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Our ionizers eliminate the build-up of static charges on non-conductors, ensuring a static-free work area. Browse through our range below.

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Ionizing Solutions

Importance of Ionizers

The most significant environmental factor in ESD Control is the relative humidity (Rh). When humidity in the working environment decreases, the human body and other insulators can easily charge with static electricity due to friction. The air itself, being dry, becomes a part of the electrostatic build-up mechanism, every time an air flow (wind, air conditioning, blower) come over an insulated surface. Relative Humidity shall be maintained over 30%. Below that value it is recommended the use of ionization. To read more, click here.

How Do Ionizers Work?

Air Ionization systems work by flooding the atmosphere with positive and negative ions. When the ionized air comes in contact with a charged surface, the surface attracts ions of the opposite polarity. As a result the static electricity that has built up on products and equipment is neutralised. Ions do remove small particles or smoke and pollens from the air, and subjective research suggest that people working in ionized area are happier. To find out when you need ionisation, click here.

Ionizer Supplier

Bondline’s ionizers eliminate the build-up of static charges on non-conductors, ensuring a static-free work area. Ionizers generate positive and negative ions which neutralise any static charges on insulating materials which cannot be grounded in the normal way. They are ideal for electronics industries which work with static-sensitive electrical components or devices. All ionizers are CE approved. Euro plug option is available on request.

We offer a range of ionizers to suit your requirements including:

  • Bench Top Ionizers.
  • Horizontal Ionizers.
  • Overhead Ionizers 3-Fan and 4-Fan.
  • Premium Ion Gun and Controller.
  • Ionising Air Snake.
  • Zero Stat Gun.

Bondline’s ionizers incorporate superior technology and features including excellent auto-ion balance, out-of-balance alarm indicator, adjustable blowing angle, foot pedals and more.

Overhead Ionizers

Bondline’s overhead ESD ionizers are light, quiet and high performing. They are used to ensure a static free work environment. These units have built in auto balance features with an out of balance alarm. CE approved.

Benchtop Ionizers

The distinguished high frequency series of ionizers are greatly superior to traditional AC and DC eliminators in auto-balance, highly efficient static elimination capability and stable character. Its smaller size and lighter weight makes it more convenient to use. Benchtop static ionziers have become the latest static elimination technology available today. CE approved.

Ionizer Guns

Point-of-use compresses gas ionisers, also known as ioniser guns, combat electrostatic attraction (ESA) by neutralising charges on surfaces and particles that otherwise cause contamination or visual defects on a product.

Ionising Air Snake

Ionising Air Snake is the ideal option when you require a hands-free operation in a confined space. Its convenient foot pedal means you can operate with ease without the need to use your hands. It is light, small, free from electromagnetism and has built in piezoelectric high voltage power supply. Thus, it is equipped with an auto-ion balance system and high voltage.

If you have any questions about our ionizers, please contact us.

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