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Enhance your workspace with an ESD workbench from Bondline. We offer a great selection of ergonomic anti static workbenches to choose from that can be kitted out with a range of anti static workbench accessories. All our ESD workbenches meet the requirements of the IEC 61340-5-1 Standard.

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ESD Workbenches From Bondline

ESD workbenches, or anti static workbenches, are an integral part of an electrostatic protected area. They are widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry where electrical components are manufactured, assembled, repaired and tested.

Electronics workbenches are designed to protect static sensitive components, such as printed circuit boards and integrated circuits, from electro static discharge. By investing in an anti static workbench for your facility, you minimise the risk of ESD from damaging your electronic components; helping you save money with improved productivity.

What is an ESD Bench?

For processes that involve the handling of electrical components and devices (for example, assembling, repairing, testing, etc.), it is important to create an ESD safe workstation to provide you an area where you can safely work with these products. They are commonly used in industries that handle electronic components, such as electronics manufacturing, telecommunications, computer manufacturing or repair, aerospace, and MOD.

Electrical components like printed circuit boards or integrated circuits are susceptible to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Static electricity is a major culprit for electronic component damage. When static discharges onto the component, this can cause irreversible damage to the electrical circuitry and result in failure. Often, in which, the damage can be difficult to identify until a much later time.

With the inclusion of an ESD workstation to your assembly lines, it can help to maintain a static safe area by having a work surface that is static dissipative and a conductive powder coated steel frame to ground electrostatic charges.

An ESD safe workstation should include a range of anti-static equipment, including ESD workbench mat, ESD wrist straps, grounding points, and ESD flooring, all in which Bondline can supply.

Types of ESD Workbench Available

Bondline offer a variety of different types of anti static (ESD) workbenches, each catering to differing production needs. Our workbenches are fully customisable with a huge range of accessories and add on products. Our benches are available in an impressive variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Take a look at our complete ESD bench range below.

ESD KSHB Workbench

The KSHB is a standard, cost-effective industrial workbench that includes a pair of uprights and one shelf. The bench can be fully customised with a wide range of accessories and attachments, covering the essential basic needs of any professional workstation. With the KSHB, you can get a 2 / 5 years guarantee from date of delivery, dependent on additional items*.

ESD KSTPB Workbench

The KSTPB is a classically designed electronics workbench which offers the ideal basic bench for electronics manufacturing facilities. Manufactured with a high-quality, powder coated steel frame, guaranteed for regular use with loads of up to 300KG max. With this bench, you can get a 5 years guarantee from date of delivery.

ESD Cantilever Workbench

Our Cantilever workstations are UK manufactured and are constructed with a unique framework to that of a standard workbench. They are designed with duel square tube vertical legs at the rear of the workbench which joins to a longer foot that sits parallel to the worktop. The design helps to provide maximum leg room capacity and easy accessibility.

ESD Square Tube Style “Four Leg” Workbench

Our Square Tube Four Leg workstation are manufactured in the UK by a quality supplier. They are constructed with square leg frames and support channels to provide exceptional durability and stability. The support channels create a sturdy work station, preventing sideways movement in the legs.

ESD Classic Bench

A classic ESD bench with a simple design. This bench is constructed with a universal modular design allowing it to be kitted out with interchangeable accessories and drawer units. An ideal choice if you need a bench that can be adapted and change to work for the future.

ESD Comfort Bench

The comfort ESD bench is designed to be exceptionally comfortable by providing appealing and advanced ergonomics for the user. The bench is height adjustable to help provide an optimal working height for the user. A fully configurable workbench that can be designed to your exact workstation requirements.

Selecting an ESD Worktop for Your Bench

Types of worktops

After selecting a base structure for your anti static workstation, you may have the option to choose the type of worktop you’d like your bench to be fitted with. This will then transform them into an electrical workbench.

Both of our Cantilever and Four Leg Square Tube workbenches are available with a choice of static dissipative worktop: Neostat or Lamstat.

ESD Worktop Options for ESD Workbenches - Neostat and Lamstat - Bondline

Neostat is a grey synthetic-based rubber sheet that covers over MDF core. It is commonly used for general assembly, inspection and test applications where live equipment is not exposed. It prevents static electricity from transferring from the user to the electronic component. Neostat has a high resilience to heat, hot solder and flux which makes it a suitable worktop for applications where high temperatures are used. This work surface has a lightly embossed texture to eliminate glare.

Lamstat has the same static dissipative properties as Neostat, however, the worktop is of a grey plastic laminate material. It is a hard-wearing and high-quality worktop with 20mm thick chipboard. It has a surface resistivity of 10^(6) – 10^(8) Ohms. Lamstat has good heat and chemical resistance, it can resist high temperatures and chemical spillages such as organic solvents, alkaline, weak acids, petrol and oil. It is also very durable as it has good abrasion and scratch resistance.

Our KSHB, KSTPB, Classic and Comfort workbenches are fitted with a semi-conductive, light grey laminate surface. This ESD bench top has a grey edging and a thickness of 25mm.

Which worktop should I choose?

When deciding on which worktop is most suitable for your workbench application, the main factors to consider are the type of ohmage you need, what tools and parts you plan to be using to carry out the work, and the type of tasks that will be conducted.

