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Wrist Strap Testers

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UK Manufactured Wrist Strap Testers

Our wrist strap tester range includes a selection of UK manufactured wrist strap test instruments, designed to the highest quality. Well-made and long-lasting, Bondline’s wrist strap testers are second to none!

Why Should You Use Wrist Strap Testers?

If you are not using a continuous or a constant monitor, a wrist strap should be tested at least daily with a wrist strap tester. This quick check can determine that no break in the path-to-ground has occurred. Wrist straps should be worn while they are tested.

This provides the best way to test all three components:

  • The wrist band
  • The ground cord (including the resistor)
  • The interface (contact) with the operator’s skin

Types of Wrist Strap and Footwear Testers

As wrist straps are the most commonly used personnel grounding device to ground operators, you will find a lot of testers on the market check wrist straps only. Combined wrist strap and footwear testers will verify your wrist straps AND footwear.

Bondline has a whole range of wrist strap testing instruments available to purchase on their website. Many of their testers are UK manufactured and can be uniquely customised, which makes Bondline second to none!

Personnel Grounding Testers

Personnel grounding testers can be purchased in two configurations:

  • Wrist strap tester
  • Wrist strap and footwear tester

Footwear Testing

If you are using a flooring / footwear system as an alternative for standing or mobile workers, ESD footwear should be tested independently at least daily while being worn. Proper testing of foot grounders involves the verification of:

  • The individual foot grounder
  • The contact strip
  • The interface between the contact strip and the operator’s perspiration layer

Testing Methods

In addition to what the testers verify, you will also be faced with a wide range of devices differing in how they test. Below you will see a (by no means complete) list of options:

  • Continuous and split footplate: You will find testers with a continuous footplate which require each foot to be tested separately one after the other. Dual-footplate or independent footwear testers feature a split footplate which allows the unit to verify both feet independently at the same time. This can be an efficient time-saver if you have a number of operators in your company who are required to check their personnel grounding devices.
  • Portable, wall-mountable and fitted testers: Portable battery-powered (predominantly) wrist strap testers are suitable for small labs or for supervisors to spot-check workers and ensure compliance. Wall-mountable units are generally supplied with a wall plate which attaches to a wall; the tester is then mounted on to the wall plate. Some personal grounding devices are accompanied by a stand (and built-in footplate) which allow for a more freely positioning of the unit within a room.
  • Relay terminal: A few testers on the market are fitted with a relay terminal (electrically operated switch) that can be integrated with electronic door locks, turnstiles, lights, buzzers, etc. This can be of advantage if companies only want to allow personnel in an EPA that have passed their wrist strap and/or footwear test.
  • Data acquisition: A growing number of personnel grounding devices allow for test activity data to be logged in a database. The units link to a computer which records operator identification, test results, resistance measurements, time and more. Paperless data can enhance operator accountability, immediately identifying problems while reducing manual logging and auditing costs.

Bespoke ESD Testing Products

With many of Bondline’s ESD testing products, we are able to offer private labelling, custom logos and colours on request for our wrist strap testers. Additionally, we can also provide our test equipment, including our wrist strap testers, with specific ranges to conform to many standards in the electronics industry. If you would like a custom-made ESD testing product, please enquire with Bondline.

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Browse our wide selection of wrist strap testers above! If you have any questions about our products or what works best for your purposes, do not hesitate to give us a call. We hope to hear from you soon!

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