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Wrist-Straps and Cords

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Bondline’s wrist straps and cords are specifically manufactured for effective safe grounding of operators working with ESD components to prevent a build-up of static discharge.

ESD Wrist-Strap Range

A wrist-strap is the most effective method of bonding an operator to ground when mobility is not an issue. They are designed to be worn in close contact to the skin to establish a grounding path. It discharges the static being generated on the body to ground instantly. Wrist-bands must be worn while sitting, even when E.S.D footwear is being used.

Each wrist-strap has a comforting material which have silver conductive woven fibres for maximum conductivity and minimum skin irritation.

All wrist straps can be supplied with 10mm/7mm/4mm studs. ESD wrist bands must be connected to a grounding source like a bonding plug in conjunction with a ground lead in order for them to be effective.

Bondline have a range of antistatic ground bracelets to suit your preference, including:

ESD Cord Range

Bondline have a range of antistatic cords to suit your preference, including:

  • Straight Grounding Leads
  • Premium Coil Cord (Bestseller)
  • Link Cord
  • Universal Grounding Cord
  • Ground Cord
  • (Also provide additional accessories)

ESD grounding leads are used to protect workers and equipment in environments where static sensitive electronic devices are used, repaired, manufactured or assembled.






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