For those who plan to solder or use chemicals, we recommend using a Lamstat worktop. On the contrary, if you want to prevent small parts and components moving on the work surface, a Neostat rubber work top can give you more control and accuracy.

Our sales team are more than happy to suggest and advise on the most suitable type of worktop based on your requirements.

Accessorising Your ESD Workbench

Our anti static workstations can be kitted out with a range of accessories and attachments including perforated louvre panels, bin rails, power rails, monitor holders, PC holders, and much more. Listed below are some popular accessories you can choose to customise your workbench with.


Lighting is an important factor to consider when choosing what accessories you need for your anti-static workbench. If your employees are working with intricate electronic parts, an artificial light is essential to use as part of your workbench set-up. Our anti-static workbenches can be fitted with overhead lighting or with an LED magnifying lamp with varying intensities, depending on your requirement. With the addition of an artificial light, accuracy and general visibility is improved.


One way to keep your workspace free from clutter is by installing shelving at your ESD workstation. A shelf can be very useful in keeping everything tidy and organised while still keeping everything in close reach so it’s easy to access.

ESD Chairs

An anti static workstation is not complete without an ESD chair! In addition to our workbenches, Bondline also provides a selection of seating options for your new ESD workstation. Ranging from fabric ESD chairs, ESD stools, to heavy weight ESD chairs, we have different types of seating that cater to a range of budgets and requirements.

Storage Systems

At an ESD workstation, employees need somewhere where they can store equipment or remove products off from display. With that said, there are a variety of workbench storage options available such as ESD trolleys, ESD cabinets and ESD drawer units.

Louvre Panel

If you plan to use a lot of equipment at the workstation then you may wish to accessorise your workbench with a louvre panel. A louvre panel is a shadow board that fixes to the workbench via the two bench uprights. They can be used to affix conductive bin systems to stow away items and keep the workspace tidy.

ESD Turntables

If your employees are working with heavy or awkward assemblies, we suggest using an ESD turntable to help make this process easier. By incorporating ESD turntables with your ESD bench, it can help to prevent back injuries caused by lifting heavy equipment.

Operative working at ESD KSHB workbench with bench accessories. Bondline.

Main Benefits Of Our Anti Static Workbenches

At Bondline, we pride ourselves on quality, service, and competitiveness. When you choose us as your ESD workbench supplier, you will not only be supplied with a high-quality bench but also be supported by our friendly team throughout the entire journey. Whether that’s installing your ESD bench to create a safe ESD protected area or advising you on the best ESD bench solution for your application, we can help you whatever the requirement. Below we have included several benefits of our anti static workbenches:

Height Adjustable

Our ESD safe workbenches can be easily adjusted to varying heights. This feature is particularly essential for work involving packing where the workbench height must be set correctly for the height of the user. Having the option to adjust the workbench to a height that suits you and your posture provides great ergonomic benefits and can help improve productivity.

High Load Capacity

Our anti-static workbenches are made with a durable, high-quality steel frame, guaranteeing regular use and supporting great weight capacities. Our classic, KSTPB, and KSHB bench ranges offer a maximum load capacity of 300KG at a time.

Express Delivery ESD Benches

If you are looking for a quick delivery ESD bench solution, we can offer 5-day express delivery Cantilever ESD workbenches on specific configurations. If this is something you’d be interested in, please get in touch on 01793 511000 or sales@bondline.co.uk to enquire.

ESD Safe Workbenches

Our static safe workbenches are specifically engineered to safely dissipate any static charges to ground that may be produced at the workstation. This protection shields your products from potential ESD damage, helping to maintain their quality and reliability. All our ESD benches are compliant according to IEC-61340-5-1 International Standard, ensuring a safe environment for the handling of static sensitive electronic components. We offer two types of ESD worktops – Lamstat and Neostat – to suit various applications.

Fully Configurable

All our ESD benches are fully configurable to suit any application. With the ability to configure your workbench, you can choose the placement of your shelves, positioning of your workflow attachments, add any under drawers or lighting, as well as choose the size of your workbench.

Quick Lead Times

We aim to ensure quick lead times on all our benches, allowing you to get on with your work quickly. Our typical lead time is only 14 days for our benches, subject to change*. You can always contact us about your order if you have any concerns or require a product urgently.

Project Management Guidance With Bondline

With over 35 years of experience and expertise, Bondline can help manage your next ESD project with our ESD installation service. As part of this service, we offer a complete supply, deliver, and install package with a full on-site survey, so you can be stress-free.

Need Help With A Project? Let’s Work Together…

When it comes to helping our customers with their projects, our team love to get fully involved with envisioning and creating the ideal way to furnish our customer’s workspace. With our project management service, our aim is to help take the pressure off your shoulders by supporting you with your ESD project every step of the way to ensure you have a custom anti static workbench that meets the needs of your facility in a timeframe suitable to you.

Get in touch today to find out how our products and accessories can add both value and benefit to your workplace. Please call our sales team on +44 (0)1793 511000 or email sales@bondline.co.uk to discuss your ESD workbench requirements.

Want more information? Read about our previous ESD bench projects for more details on how we helped our customers create an EPA.

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