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Hand Tools and Tweezers

Bondline’s range of hand tools and tweezers are great for handling small electronic parts, such as PCBs, that require high-precision and careful handling. With our wide selection, finding the right tool couldn’t be any easier.

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Electronics Handling Solutions

Hand tools and tweezers couldn’t be any more vital in electronics manufacturing, whether that be for repairing components or assembling them. They play a significant role for those who are hobbyists, manufacturers, engineers, etc.

Benefits of using hand tools

Hand tools are generally faster than machines. Machines require time setting up and configuring, whereas with a hand tool, you can use it straight away without any need to set it up. Hand tools are cheaper and safer to use than power tools. If something is in need for a quick repair, hand tools would be your best option to opt for.

Choosing a hand tool

When selecting a hand tool, you should choose one that is of a good quality. This is so the hand tool has a long longevity, meaning you wouldn’t have to spend money in replacing it any time soon. One way to identify a good quality hand tool is by looking at its materials and seeing whether the supplier is reputable. Once you have your hand tool, you should ensure that you take care of it properly.

Regarding Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), you should only use metal hand tools with static dissipative handles and never all-metal hand tools. Hand tools with static dissipative handles drain the static charge in a slow and controlled manner. In other words, this means that if you are charged for some reason (i.e. not wearing a strap) and you pick the tool up and touch it to a component, the charge will equalise slowly and not damage the component rather than quickly with a spark which would damage the component.

Ideal-Tek High Precision Cutters

Ideal-tek high-precision cutters combine superior cutting quality and durability with unique design and ergonomics, resulting from careful attention to detail at every stage of the manufacturing process.

The increased usability depends on the non-slip rubber handle surface, which provides the operator with a better grip and a more pleasant feeling. The Bi-component ergonomic handles with rounded surface support a more natural thumb position, offering superior comfort during production and repair of electronic devices.

High quality ball bearing steel, double-leaf stainless steel springs, hardened alloy steel nuts, perfect symmetry and fine-pitched screw ensure perfect joint adjustment and exceptional cutting performance. ESD-safe high-precision cutters offer maximum comfort, reliability and precision in the manufacture and repair of electronic devices.

Ideal-Tek High Precision Pliers

Multi-purpose hand tools with opposing jaws, pliers are essential for gripping, bending, adjusting and straightening wires and different materials. Ergo-tek High Precision Pliers feature ergonomic handles with a soft gripping surface that increases comfort and safety during the production and repair of electronic devices.

The ESD-safe Bi-component grips provide the operator with a safer seize and a more pleasant feeling, while the rounded ergonomic profile offers maximum comfort during each operation. Despite their great adaptability to different tasks, the pliers are manufactured to different specifications to meet defined tasks with greater safety and efficiency.

The Ergo-tek Slim line completes the range of high precision pliers with a set of lighter and slimmer precision instruments recommended for small hands during the production or repair of electronic devices.

Piergiacomi Cutters and Pliers

Piergiacomi has become the leader in its field in the manufacture of hand tools, in shearing, in electronics and in parts, in the electro-technical field. No other manufacturer has a range of tools as wide as Piergiacomi: more than 400 different types of tools, well known and sought after by the industrial electronics market worldwide under the name of “Piergiacomi Quality Hand tools”.

Bondline’s Tweezers

Bondline’s anti-magnetic tweezers are available in a range of lengths and point types. These are designed for use in the electronics industry where static sensitive components and devices are handled. They are high-quality precision instruments produced using a non-magnetic stainless steel alloy.

Tweezers - Bondline

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