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Footwear / Wrist Strap Test Station

UK manufactured, Bondline's Footwear / Wrist Strap Test Station checks the continuity of fitted wrist-straps and cords, fitted shoes, heel straps or toe grounders. The unit is supplied with WST1 test meter, wall mounting board, 6 inch cord (0 meg ohm), 6ft cord (0 meg ohm), footplate and 9V battery. A 1-year calibration certificate is provided with the unit and a full calibration service can be offered. Customisation available on request.

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The WST3 is the full station, WST1 meter supplied with wall plate, footplate and test leads.

ESD wrist straps and foot grounders need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are faultless and ground the operator properly. This is where a Footwear / Wrist Strap Test Station can help.

UK manufactured, Bondline’s standard Footwear / Wrist Strap Test Station is supplied with a WST1 meter, wall mounting board, 6 inch cord (0 meg ohm), 6ft cord (0 meg ohm), footplate and 9V battery. The unit has a single test range of 0.75 meg-ohm to 35 meg-ohm (other resistance ranges available on request). The instrument has a green light for PASS (i.e. resistance between 0.75 meg-ohm and 35 meg-ohm) and 2 red lights which indicate either HIGH resistance fail or LOW resistance fail. A buzzer sounds in any fail situation.

The Test Station is easy to use and can be mounted to any wall with ease. Full instruction guide and calibration certificate supplied with each unit. Calibration of all test equipment is recommended on a regular basis (annually). A full calibration service can also be requested. Customised logos and resistance range available on request.

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Key Benefits of Purchasing Wrist Strap Test Station with Bondline:

Meets the Following ESD Standards & Requirements:

ESD safe label - Bondline IEC 61340-5-1 ESD safe label - Bondline  Qualification to council directives 89/336/EEC
European Conformity UK Conformity Assessed
bondline RoHS compliant bondline REACH compliant


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WST3 – Wall Mounted Unit

Technical Datasheet Specification

Footwear / Wrist Strap Technical Datasheet

Instruction Manual

Read our handy Footwear / Wrist Strap Test Station – Instruction Manual for instructions on how to use the ESD wrist strap tester correctly. Keep in mind the wrist strap should be worn while being tested.

You should find that all testers will illuminate green if the outlets’ wiring is correct and the path to Earth ground via the equipment grounding conductor is intact. The tester will alarm and illuminate if either condition is not met. We recommend all test equipment is calibrated annually.

How To Use ESD Wrist Strap Tester

An ESD wrist strap and foot tester is easy to use. Watch our short video below to see how to use it correctly.

Bespoke Customisation

Customisation is available for our ESD Wrist Strap Testers and Test Station on request.

Customisation options include:

If you would like to customise your ESD Wrist Strap Test Station, please make an enquiry to Bondline. Contact our technical experts today on 01793 511000 or sales@bondline.co.uk.

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