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Storage and Handling

Protect your components, eliminate static and save money with Bondline’s anti static storage and handling range.

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ESD Storage Solutions

Industrial static control is increasing in demand and many businesses are looking for ways to reduce static damage in their workplaces. Antistatic storage and handling products have high technical bespoke material composition to lower the resistance so that when grounded, electrostatic charges will be removed to ground thus protecting your ESD sensitive devices inside.

Bondline offer an extensive range of ESD storage and handling products for use in an EPA environment. These products are ideal for use in electronics industries where sensitive electrical components/devices are assembled, repaired, manufactured or stored. Our antistatic storage products allow for ease of transportation of components and have conductive properties to ensure ESD protection. Using the correct packaging and materials not only protects your static sensitive components, but can save money too.

All of our conductive euro boxes, flat fronted picking bins, dividers and PCB racks are now Imilani manufactured. The products are exactly the same but are now branded Imilani with their new production part code instead of the Fami logo and production code.

ESD Storage Bestsellers

Black Euro Stacking Conductive Containers

Stackable conductive containers with option of hinged lid. A high quality comprehensive range of injection moulded conductive plastic containers providing the most ideal method of storing / transporting the most delicate and E.S.D. sensitive products.

Our conductive euro-box range is an excellent option for storing and transporting pharmaceutical equipment and electronic components.

In industries such as the pharmaceutical industry where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. By using Bondline’s conductive euro boxes, it will effectively provide a ‘Faraday Cage’ static safe environment for static sensitive devices and components.

Flat Fronted Conductive Picking Bins

A complete range of conductive plastic picking bins which have all the standard designs and features universally accepted with this versatile method of storing/handling. These half open sloping fronted bins allow easy component picking; perfect for the electronics industry.

Conductive PCB Racks

Robust, moulded conductive PCB racks – a very convenient method of storage and shipping in assembly area. They are carbon loaded for the protection of CMOS assembled boards.


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