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Corstat® Component Boxes

Corstat® component boxes offer you a convenient and safe way to store and transport your static sensitive electronic components and devices. Created from the market leading Corstat conductive fibreboard, the boxes are incredibly cost-effective and provide guaranteed ESD protection. The Corstat® conductive coating provides "Faraday cage" protection while maintaining a high quality finish. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes in-stock for fast delivery. Bespoke sizes and designs on request. Component boxes can be supplied flat packed without foam or fully assembled with foam.
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Corstat Component Boxes – The convenient, versatile and ESD safe component box range

ESD safe component boxes offer a convenient and safe way to store and transport static sensitive items. The Corstat conductive coating (effectively coated corrugated cardboard) provides “Faraday cage” protection, whilst antistatic foam provides ESD safe cushioning for physical protection. This dual level of protection helps to eliminate damage to your items, reducing the costs associated with returns, stock not fit for sale and even customer dissatisfaction. The Corstat® coated material is safe to handle and use with no requirement for protective equipment or clothing. It is also fully recyclable, biodegradable and inert. This makes disposal at the end of its usable life quick and easy, without damaging the environment.

Held in stock at Bondline in a comprehensive range of sizes, your Corstat component boxes can be supplied flat-packed / unassembled without foam to save reduce storage space and transit costs. Or, they can be fully assembled with pink anti-static foam to minimise your assembly and packing times. You can also select from a range of interior foam options including anti-static foam, high-density conductive foam, or low-density conductive foam. This allows you to find the perfect balance between ease of use, static protection, and physical mishandling protection. Custom sizes and bespoke design/print of the Corstat® Conductive component boxes are available on request.

Why use Corstat® Component Boxes?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage can be very common during storage and transportation of PCBs, motherboards, and other electronic components. Corstat® Component Boxes have been designed specifically to protect static sensitive electronic components from this. To protect your components from damage, you can source a wide range of suitable anti-static packaging from Bondline Electronics Ltd.

Ref A – Supplied flat, no foam

Ref B – Supplied assembled with anti-static foam

Key Benefits of Corstat® Component Boxes:

ESD safe label - Bondline IEC 61340-5-1 compliant CE Icon WEB-min-alt CE approved
bondline RoHS compliant bondline REACH compliant

Customise Your Corstat® Component Boxes

If our standard component boxes do not quite fit your specific requirements, the Corstat component boxes can be customised to a bespoke size or design, including customised exterior print. Exterior printing enables you to add your company branding / logo, instructions, part, batch numbers, or health and safety instructions to the packaging.

To enquire, please get in touch with a member of our team on +44 (0)1793 511000 or send us an email with your requirements to sales@bondline.co.uk. We will be happy to assist in configuring or designing the most suitable product for your requirements. With the help of Bondline, you are certain to find the ideal solution for you.

Explore our full range of Corstat® packaging products.

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CBSA – 40 x 40 x 15mm – flat, no foam, CBSB – 40 x 40 x 15mm – assembled with foam, CB1A – 60 x 60 x 25mm – flat, no foam, CB1B – 60 x 60 x 25mm – assembled with foam, CB2A – 100 x 100 x 38mm – flat, no foam, CB2B – 100 x 100 x 38mm – assembled with foam, CB3A – 135 x 50 x 20mm – flat, no foam, CB3B – 135 x 50 x 20mm – assembled with foam, CB4A – 74 x 64 x 40mm – flat, no foam, CB4B – 74 x 64 x 40mm – assembled with foam, IC5050A – 178 x 89 x 25mm – flat, no foam, IC05050B – 178 x 89 x 25mm – assembled with foam, SM12A – 146 x 70 x 24mm – flat, no foam, SM12B – 146 x 70 x 24mm – assembled with foam, SM14A – 146 x 146 x 24mm – flat, no foam, SM14B – 146 x 146 x 24mm – assembled with foam

Technical Datasheet

Corstat Component Boxes: Technical Datasheet

Corstat® Brand

Corstat® provides a highly efficient, low-cost method of providing static protection for handling, transportation and storage of static sensitive devices.

Effective Protection

Corstat® anti-static conductive board coating is a well proven material for use in anti-static packaging. It has been available for over 11 years and specified by virtually all the major electronic companies in the USA and UK.

Effective Production

Boxes and containers coated with Corstat materials are easily converted on standard machinery. The results give durable packaging that is cheaper than conductive plastic or fibreboard alternatives.

Wide Product Range

Corstat® anti-static conductive packaging is used by virtually all the main electronics companies around the world for transit packs, component boxes, in-plant handlers, bin boxes for ic-tubes and many other applications.

Consistent High Quality and Appearance

Corstat® anti-static conductive packaging is consistently manufactured, within an ISO 9002 approved environment, to high specifications which are accepted worldwide, Corstat® has a shiny finish due to the over-seal varnish during manufacture.

Corstat® and Environment

Corstat® anti-static conductive packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. Their products do not contain any heavy metals, aromatics or halogenated hydrocarbons.

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