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Corstat® Transit Packs

Conductive Transit Packs give full Faraday Cage E.S.D protection and can be foam lined to give physical protection to Printed Circuit Boards during shipping and handling. Custom designs and special printing available on request.

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Corstat® Transit Packs offer exceptional protection from electro static discharge (ESD).

Corstat® is the ESD industry standard for conductive corrugated board. Corstat® provides a highly efficient, low-cost method of providing static protection for handling, transportation and storage of static sensitive devices.

Corstat® Transit Pack Options:

Ref A – Supplied *FLAT PACKED* unassembled, no foam.

Ref B – Supplied *ASSEMBLED* with pink antistatic foam.

Custom designs and special printing available on request.

ESD Safe Handling and Storage. Exceptional protection from both static and mishandling.

Corstat® transit packs offer exceptional protection from electro static discharge (ESD). The patented Corstat® carbon based coating, when coupled with the structural design, creates a “Faraday Cage” that efficiently channels static around the outside of the pack. This protection can be further enhanced with the addition of pink anti static foam.

This level of protection can eliminate damage to items and the associated costs of returns and replacements. Full range of factory stock sizes, you can also improve productivity through reduced packing times, easy disposal and safe handling.
Reliability and durability guaranteed.

Corstat® coating and pack design creates a “Faraday Cage”, protecting from static, the Anti static foam protects from ESD, as well as providing cushioning from mis-handling. Custom sizes and designs tailored to your product, offering bespoke levels of protection.

Benefits of using Corstat® Transit Packs

Improve the efficiency of your operations.

ESD Safe Boxes, Corstat® Transit Packs (with foam and PCB inside)

Corstat® Brand

Effective Protection

Corstat® anti- static conductive board coating is a well proven material for use in anti-static packaging. It has been available for over 11 years and specified by virtually all the major electronic companies in the USA and UK.

Effective Production

Boxes and containers coated with our materials are easily converted on standard machinery. The results give durable packaging that is cheaper than conductive plastic or fibreboard alternatives.

Wide Product Range

Corstat® anti-static conductive board coating is used by virtually all the main electronics companies around the world for transit packs, component boxes, in-plant handlers, bin boxes for ic-tubes and many other applications.

Consistent High Quality and Appearance

Corstat® anti- static conductive board coating is consistently manufactured, within an ISO 9002 approved environment, to high specifications which are accepted worldwide, Corstat® has a shiny finish due to the over-seal varnish during manufacture.

Corstat® and Environment

Corstat® anti- static conductive board coating is biodegradable and recyclable. Their products do not contain any heavy metals, aromatics or halogenated hydrocarbons.

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Additional information

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Select a product:

3080-1A – 178 x 127 x 38mm – unassembled (no foam), 3080-1B – 178 x 127 x 38mm – assembled (with foam), 3090-2A – 178 x 127 x 64mm – unassembled (no foam), 3090-2B – 178 x 127 x 64mm – assembled (with foam), 3095-22A – 178 x 127 x 96mm – unassembled (no foam), 3095-22B – 178 x 127 x 96mm – assembled (with foam), 3180-3A – 229 x 191 x 38mm – unassembled (no foam), 3180-3B – 229 x 191 x 38mm assembled (with foam), 3190-4A – 229 x 191 x 64mm – unassembled (no foam), 3190-4B – 229 x 191 x 64mm assembled (with foam), 3195-24A – 230 x 180 x 96mm – unassembled (no foam), 3195-24B – 230 x 180 x 96mm – assembled (with foam), 3220-5A – 267 x 216 x 38mm – unassembled (no foam), 3220-5B – 267 x 216 x 38mm – assembled (with foam), 3230-6A – 267 x 216 x 64mm – unassembled (no foam), 3230-6B – 267 x 216 x 64mm – assembled (with foam), 3245-26A – 267 x 216 x 96mm – unassembled (no foam), 3245-26B – 267 x 216 x 96mm – assembled (with foam), 3310-7A – 318 x 267 x 38mm – unassembled (no foam), 3310-7B – 318 x 267 x 38mm assembled (with foam), 3320-8A – 318 x 267 x 64mm – unassembled (no foam), 3320-8B – 318 x 267 x 64mm – assembled (with foam), 3335-28A – 318 x 267 x 96mm – unassembled (no foam), 3335-28B – 318 x 267 x 96mm. assembled (with foam), 3400-9A – 340 x 140 x 64mm – unassembled (no foam), 3400-9B – 340 x 140 x 64mm – assembled (with foam), 3431-13A – 375 x 133 x 38mm – unassembled (no foam), 3431-13B – 375 x 133 x 38mm – assembled (with foam), 3500-10A – 394 x 318 x 64mm – unassembled (no foam), 3500-10B – 394 x 318 x 64mm – assembled (with foam), 3501-05A – 394 x 318 x 38mm – unassembled (no foam), 3501-05B – 394 x 318 x 38mm – assembled (with foam), 3515-30A – 394 x 318 x 96mm – unassembled (no foam), 3515-30B – 394 x 318 x 96mm – assembled (with foam), 3600-11A – 521 x 394 x 38mm – unassembled (no foam), 3600-11B – 521 x 394 x 38mm – assembled (with foam), 3610-12A – 521 x 394 x 64mm – unassembled (no foam), 3610-12B – 521 x 394 x 64mm – assembled (with foam), 3625-32A – 521 x 394 x 96mm – unassembled (no foam), 3625-32B – 521 x 394 x 96mm – assembled (with foam), 3854-14A – 550 x 470 x 64mm – unassembled (no foam), 3854-14B – 550 x 470 x 64mm – assembled (with foam), 3975-16A – 700 x 500 x 85mm – unassembled (no foam), 3975-16B – 700 x 500 x 85mm – assembled (with foam)

Technical Datasheet

Click here to view the ‘Technical Datasheet’.

