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ESD Matting

Bondline’s range of anti-static mats and bench matting are designed to keep you grounded when working with static-sensitive devices. Our matting is available in a range of sizes, colours and studs to suit all applications.

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Anti-Static Mats for ESD Applications

Importance of ESD Mats and ESD Matting

Industrial static control is increasing in demand and many businesses are looking for ways to reduce static damage in their workplaces. ESD matting is an essential grounding item for many businesses because it reduces the risk of static charge.

Components are prone to severe damage from static electricity. This includes printed circuit boards, computer motherboards, hybrid bio-electronic devices and more. Static electric discharge will potentially short out electrical devices permanently and irreversibly. Any damage is devastating to manufacturers because components are costly to produce.

ESD Matting In An EPA

ESD working surfaces, such as mats, are typically an integral part of the ESD workstation, particularly in areas where hand assembly occurs. Most workstations will use pliable ESD matting to cover the bench and be the ESD work-surface on which to handle ESD sensitive (ESDS) items. The mat needs to be grounded and best practice is to use metal grounding hardware snaps and ground cords connecting the work-surface mat to the common point ground. The entire bench-top should be covered by the ESD mat. Matting can be conductive or dissipative.

Walking alone can create static electricity. However, ESD matting can help to disperse this electricity. These mats have electrically conductive carbon fibres throughout. Consequently, the ESD flows at a slower rate across the surface of the mat which in turn neutralises it. There is also matting available which is appropriate to use on workbenches, trolleys and other surfaces.

Bespoke ESD Matting

Bondline provides a premium service of bespoke custom sizing and studding for our bench matting to suit all customer requirements. If you would like bespoke customisation, please make an enquiry by contacting Bondline.

Matting Stock

Bondline’s matting is currently stocked in our warehouse and is safely stored. Our matting is stocked on a regular basis to ensure we can support our customer’s needs. Our ESD mats are generally available as Vinyl or Rubber mats.

ESD Mat Maintenance

Since dirt can behave as an insulator, it is important to regularly clean ESD mats before testing / monitoring the resistivity. Cleaning will also ensure optimum electrical performance and, by regularly cleaning, you will maintain the original resistivity of the anti-static mat whilst extending its shelf-life.

For ESD mats, we recommend using our Staticide Mat and Table Top Cleaner for optimum results. This non-abrasive formula is safe to use on workstations, table tops and anti-static mats, including rubber and vinyl. View our full range of ESD cleaning products by clicking here.


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