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ESD Workbench Solutions

Nowadays, investing in ESD protection is an essential element of electronics-based industries as it’s applied in every stage of manufacturing, production, repairing and testing.

Before we go further into ESD workbenches, let us first take a closer look at what ESD is. Electrostatic discharge is a natural manifestation in which electricity is passed or conducted through our body and expelled onto another object. For instance, the ‘electric shock’ that we experience at random when we touch a doorknob or a screen.

This is a challenge for numerous industries. Static discharge that is released can set fire on flammable concoction or vapours in laboratories or even destroy highly sensitive and costly electronic components in factories. It can also draw in contaminants in clean settings or even lead products to stick together and interfere with the overall manufacturing process. 

So, why is managing ESD very important?

Static discharge is destructive to sensitive electronic components. Even 1 volt of electricity is enough to cause damage but most devices need around 100 volts to cause damage that is beyond repair. 

Humans cannot feel a static discharge unless it is 2,000 volts or higher. So, if you don’t feel a zap, it doesn’t mean a static discharge did not happen or damage your electronic components. 

There are many industries that depend on electronic components and their reliability to work in harsh conditions, so the need for a reliable ESD workbench is very important.

Often, electronic component producers are not aware that static discharge has damaged their products during the assembly process, unless they test all components one by one or see their final product fail after assembly. If these products were used in an industry like aerospace, one minor problem on a small component could lead to an enormous failure, which is why ESD is a major challenge for many industries.

Importance of an ESD bench

ESD workbenches are suitable for static controlled areas and have worktops which are grounded to Earth for the safe discharge of static electricity. If the application involves the use of electrical components, then an anti-static workbench is an essential piece of equipment to help limit damage during the work process. If your business or team are working in an industry that manufactures medical devices, circuit boards or semiconductors then an ESD workbench solution is vital.

Investing in reliable ESD benches comes with a good set of advantages. As you already know, electrostatic discharge can happen between two objects that are electrically charged. It can be caused by dielectric breakdown, electrical short or through contact. ESD appears whenever objects that are differently charged are in close proximity to each other. It may also happen whenever the dielectric between the objects begin to break down and create a visible spark. To avoid this from happening, a lot of industries use ESD benches.

ESD workbenches are workstations that establish a negative potential of ground from happening between you, your work surface and the floor or the Earth. Conductive ESD-safe surfaces, on the other hand, direct, diminish and safeguard devices that are electrically sensitive from possible failure or defects. When it comes to manufacturing electronics, a work surface resistance point-to-point of more than 1.0 x 10^(6) and below 1.0 x 10^(9) is the ideal setting.    

There are other benefits too: Assembly lines can highly benefit from surfaces that are heat resistant, typical ESD workbench also include a central repository that can connect ESD wrist straps, floor mats and other ESD accessories to ground points. The great thing about ESD workbenches is they can evenly disseminate electron charges and consistently neutralise excess charges. 

Types of ESD Workbenches

There are two types of workbenches that you can use for your electrostatic protected area (EPA). These types include ESD protective workbenches and regular workbenches. Selecting an ESD protective workbench would be best practice. However, most companies will use a regular workbench. Materials used can vary, but it is best to use a workbench that is constructed of metal and wood, and not one containing large portions of high-charging insulative plastic.

Bondline supplies Cantilever ESD workbenches that provide static dissipative properties which act as protection from an electrostatic charge. Our range of workshop benches are ideal for use in the electronic assembly industry where sensitive electronic devices and components are manufactured or handled. ESD workbenches and bench accessories significantly reduce the risk of damage caused by electrostatic discharge.

Types of Worktops

Neostat worktop – has a dual-layer surface covering made from rubber. It has a dissipative top layer and a conductive bottom layer, it is this that creates a safe path to ground. Surface resistivity of Neostat is 10^(5) – 10^(7) ohms.

Lamstat worktop – has a plastic laminate static dissipative surface. This surface is also suitable for work involving soldering, heat and chemicals. Surface resistivity of the Lamstat is of 10^(6) – 10^(8) ohms.

ESD Bench Accessories

Each ESD workbench comes with the option of ESD bench accessories, including ESD turntables, single or triple drawers, storage cupboards, fume extractors and ESD lamps – in fact, workbenches can be built and tailored to suit your individual requirements. Take a look at our page dedicated to setting up an Electrostatic Protected Area.

Advantages of ESD Benches

As previously mentioned, ESD tables come with a wonderful set of benefits. Primarily, it provides a layer of protection for workers who are operating on electronic items and components and reduces the chances of damage from occurring to devices from electrostatic discharge. This means that you, as a business, likely see a saving in money and increase in productivity as the antistatic products create a safe environment to work, lead to less malfunctions and wastage issues – particularly in circuit card assembly. Take a look at our ESD Classic Bench as an example.

Finding the right manufacturer for your anti static workbench can be a daunting task, so we recommend you focus on a few key characteristics such as cost, lead times, customisation and product quality.

Cost. For many, this is the final determining factor.  When investing in ESD workbenches, extra charges are usually incurred due to ESD laminates. It is expected that you will pay about 15-30% more for ESD products as compared to non-ESD products because of the time and raw materials that is needed in the manufacturing process of your ESD workbenches. 

Although investing in high-quality products does not come cheap, it is important that you should not cut back on costs. For manufacturers of highly developed products, sending off inferior final products is costlier due to incurring lost parts during the manufacturing process as compared to saving a few pounds on creating cheaper versions of it. 

If you currently have ESD workbenches in need of repair after being exposed to harsh elements in your facility, it would be wise to change the tops rather than resurfacing them because it is more practical. When it comes to resurfacing your broken ESD workbenches, the labour rate is greater than purchasing a brand new one.

Lead Times. When determining which manufacturer to partner with, determine whether they can deliver your order on time, check their delivery success rate and what assurances they provide if there are unavoidable problems. If possible, choose a domestic manufacturer because they have a significant advantage over foreign manufacturers when it comes to shipping finished products with tight deadlines and international shipping can add a layer of complexity to delivery times. Working with a domestic partner can also lessen the risk of you receiving low-quality products and not receiving them on time. 

Customisation. Finding a manufacturer that can work on your special requirements is an essential factor to consider. A typical ESD workbench has a front end that is rolled and that is meant for comfort and safety, and the edges can be squared on the 3 sides. Nonetheless, a good partner to work with can customise ESD workbenches into bespoke sizes and shapes to fit your very specific needs. The colours can be customised too. The usual colours for ESD workbenches are white or grey but you can choose different colours that can match the interior design of your facilities, though a minimum order amount may be required. 

Product Quality. Always go for the highest quality of materials. For instance, an ESD laminate with a carbon layer is a good material to choose from. The tops can be assembled to whatever frame you desire as long as there are grounding bolts attached at the ends for flexibility and strength. On top of that, make sure that your manufacturing partner has a good track record of creating products that can withstand the harsh elements of your specific facilities.

Why Choose Bondline For Your ESD Bench Requirements?

  • We have a long-term partnership with a high quality leading UK manufacturer.
  • We pride ourselves on quality, service and competitiveness.
  • The current 80,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility is equipped for bespoke design and custom projects.

If you are still looking for a company that can provide high-quality bespoke products, short lead times and competitive rates, get in touch with Bondline Electronics on 01793 511000 or sales@bondline.co.uk today!

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