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Constant Monitoring

Measure the ESD properties of an ESD wrist strap or ESD bench mat continuously during use with a constant monitor.

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ESD Continuous Monitoring Equipment

Reliable performance of ESD wrist straps and ESD bench mats are critical for your component’s/device’s integrity and reliability.

Constant monitors give a continuous and sustained reading for the grounded connection of the device. They assure that a grounded connection to Earth is always present through the entire duration of the production process when connected, giving instant feedback on the status.

Using an ESD wrist strap tester periodically, as opposed to a constant monitor, will not provide a quick enough warning of such intermittent split-second failures. A constant monitor eliminates the need for testing and logging results before every shift, thus reducing production costs and saving time.

Bondline Electronics Ltd offer capacitive and resistive ESD constant monitors. Dual wire constant monitors can be ordered on request.

Constant Monitors From Bondline

Bondline’s constant monitors are manufactured in the UK (excluding continuous wrist strap and bench monitor). The CM8202 Wrist Strap On-Line Monitor is designed to continuously monitor whether the wrist strap or the Earth is disconnected. It draws static from the human body continuously and has an instant warning LED and alarm to warn the user if either fails.


  • Capacitive Constant Monitor (CM8300C)
  • Capacitive Constant Monitor Under Bench (CM8300CU)
  • Resistive Constant Monitor (CM8300R)
  • Resistive Constant Monitor Under Bench (CM8300RU)
  • Continuous Wrist-Strap And Bench Monitor (With Power Supply)

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