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Corstat® Products

Corstat® packaging: The industry standard for electronics packaging. Corstat® conductive coated packaging is a well proven material for use in anti-static packaging – widely used by blue-chip and multi-national electronics manufacturers, due to its, performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.

All Corstat product deliveries are 2-3 days. For larger quantities, please contact the office.
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Corstat® Anti-Static Packaging

The industry standard for electronics packaging

Anti-static packaging protects your static sensitive electronic components, including CPUs, PCBs, semi-conductors, motherboards, and other assembled products. Corstat® conductive packaging provides “Faraday cage” protection, which channels static around the outside of the anti-static box or packaging. Ultimately, protecting the static sensitive contents within from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Corstat® coated cardboard is widely used by blue-chip and multi-national electronics manufacturers across the world. It is specified by virtually all of the major electronic companies in the UK, America and many other emerging markets too.

Anti-static electronics packaging can take many forms including boxes, totes, bins, racks, inserts and more.

All of our Corstat® stock products have been designed to complement each other while working seamlessly with the majority of standard racking and shelving systems which are typically found within static controlled workspaces. They are therefore perfect for a huge range of handling and storage applications where ESD performance is of paramount importance. This is in addition to the range of benefits provided by Corstat® and Corriplast®, such as durability and strength.

The range of stock products also offers potential cost savings in comparison with custom designed products. By eliminating the need for both design time and tooling, the cost of the standard ranges is often significantly cheaper than bespoke options.

Of course, if one of the standard Corstat® conductive products does not match your specific application, Bondline Electronics can create a bespoke solution tailored to your exact needs and requirements.

Corstat® Products

  • Corstat® Transit Packs
  • Corstat® Stacking Boxes
  • Corstat® Inplant Handlers
  • Corriplast® Collapsible Tote Boxes
  • Corstat® Chip Boxes
  • Corstat® Component Boxes
  • Corstat® Bin Boxes
  • Corstat® Bin Tubes
  • Corstat® Device Shipper
  • Corstat® Dividers
  • Corriplast® Dividers
  • Conductive Corstat® Layer Pads
  • Conductive Corriplast® Layer Pads

Benefits of Corstat® Packaging

Corstat® anti- static conductive board coating is a well proven material for use in anti-static packaging. It has been available for over 11 years and specified by virtually all the major electronic companies in the USA and UK.

Reliability and durability guaranteed

  • “Faraday cage” design protects the product(s) from static damage
  • Physical protection against mishandling during storage and transportation
  • Custom sizes, designs and options available, created by a specialist design team

Improve the efficiency of your operations

  • Supplied unassembled with foam glued into position in order to enhance protection
  • Large volumes held in stock allowing short lead times

Minimising the ongoing costs to your business

  • Standard sized stock lines eliminate design/tooling charges
  • Corstat® material is environmentally-friendly, and safe to handle (eliminates PPE costs)
  • 10 year guarantee on the effectiveness of Corstat® coating

Bespoke Corstat® Packaging

If our standard in-stock Corstat products do not quite fit your specific requirements, our Corstat products can be customised to a bespoke size or design, including customised exterior print. Exterior printing enables you to add your company branding / logo, instructions, part, batch numbers, or health and safety instructions to the packaging.

To enquire, please get in touch with a member of our team on +44 (0)1793 511000 or send us an email with your requirements to sales@bondline.co.uk.

We will be happy to assist in configuring or designing the most suitable product for your requirements. With the help of Bondline, you are certain to find the ideal solution for you.

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If you are being affected by high levels of static damage, experiencing issues with mishandling during transit, or you just think your current packaging isn’t up to scratch, Bondline can help. Please contact a member of our team today on +44 (0)1793 511000 or send us an email to sales@bondline.co.uk with your requirements.

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