Product Protection

Reasons Corstat® is chosen by OEMs and “Blue Chip” manufacturers.

Corstat® conductive coating – and the packaging and handling products manufactured from it – have been specified by practically every major electronics manufacturer since the early days of silicone technology.

When coupled with specific structural packaging design, such as that utilised by these Transit Packs, Corstat® can create a “Faraday Cage” effect.

This ensures that any atmospheric static charges are channelled around the exterior of the box, keeping your items safe within.

Ultimately, by eliminating the damage caused by electro static discharge (ESD), your business can benefit from reducing the costs associated with damages, failed components and the need for replacements and customer returns.

The Corstat® transit packs are perhaps the most commonly used form of electronics packaging in the UK.

The performance of Corstat® is also guaranteed for 10 years. This means you can rely on its ongoing performance, as well as reducing your business’ lifetime costs through multiple uses as well as reduced damages.

Finally, the materials used to manufacture these Corstat® Transit Packs can also provide further benefits and efficiencies for your business. The corrugated cardboard the Transit Packs are created from is widely regarded as providing the best balance between cost and performance.

The corrugated material and the Corstat® coating are completely inert, ensuring they can be handled safely without the need for protective equipment (speeding up packing times). It is also fully bio-degradable, minimising the costs of disposal.

Features promoting ease of use and protection:


Ways Stacking Totes improve efficiency in your warehouse operations.

Besides the stock range of sizes that the Corstat® Transit Packs are available in, you can also specify a completely custom conductive packaging design.

This allows the protection to be tailored your specific product or application, potentially reducing shipping costs (effectively eliminating the shipping of empty space in stock size).

It can also provide a solution for unusually shaped items, and eliminate movement within the pack during transit (which can be a cause of damage).

For applications or environments that require an even higher degree of durability, or for clean room applications, Transit Packs can be created from Corriplast (a fluted plastic material).

There are a number of custom options you can choose with Transit Packs, including foam insert type / style, plus sizes and exterior print.

Whilst offering the same levels of static shielding provided by Corstat®, Corriplast Transit Packs also offer resistance to moisture, grease and oil, plus can be wiped clean (further enhancing their lifespan).

Finally, for large and / or repeat orders, customised printing can be offered.

This can allow for your company logo or instructions to be added, enhancing brand awareness, improving end user efficiency and, longer term, boosting sales.

Additional Features and Benefits

Cost effective without sacrificing performance.

Besides the inherent benefits of utilising Corstat®, these Transit Packs also offer your business a number of additional benefits.

Perhaps most importantly, the optional anti-static foam interiors provide further protection for your items. This is achieved not only through additional static protection, but also by cushioning items from mishandling and impact during transit.

By eliminating breakages, you not only reduce the costs associated with replacements and returns, but can also improve repeat sales and improve brand reputation through reliable supply.

With an extensive stock holding of over 20 different sizes, you are able to select a standard option that is not only a suitable size for your product or component, but is also available on exceptionally short lead times (usually within 48 hours).

Your business can realise a surprisingly large number of benefits through utilising Transit Packs.

Not only does this allow you to be responsive to peaks in demand, it also allows you to reduce your own stock holding (freeing up warehouse space and the associated costs).

Using a stock option also eliminates the need for tooling (ensuring a very low unit cost), but by being able to specify a size suitable for your specific item, it also minimises shipping costs too.

To further improve the efficiency of your operations, Transit packs can be supplied assembled or flat packed (without foam only).

Assembled Transit Packs reduce packing times, improving efficiency and boosting productivity. Alternatively, flat packed Transit Packs will reduce initial delivery costs, as well as reducing the space needed for storage in your warehouse (freeing up the space for other uses, or reducing overall storage costs).

Extra reasons to use Transit Packs:


ESD Safe HDD / Hard Drive Packaging.

Whilst regular back-ups and data recovery tools can mitigate hard drive failure, it can still be – and frequently is – catastrophic to lose your critical personal or business data through hard drive failure. Although new forms of memory are constantly being developed, a traditional hard drive is effectively nothing more than a magnetised storage area. This, unfortunately, makes them susceptible to static damage.

This is particularly the case during transit and storage.

Due to increased use and availability, we have seen a growing need for anti-static hard drive packaging, which is why you can source a wide range of conductive boxes, totes, packaging and containers. With foam interior options also available across many of the hard drive packaging solutions on offer, you can also protect drives (and indeed practically any component) from physical as well as static damage.

However, whilst Corstat® Transit packs are usually recommended for transporting HDDs, many of the other Corstat® products are also suitable. Conversely, Transit Packs can also be successfully used for a wide range of other ESD requirements.

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