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Bondline’s range of anti-static bags and static shielding bags are designed to provide a complete static safe environment for the safe storage and transportation of electronic components and devices.

For help and guidance on choosing the right ESD bag, please refer to our ESD Bag Selection Guide.

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ESD Packaging Solutions

We have a wide range of anti-static and static shielding bags that are manufactured to provide a safe and static-free environment for the safe storage and transportation of electronic devices and components.

Each anti-static bag is constructed of different materials which differentiates them from the others. This gives them their unique properties, purposes and uses.

Below you can see our full range of ESD bags and bag accessories that we provide:

  • Static Shielding Bags
  • Pink Anti-Static Bags
  • High Shield Cushion Pouches
  • Moisture Barrier Bags
  • Metallised Barrier Bags
  • Cobalt Dichloride Free Humidity Indicator Cards
  • Standard Cobalt Humidity Indicator Cards
  • Desiccant Bags
  • ESD Warning Labels
  • Pink Anti Static Bubble Bags

Importance of an ESD bag

Electrostatic discharge or ESD packaging comes in a variety of packaging containers such as static shielding bags, moisture barrier bags and antistatic bags. They are considered as one of the most important components in packing manufactured products such as electronic components and devices.

You might be wondering what an electrostatic discharge is. You’ll be surprised to know that you may have experienced it before when you touched certain objects. Components take in electric charges that tend to build up because of electrons coming into contact with each other. The build-up continues due to friction, contact, heat and pressure. These elements are not physically harmful to us but they are extremely detrimental to sensitive electronic items and semiconductors. 

Why is electrostatic discharge not good for sensitive components? As you already know, electronics are composed of many tiny parts and these parts have limited ability to withstand temperature shifts and limited thermal mass. Electrostatic discharges can cause rapid temperature shifts that can overheat the electronic components. That is why ESD bags, protective packaging or anti static bags are essential, especially if you are a business trying to excel in the electronics industry. 

So, if you deal with products that are related to electronics or if you own an electronics company, it is essential to invest in ESD bags for the protection of your product and the satisfaction of your customers. You have to keep in mind that even a single electrostatic discharge can bring about a lot of damage to your commodities.

ESD bags allow manufacturers to securely transport sensitive items from the production line to their intended destination. Without the proper ESD bags, the components or items are at risk for static exposure and may lead to an electrostatic discharge event. Not only will ESD packaging containers protect your sensitive items, but they can also help you save money too. 

Modern-day companies are very much aware of the importance of using ESD packaging because they help protect the electronic devices that they need in their offices. Some industry experts even consider it as one of the best investments that business owners can take. 

Nowadays, electrical equipment failure is commonplace and it happens regularly. In the past, proper solutions were not available but thanks to modern technology, we now have devices that are capable of providing static protection and control within our reach. 

Antistatic bags are one of the most commonly used static control devices out there. You have probably seen it more than once in your workplace. They are frequently used to transport sensitive items such as hard drives, graphic cards, motherboards and RAM’s. 

Did you know that it would cost more to replace or repair broken electronic devices as compared to protecting them while they are being transported to their final destination? That is the main purpose and usage of ESD bags. Aside from that, they also keep all information and data that are stored in these devices safe and secure. You can lose valuable data if you expose your devices to static shock, so to preserve important and sensitive data that helps you run your business, you should really consider using antistatic bags. 

ESD packaging containers, such as antistatic bags, moisture barrier bags and static shielding bags, are some of the most important safety products used in manufacturing environments. These ESD packaging products allow us to safely transport items and components from the production line to their final destination. Without using the correct ESD packaging containers to store or transport static-sensitive components or devices, we would risk the chance of static exposure to these components or devices and potentially cause an ESD event.

Benefits of using antistatic bags

As we have mentioned earlier, anti-static bags are very beneficial for individuals and businesses because they help offices and manufacturers protect their electrical devices. On top of that, they are very affordable, especially if they are bought in bulk. Anti-static bags are specially designed to be simple and effective. They are capable of protecting expensive electronic devices and equipment safe by keeping them away from static discharge or keeping them from conducting it. These are just some of the benefits of anti-static bags.

How can you use these bags? Simply insert your RAM, graphic cards or other electronic devices inside and the bags will protect them from ESD. If you want full protection, you can invest in other products such as anti-static clothingwrist straps, mats and so much more. As soon as you take your electronic device out from the ESD bag, you must keep it inside an ESD proof area. Many have committed the mistake of placing hard disks on top of ESD bags. Always remember that only the inside of ESD bags is capable of protecting your electronic devices and prevent the buildup of static. 

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We also offer bespoke custom sizes, thickness, printing and packaging solutions for our bags on request. This provides a personal, premium touch for your business.

All of our antistatic / ESD bags are RoHS compliant and meet the required ESD standards. Each bag features the ESD susceptibility symbol that denotes components and sub-assemblies which are ESD susceptible.

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