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Antistatic clothing and gloves are an essential part of many electronic production companies, as well as laboratories, clinical environments, precision engineering environments – and should always be seen as another vital aid in an ESD protective area.

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Antistatic Workwear Solutions

Creating an ESD-safe workplace

Anti static workwear is essential for many industries such as electronics manufacturing and cleanroom (microelectronics). It is a core component in ensuring your staff remain safe and your static sensitive components are protected from static charge.

There are many different factors to consider when establishing an ESD-safe cleanroom, workplace or manufacturing facility – anti static workwear being one of them. ESD-safe workwear is available in many different forms such as anti static shoes, garments, caps and gloves. It is vital that you utilise ESD-safe workwear in your static control establishment. This is to ensure full protection for the user, the surrounding area and the static sensitive components / devices against the build-up of static electricity.

The European standard EN 1149-5 states: “Workers must be provided with appropriate working clothing consisting of materials which do not give rise to electrical discharges that can ignite explosive atmospheres”.

Anti static workwear

Aside from the anti-static materials used to manufacture ESD protective clothing, the features of the garments are also important. The workwear must be able to cover all non-complying materials. Conductive parts (zipper, button etc) are permitted provided they are covered by the outermost material when in use. ESD lab coats are designed to be much longer than the standard ESD lab jacket to ensure better coverage and protection against static charge.

Comfort is also important to us when supplying workwear to companies. That’s why our garments are made from high-quality materials so your workers can feel comfortable while working – helping to increase productivity and satisfaction levels!

Static safety measures

Whether your team works with electricity directly or indirectly, friction between surfaces and standard clothing causes an accumulation of static electricity. This itself is enough to create a spark or cause static shock, so safety measures such as wearing anti static workwear are vital.

ESD-safe garments work by dispersing electrical charges into the ground, keeping the worker and your static sensitive products safe. When wearing antistatic garments, it is recommended that you use an ESD-safe wrist-strap connected to a grounding cord and bonding point in accordance with the garment. This will allow a path to Earth.

In extremely sensitive environments, anti static workwear can also include the use of ESD-safe gloves. Using ESD-safe gloves in conjunction with the workwear will ensure maximum ESD protection.

Importance of ESD-safe clothes & gloves

Clothing and glove materials are significant factors to consider when selecting what to wear in your Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA). If your clothes or gloves are manufactured from synthetic fibres then they can generate great amounts of static charge and could potentially cause damage. However, if the fabric is an insulator it can cause catastrophic results when in contact with static-sensitive components; this is because an isolated charged insulator cannot be grounded. When working with ESD sensitive equipment, you should also consider your sleeves and waist since they can produce several thousand volts (a significant electric field to expose nearby conductors) that may induce charges on nearby isolated conductors. For 3/4 anti-static coverage, we recommend to use ESD-safe lab coats.

Bondline’s anti static workwear

Our antistatic workwear, on the other hand, is specifically designed to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components that are being assembled or packaged within a protected area. Our antistatic workwear is manufactured from a conductive yarn to ensure they eliminate static and prevent the effects of electrostatic charges being built up from non-ESD workwear.

Our garments are light-weight and comfortable to wear and are available in a wide range of sizes. You can find ESD-safe lab coats, ESD-safe lab jackets, anti-static polo shirts, anti-static t-shirts, ESD-safe fleeces and more in our clothing range.

We also supply different sizes of ESD gloves and offer an abundance of choice when it comes to the different types and fashions of glove, including coated tip gloves, plain gloves, and non-slip surface gloves.

Garment Customisation

Want a unique colour or your company logo embroidered on your ESD-safe workwear? At Bondline, we can create your ideal anti static workwear to your specifications on request. If you would like your workwear to be customised, please contact us on 01793 511000 or sales@bondline.co.uk.

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