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ESD Testing

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ESD Test Instruments

All test instruments are manufactured to the very highest quality allowing qualification to council directives 89/336/EEC. All items are CE approved.

Bondline offer a range of ESD test instruments to check wrist straps, cords, footwear, grounding, workbenches, resistivity, resistance more. We have portable instruments, wall mounted units and kits. Bondline provided custom printing for all items on request. See our bestselling test instrument here.

Some of the ESD testing instruments we provide are:

  • Constant Monitors
  • Field Meters
  • Surface Resistivity Meters
  • Wrist Strap Testers
  • Footwear Test Plates
  • Floor Test Kit
  • Charge Plate Monitor Kit
  • Digital Static Locator


Certificates of calibration are issued for all Bondline Test Equipment. Calibration of all test equipment is recommended on a regular basis (Annually). Traceable to national standards.

Bespoke Testing Products

For Bondline’s ESD testing products, we can offer private labelling, custom logos and colours on request. Additionally, we can also provide our test equipment with specific ranges to conform to many standards in the electronics industry. Some of the testing products Bondline can customise include ESD Work Check and Wrist Strap Tester. If you would like a custom-made ESD testing product, please make an enquiry to Bondline.

Examples of testing products Bondline have customised for customers.

ESD Wrist Strap Tester | Bondline ESD Wrist Strap Tester | Bondline ESD Work Check | Bondline

ESD Tester Advice

All testers will illuminate green if the outlets wiring is correct and the path to earth ground via the equipment grounding conductor is intact. The tester will alarm and illuminate red if either condition is not met.

When testing ESD surfaces, ensure that the surface’s resistance meets 10^8 ohms to ensure you are complying to the ESD working standards.

Surface Resistivity Bondline Working on PCB Bondline



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