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ESD Tweezers

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Bondline’s anti-magnetic tweezers are available in a range of lengths and point types. These are designed for use in the electronics industry where static sensitive components and devices are handled. They are high-quality precision instruments produced using a non-magnetic stainless steel alloy.

Operators who use tweezers in the electronic assembly are normally grounded which thereby eliminates the risk of static buildup and transmission of static electricity to the component. But in the event the operator is not satisfactorily grounded a tweezer with static dissipative coating will not allow the electricity to be transferred to the electronic component.  A bare tweezer, or a tweezer with static conductive coating, will not provide that same protection and risks damaging the component.

For use in Many Common Industry Applications:

  • Electronics, Medical Device, Laser, as well as Microwave Device Assembly.
  • Circuit Die and Electronic Package Assembly.
  • PCB Rework and Repair.
  • Work under a Microscope / Microelectronics.
  • Biotech, Biology, Military and Aerospace Electronics Assembly.
  • Various Laboratory Applications.

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