitters with many years of experience of installing floors.
  • Test certification – You will be provided with a test certification and given annual testing/certification if required.
  • Guaranteed high quality – Ensure flooring is fitted and installed to a high standard, Earthed in accordance with IEC-61340-1-5 and works alongside the customers’ ESD protected area.

Bespoke Flooring

Bondline can tailor any ESD floor to suit your industrial environment. If you’d like to request a floor installation, please get in touch with us by filling the enquiry form below.

Bondline can provide installations of:

Project Management Guidance

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We not only supply superior ESD flooring at competitive prices, we offer the very best in pre-sales and after-sales service including a free floor audit, expert advice, full preparation and installation service, annual testing and calibration and a full cleaning and after care service.

Make the right choice today by investing in ESD flooring for your workplace. To discuss your flooring requirements contact us here or use the form below.

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