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Conductive PCB Racks

Conductive printed circuit board racks are a great option for storing and transporting assembled boards. They are also a suitable choice to use for draining or drying PCBs after preparation. Bondline offers a wide variety of PCB racks of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

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PCB Racks

What are printed circuit board racks?

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Racks are pieces of electronic equipment used to handle PCBs during the manufacturing process. They can be used for draining or drying PCBs after preparation, or for storing and transporting partly or fully assembled boards.

Types of printed circuit board racks

PCB racks are available in different features, sizes and shapes to suit various sizes of PCBs. Some racks come with storage modules that can be stacked for vertical or horizontal PCB storage while others have adjustment mechanisms to allow for different PCB sizes. They are safe for use with ESD-protected areas ESD safe mats.

Flat PCB holding racks can hold over 20 PCBs for transport and storage at manual workstations. These trays will also hold any PCB size. L-shaped trays provide PCBs with support on two sides that will prevent the boards from moving during transportation.

What are PCB racks used for?

PCB racks are used in electronic production across different industries and applications, including:

  • Aviation
  • Electronics
  • Telecoms
  • Semiconductors
  • Mining
  • Chemical
  • Defence

Uses of PCB holder

A PCB Holder is a tool to firmly hold the Printed Circuit Board of a mobile phone while repairing and soldering. It holds the Printed Circuit Board very strongly, stable and doesn’t allow it to move thus helping in soldering and repairing made easier.

PCB holders are made up of metal and are available in different colours, weights and sizes. These tools are also available in the magnetic material. These are fully adjustable to hold a PCB of any size. Some of them are designed in a way so that they can be used under an under-board heater or pre-heater.

Buying the best PCB Holder

There are several manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of mobile phone PCB holders. Bondline is a very popular and reliable brand. Before buying a PCB Holder for mobile phone repairing, keep in mind and consider the following points:

  • It must be easily adjustable to hold any size of mobile phone PCB.
  • It must have the option to be grounded to prevent static charge that can damage some sensitive SMD electronic components.
  • An ESD-Safe PCB Holder is the best to Repair Apple iPhone or Android Smartphones.
  • It must be able to stop or fix it to the workbench or table so that it does not move while desoldering IC and BGA.

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Bondline Electronics are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Static Control products within the ESD Industry. Products such as Flexible and Rigid Packaging, Table Matting, Wrist Straps, Heel Grounders and Shoes, Protective Clothing and Gloves, Test and Measurement Equipment along with many storages and handling solutions.

At Bondline, we offer a range of PCB racks that offer a simple yet efficient method of storage/transportation of printed circuit boards. These racks are for use in static controlled product areas where the racks give a conductive path to ground.

Our robust, moulded conductive PCB holders are a very convenient method of storage and shipping in the assembly area. They are carbon loaded robust racks for the protection of CMOS assembled boards. They are for use in static controlled product areas where the racks give a conductive path to the ground. Ideally, these should be used in unison with an ESD conductive surface such as an ESD bench mat or ESD workbench. These PCB racks are also stackable for space saving. Available in a range of sizes and shapes.

Large and small PCB racks

We also offer PCB racks (large and small) with frames that are fully adjustable and are and extremely versatile as they can be used in a vertical, horizontal or flat position. These type of assembled racks will fit perfectly into a standard euro container.

What are dimple board racks?

Dimple Board Racks have a grid style slot design that allows simple yet effective storage and transporting of PC boards up to 2mm thick. These are ideal for fitting into a euro-box container.

PCB racks and dimple board racks can be used for the following:

  • Storage.
  • Maintenance and Repair.
  • Transportation (within assembly areas).

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