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ESD Trolleys

ESD Trolleys, Moveable Tables and Transportation Carts are excellent for transporting and handling heavy or large loads of static-sensitive equipment. Transport your components with ease with our anti-static transportation range.

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Static Transportation Solutions

Discover Bondline’s range of static transportation solutions including, ESD trolleys, ESD moveable tables, ESD transportation carts and more.

Ergonomic ESD trolleys make it easy to move goods and tools around and improve productivity at work. Bondline’s modular trolleys come with a range of accessories and can be easily customised for different jobs and working environments.

The work performed in static controlled environments is not always stationary – work equipment often needs to be moved between workspaces. Ergonomic, light-to-move Bondline ESD trolleys make this easier, while simultaneously improving productivity at work.

Bondline supplies a wide selection of ESD trolleys for a range of applications. Our ESD SAP trolley, ESD transportation carts and ESD moveable tables are durable and modular and can be customised to meet any need with standard accessories and add-ons. Our furniture with ESD protection meets the requirements of International Standard IEC 61340-5-1.

Tier Trolley

Bondline have a wide range of ESD trolleys to suit all requirements and needs – offering a selection of different trolley sizes and number of tiers. Bondline’s anti static trolleys are designed specifically for the easy transportation and handling of standard euro-boxes and picking bins. Our trolleys are versatile and robust ensuring longevity. Each ESD trolley has conductive castors/wheels to ensure ESD protection with a total load capacity of 150KG. Our trolleys are excellent to use in the electronics manufacturing industry to help easily transport and handle static-sensitive goods.

Moveable Tables & Drawer Units

Bondline’s range of ESD moveable tables and drawer units are ideal for storing or transporting tools, components, documents and personal belongings. They can also serve as an additional workspace due to their hard-wearing surfaces. Our tables and drawer units are suitable for use in the electronics manufacturing industry due to their ESD-safe properties. Enquire today!

ESD Storage and Handling

Antistatic storage and handling products have high technical bespoke material composition to lower the resistance so that when grounded, electrostatic charges will be removed to ground thus protecting your ESD sensitive devices inside. Our antistatic storage products allow for ease of transportation of components and have conductive properties to ensure ESD protection.

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