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A highly professional, friendly and cost-effective ESD training course designed to meet the requirements of the BS EN 61340-5-1 Specification.

Bondline have many years of experience running ESD training courses and have successfully helped many organisations improve their existing practices. Our training is effective through personal involvement and can be tailored to your requirements. Get in touch with us today.

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ESD training fundamentals course - Bondline

Customer Testimonials

“A top-notch, professional, highly beneficial and cost-effective training course delivered by Ed, accompanied by Rob. The training was a refresher for most of the Team, but it was also the first formal tuition in ESD Awareness for one of us. The mixture of theory and practical was spot on for the duration of the session and was effortlessly tailored to our needs as appropriate during the discussion forums. Bondline ESD products were impartially discussed at suitable stages without a “hard sell” approach and this was extremely welcome. The training has allowed the Team to confidently review, modify and improve existing practice. I highly recommend the Bondline ESD Awareness Training to BS EN 61340-5-1 for both novices and experienced hands. The training is a superb external validation for our existing and potentially new customers to benchmark our Company’s best practices and we all received an attendance/training completion certificate too!”

– Don Griffiths

Professional ESD Training In The UK

Training is a requirement of an organisation’s ESD Control Program plan as per the BS EN 61340-5-1 / IEC-61340-5-1 Standard. Training is essential in raising awareness and understanding of ESD issues. With ESD training, organisations can equip their personnel with an effective first line of defence against ESD damage.

Bondline Electronics Ltd have over 35 years of experience in the ESD industry and running ESD training courses in the UK. Over the years, we have successfully trained and helped many organisations improve their existing practices. We are continuously improving and developing our ESD training course to provide the most up-to-date information with new advances in ESD technology and updates in the Standards.

Our ESD Training Course

Our ESD training course is suitable for both novices and experienced personnel who want to refresh their knowledge and understanding in ESD awareness. The course is recommended for production personnel, engineers, support staff, managers and those who handle static sensitive devices.

Our ESD training program will be delivered by one of our friendly, expert trainers on-site at your company’s premises. Our training covers the causes of static generation, the effects of static discharge, and the materials and methods necessary for prevention and protection. The course content will reflect the customer’s facilities and current practices. All training is designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 61340-5-1 specification.

Understanding the phenomenon is enhanced through practical demonstrations and audience participation. Our training courses can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements and can be conducted in small groups or presented on a ‘one-to-one’ ‘train-the-trainer’ basis. A Q&A will be held during the course where attendees are welcome to ask any questions. The cost of our training course will depend on variable factors such as the amount of information/training required. Costs and training requirements can be confirmed upon enquiry.

Why Choose Bondline’s ESD Training Course?

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Overview of Course Contents

  • Examples of static damage, what components are susceptible to damage and which are not.
  • How static is generated, and how you can prevent it in the workplace.
  • Materials and procedures that you would use in the workplace to stop static damage would be wrist bands, coats, mats, boxes and the differences between all the “ESD” bags.
  • Why you need to ensure your company’s product does not go to your customer with static damage.
  • Demonstrations can be carried out to show operators how much voltage is generated by themselves and everyday types of packaging. This would include all aspects of setting up ESD areas within the workplace, and the monitoring of the work procedures.
  • We can advise you on the testing and calibration of cords/mats/desk tops/floors and all other relevant equipment.
  • We will discuss methods and show examples of training people to get the ESD message over.
  • Finally we go through the BS EN 61340-5-1 specification and advise on its relevance to your company’s work areas.

ESD Training Aids

Our ESD “Know Static” Educational Booklet is ideal to use as a pre-training aid. The booklet provides important general knowledge of static electricity and the impact of ESD. As well as pre-training, it can also be used as a post-training aid to refer back to key topics and keywords.

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For any questions or more information on our training, please get in touch on +44 (0)1793 511000 or email sales@bondline.co.uk.

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