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Supreme ESD Chairs

The best of the best! Fully Ergonomic Supreme range of ESD Chairs with waterfall seat design. Supreme chair range is designed to be fully ergonomic with premium features including waterfall seat design, three dimensional moulded foam, synchro mechanism, seat tilt angle adjustment, back rest angle adjustment and gas lift seat height adjustment. Available in high and low height versions with glides or locking conductive castors. Compliant with European Standard classification. Seat options include black vinyl or blue/black fabric. Suitable for use in static controlled environments.

All chairs are made in the UK to order, lead time is approx 7 working days.

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Our Supreme ESD Chair is supplied with a fully ESD chrome back and comfortable waterfall seat design; ensuring maximum comfort and support.

Our Supreme ESD Chair range of fully ergonomic chairs are designed with a waterfall seat feature and are provided with three-dimensional moulded foam for added comfort. The full synchro mechanism provides ergonomic seat and back adjustments to ensure all-day support, especially for your back.

Draughtsman static dissipative chair specifically designed and manufactured for use in the electronics and electrical industry. This range prevents the build-up of static electricity by dissipating it directly to earth. These tall chairs are ergonomic with a reclining seat and adjustable back mechanism.

Supreme Range Features:

Special Orders:

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All chairs are made in the UK to order, lead time is approx 7 working days.

How Do ESD Chairs Work?

Quite simply, ESD chairs dissipate any static potential that it receives from the operator or the environment and balances out the potential until both the operator and the chair share the same charge.

The resistance to ground from any part of the seat which may have contact with personnel, must be less than 1×10^(10)Ω. At least two castors or feet must provide a path to ground.

Electricity only flows through conductive objects, and normal concrete floors are not conductive. Therefore, any buildup of static potential will discharge when contact is made with an electronic device unless a grounded connection is maintained with an ESD wrist strap. An ESD chair ensures the effectiveness of ESD flooring and ESD mats.

Non-conductive ESD chairs create opportunities for user error, such as when a user rests their feet on something besides the floor such as a separate footrest or stool rail. If both of a user’s feet do not touch an ESD floor or ESD mat, and the user is not grounded with an ESD strap, then the likeliness of an ESD event is greatly increased. Likewise, if the user is not wearing ESD footwear or grounding straps, the insulative character of standard shoe soles threaten the integrity of a conductive ESD chain.

Why Do You Need ESD Chairs?

Your workers need the same comfort, adjustability, and ergonomic support in electronic assembly, repair areas, and other highly sensitive environments as they do in other areas that are non-sensitive to ESD.

Some areas require the static protection provided by ESD chairs for workers that deal with delicate electronic circuitry or work areas that require minimised environmental pollutants such as a cleanroom environment.

Even when there is an ESD floor or floor mat in place, it is highly recommended that you use an ESD chair. If an operator were to remove their feet from the ESD floor, then this could cause static to generate and discharge onto the person and then to the electronic they are working on. Therefore posing a high risk to the static sensitive item. A combination of ESD flooring and ESD chairs would be the most effective solution to static control.

To prevent any static damage from occurring, investing into ESD seating for your industrial environment is a smart choice to opt for.

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SUR1BLF – Black Fabric Low Chair – Height 430mm-570mm – (Blue Fabric Image Shown), SUR1BLV – Black Vinyl Low Chair – Height 430mm-570mm – (Blue Fabric Image Shown), SUR1DBF – Blue Fabric Low Chair – Height 430mm-570mm – (Image As Shown), SUR2BLF – Black Fabric High Chair – Height 500mm-690mm – (Image As Shown), SUR2BLV – Black Vinyl High Chair – Height 500mm-690mm – (Black Fabric Image Shown), SUR2DBF – Dark Blue Fabric High Chair – Height 500mm-690mm – (Black Fabric Image Shown)

Supreme Chair Options

Our Supreme ESD Chairs are available in either high or low options. They are available in different materials and colours to suit your requirements.

SUR2 High Range:

SUR2BLV – Black Vinyl

SUR2DBF – Dark Blue Fabric

SUR2BLF – Black Fabric

SUR1 Low Range:

SUR1BLV – Black Vinyl

SUR1DBF – Dark Blue Fabric

SUR1BLF – Black Fabric

Technical Datasheet

SUR1 Technical Datasheet

SUR2 Technical Datasheet

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