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ESD Comfort Bench

Comfort is important in workplaces, especially when you will be spending most of your time at a workbench. The Comfort ESD Bench is designed to be exceptionally comfortable while offer appealing and advanced ergonomic characteristics for the user. With an ESD laminate abrasion-resistant surface, a 200KG load capacity and optional features, it makes the perfect workspace solution for any electronic business or hobbyist.

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High quality ESD workbenches offer a variety of advantages, even more than other antistatic commodities, which is why they are so popular with businesses that sell electronics. Aside from offering a level of protection that businesses need, ESD desks also keep your workers, equipment and facilities safer.

So what are ESD desks? They are workstations that are specially designed for work with electronics or products which have the tendency to be affected by Electrostatic Discharge. ESD worktops allow workers to safely and securely carry out their day to day work. This is very essential for workers in areas or working on equipment that might put them at risk for exposure to electrostatic discharge.

Among the useful alternatives that protect people from electrostatic discharges, ESD desks are generally considered the main priority. They serve as a workbench to work on, can be outfitted with lower upper bench accessories, upper bench accessories and accessories such as sockets, drawers, shelves and upper lighting and enable your staff to work on electronic items and devices in a safe manner.

Comfort Bench

Comfort is important in workplaces, especially when you will be spending most of your time at a workbench. That’s why we have introduced a new Comfort Workbench to meet these comfort needs, enabling you to be more productive and efficient. Alongside its comfort and advanced ergonomic characteristics, the bench is also very appealing with its sleek design features and dark grey colour.

Likewise with the Classic Bench, the Comfort Workbench is very sturdy and durable with a maximum load capacity of 200KG. The workbenches’ height can easily be adjusted from 800-950mm to suit your needs.

As with the Classic Bench, we also offer bespoke customisation for our Comfort Bench to match your requirements more specifically. Whether you need an extra shelf, lighting, an additional drawer, we can add this on for you in order to configure the ideal bench for your needs.

Investing in a bespoke workbench means that the workbench is unique to you – designed exactly to suit your requirements to provide a more personal feel.

Furthermore, we always aim to ensure that there are quick lead times, but still providing you with the highest quality. Usually, our lead time is only 14 days for our benches. You can always contact us about your order if you have any concerns or require a product urgently. In terms of building the Comfort Bench, it is generally quite easy to assemble. However, if you do need help or assistance with installing your workbench, you can always contact our team to install the workbench for you.

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Aside from that, Bondline Electronics also offer a wide range of high quality products that will satisfy your needs including ESD bags, ESD matting, ESD flooring, ESD chairs, ESD testing and Ionizers, so you never have to worry about the safety of your workers and equipment ever again.

Advantages of ESD Benches

As previously mentioned, ESD tables come with a wonderful set of benefits. Primarily, it provides a layer of protection for workers who are operating on electronic items and components and reduces the chances of damage from occurring to devices from electrostatic discharge. This means that you, as a business, likely see a saving in money and increase in productivity as the antistatic products create a safe environment to work, lead to less malfunctions and wastage issues – particularly in circuit card assembly.

Our range of static control products are broad and includes a great selection of ESD benches that are manufactured in the UK. You and your safety are very important and that is why we are here to offer you the most dependable ESD merchandise in the market today!

With these in mind, what else are the benefits that your workers can get with ESD desks? Let us take a closer look at the wonders that this antistatic device brings.

ESD desks are easy to set up and maintain. Installing ESD desks for your workers is very easy. The parts can be brought to the workplace and assembled like a standard workstation. This means you don’t have to worry about making elaborate preparation plans or preventative measures to set them up completely. You can treat it like a regular workbench.

On top of that, you have the option to go for bespoke ESD desks that are manufactured or welded to your specific requirements. This will ensure the stability of the workbench, as well as allow you to experience as little downtime in its assembly as possible. If you have bespoke requirements, all you need to do is contact Bondline Electronics to get a quote or get more information.

Once the ESD desks are assembled, it is advisable not to move it. Top-notch ESD desks are usually made of premium raw materials and they are designed for ease of use and maintenance. To keep it looking like new, you do not have to make an extra effort. You just need to regularly clean the desks with specialist cleaning products so it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.

ESD desks are practical investments. Workers in the electronics industry need to know that they are safe and secure in their workplace before they can work without hindrance. This is why many invest in ESD desks. They enable you to manufacture/work on the products you need to deliver to your customers, whilst keeping your workers safe in the process. On top of that, cleaning and maintaining ESD desks is very easy and that also contributes to their overall practicality.

ESD desks provide safety for your workers and equipment. ESD desks and its associated anti static items are specially designed to provide an excellent level of safety against electrostatic discharge, as well as keep your electrical components and facilities secure. Consider the other ways you can help manage ESD – flooring, matting, chairs and stationery.

Create Your Workbench

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Workbenches are a fundamental piece of equipment for Electrostatic Protected Areas. Find out more by clicking here.

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ESD Comfort Bench


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SR-12-7 Comfort 1200х700 mm
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SR-18-7 Comfort 1800х700 mm

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