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Are you ESD-compliant? ESD audits and site surveys are essential to successful ESD Control Programs. It is important to regularly conduct ESD audits in order to meet the requirements of the IEC-61340-5-1 International Standard. Let us help you optimise and improve your Programme.

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What Is An ESD Audit?

Increase ESD awareness in the workplace with an ESD survey / audit.

An ESD audit, also known as a site survey, checks to see whether all the ESD-control products and practices are within compliance to the IEC 61340-5-1 Standard. An ESD audit provides a constant reminder to personnel of their responsibilities, and gives management the necessary feedback for any corrective action. Typically, the audit is based on an ESD Control Programme that has been defined, approved by management, and implemented at all operating levels. Audits allow companies to further improve and optimise their Programme and fully comply with IEC 61340-5-1 minimum recommendations and acceptable industry practices.

Establishing An ESD Control Programme

An important element to an effective and consistent ESD Control Programme is management support and the establishment of an ESD committee. An effective ESD Control Programme can only be achieved and maintained if there is complete buy-in from the entire organisation. An effective ESD committee will help to address and deal with existing and new ESD concerns as the needs of the organisation change.

An efficient and cost-effective ESD Control Programme should be treated as an on-going process, like any good quality control system. As such, it should never be treated as an event. By keeping ESD Control an on-going quality process, program costs and resulting ROI can be monitored so that the company can maximise total program value.

Who Needs An Audit?

Audits are essential for many companies and subcontractors in helping them improve and optimise their ESD Control Programme.

ESD audits should be conducted for those who:

  • Have an upcoming customer audit and want to make sure they are compliant with the 61340-5-1 standard
  • Have an upcoming ISO or British standard audit
  • Setting up a new ESD area
  • Experienced unexplained electronics failures in assembly and productions areas
  • Concerned about ESD and not having much experience in ESD

What An ESD Audit Involves

When an ESD audit is conducted, there are several key actions that should be expected to occur. At the start of your audit, an auditor will check your company’s current ESD control items to determine whether they are in compliance to the 61340-5-1 standard. An auditor will then review your company’s Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA), assessing the current level of it, to see if it meets compliance with 61340-5-1. After these checks have been made and documented, the auditor will then use their findings to create a certificate of ESD controls. This certification will be delivered to the company. A review will then be conducted of the end to end process from goods in to shipping products out for ESD risk. The auditor will then identify appropriate ESD protective products and suggest ESD controls or improved methods that fit with the business based on practicality and budget for the company, ultimately to satisfy the IEC 61340-5-1 and upcoming audits. This will be followed with a full report of findings which will be presented to the company.

Why Have An ESD Audit?

It is highly recommended to audit your premises and ESD equipment from time to time to prevent damage and failures to products. Taking the right steps to develop a comprehensive ESD Control Programme begins with implementing and enforcing audit checks.

Here are six reasons why your company should have an ESD audit on a regular basis:

1) Reduce risk of product damage due to ESD events both during production and any latent damage

2) Ensure confidence on any upcoming audits and ensure there are no unexpected failures during audit

3) Access the current level of the ESD Control Programme

4) Improve professionalism to visitors by managing these risks and making them visible

5) Improve the overall quality and productivity of your ESD Control Programme

6) Maximise your Return On Investment (ROI)

Let Us Help You!

For over 35 years, Bondline Electronics Ltd has developed a reputation for providing valuable quality anti-static control products and technical assistance to help improve your company’s quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to help our customers optimise and improve their ESD Control Programme to improve their systems, productions and overall product quality. With the help of our technical experts, we can help companies make a positive change to their Programme through ESD control products and ESD services such as on-site audits.

If you’re unfamiliar with ESD, you may find it difficult to choose the right ESD products that are suitable for a new area or determine whether your current ESD procedures are good enough. That’s where Bondline can help with an effective ESD site-survey.

Bondline are a leading supplier of ESD consumables here in the UK. As well as ESD training, Bondline can offer a comprehensive on-site ESD audit of your premises in the United Kingdom. Our site surveys can be formal offering detailed written reports or informal which could simply be a ‘walk round’ with one of our technical sales team. Our team of ESD Co-ordinators can offer their expertise in what products are needed for which area to ensure all areas are ESD-safe and working towards specific ESD guidelines and standards. Our ESD auditors will analyse your areas to see how they can be improved on, ensuring your ESD plans are reliable and practical.

What makes Bondline’s audits stand out from other ESD audits?

  • Over 35 years’ experience & expertise – our ESD professionals can offer their expertise from years of auditing and site-surveying experience to help you fully optimise your ESD Control Programme and implement the best solutions.
  • Thorough and effective audit of your ESD Control Programme – This is just not any simple, ordinary audit. Our professionals will take everything into account relating to electrostatic discharge; the floor, work stations, packaging, effectiveness of grounding, workwear and containers, how products are handled, the standard of EPA’s and employee awareness. Findings will be documented on an auditing checklist for reference.
  • Detailed report – The report will highlight any major non-conformances noted for immediate rectification, recommendations for improvement and conclusion of findings.
  • Competitively priced – We aim to offer the most competitive pricing for our ESD audits in the market. Our price ensures high customer satisfaction: a thorough and effective site survey you won’t find anywhere else!
  • Leading UK supplier of ESD products since 1986 – With over 35 years in the business, you can trust us on delivering excellent results for your business.

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