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Bench Top Ionizers

Bench top ionisers are used to ensure a static free work area by neutralising static charge on insulated objects by producing a balanced source of positively and negatively charged ions. Compact size with auto-ion balance within 5 volts. Equipped with out-of-balance alarm indicator. Very simple to use and routine maintenance is performed with ease.

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Bondline’s bench top ioniser fan eliminates the build-up of static charges on non-conductors, ensuring a static-free work area.

The distinguished High-Frequency series of ionisers are greatly superior to traditional AC and DC static eliminators in auto-balance, high efficient static elimination capability and stable character. Our bench top ionisers have an excellent adjustable blowing angle and air volume with out-of-balance alarm. They are ideal for electronics industries which work with static-sensitive electrical components or devices. Great for placing on either workbenches, shelves or as a wall mount. Special alloy discharge needle is durable, very easy to maintain and keep clean due to simple clip-on covers.

Ioniser Fan Features:

Why Choose A Bench Top Ioniser Fan

Compared to our other ionisers, workbench ionisers are compact and lightweight. They are designed to be used on workbench tops, placed on shelves or to be wall-mounted; using only little production space. Due to their small size and light-weight, they are more convenient to use and have become the latest static elimination technology available today. Bench top ionisers are ideal for use in areas where charge neutralisation is critical such as printing, medicine, cleanrooms, spray coating, plastics product, film product and packaging.

When Should An Ioniser Be Used?

Ideally, an ioniser should be used when an isolated conductor cannot be grounded and insulating materials such as common plastics are present. Ionisers generate positive and negative ions which neutralise any static charges on insulating materials which cannot be grounded in the normal way. If a static charge were to be present in the EPA, the bench top ionisers will neutralise the charge by attracting an opposite polarity charge from the air.

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KS21H, KS10H and KS2451 ionisers.

Bondline bench top ioniser

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KS10H – Small Bench Top Ionizer – 102 x 120 x 58mm Deep, KS21H – Bench Top Ionizer – 142 x 170 x 80mm Deep, KS2451 – Bench Top Ionizer – 180 x 72 x 201.5mm Deep

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