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Anti-Static Foam

A various range of black conductive, pink anti-static, blue static-dissipative or black closed cell (clean room) foams. Available in low and high densities. Foams can be cut, stamped, layered, profiled or machined to produce economic trays or inserts to suit numerous packaging requirements. For more information, please contact us.

All ESD Foams are manufactured in the UK.

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Antistatic foam – excellent cushioning with exceptional mechanical and electrical protection.

Bondline provides a range of different types of foam including black conductive, pink anti-static, blue static-dissipative and black closed cell (cleanroom) foams. Foam is great to use to protect electronic components (such as PCBs) in storage devices. Foams can be cut, stamped, layered, profiled or machined to produce economic trays or inserts to suit numerous packaging requirements. Each foam is RoHS and REACH compliant and complies with IEC-61340-1-5 International Standard.

Please make an enquiry about our foam and we can help you on choosing the right foam for your needs.

Anti-Static Foam

Anti-static foam is a polyurethane foam that is chemically doped with an anti-static agent (surfactant) and coloured with a pink dye for identification. Anti-static foam will not generate static charge when it rubs against itself, but will happily pass a charge through itself to anything contained within. Because anti-static foam does not provide shielding, it must be placed within a shielding bag. Another key property of anti-static foam is that it has a shelf life when exposed to the environment. Thus it is usually used as a one-time foam for shipping components. It is the least expensive type of ESD foam. It has a surface resistance of 10^(9) to 10^(10) Ohms or less (the higher this number the more slowly a charge is dissipated). Pink anti-static foam is available in rigid high density or soft low density for the safe packing/transportation of static sensitive devices.




Conductive Foam

Conductive foam is a polyurethane foam filled with carbon, ensuring excellent ESD protection. Conductive foam is designed for repeat use, and will act like a Faraday cage when an item is fully enclosed within it. Because of this, a static shielding bag is not needed as an outer container when using conductive foam.

Conductive foam is similar to standard packaging foams but with one crucial difference – the addition of carbon to the polymer mix during the manufacturing process to provide a high level of conductivity. This allows any electric current to pass through the cell structure of the foam and away from the component. Generally, the foam will have permanent conductive performance, meaning it is ideal for multi-trip packaging and in-plant handling applications. Its performance isn’t affected by atmospheric conditions.

There are two grades of conductive foam: lead-insertion grade and component grade. Lead-insertion grade conductive foam is designed to have components directly mounted into the foam via their leads, and will drain charge off of attached components. Cushion grade conductive foam is designed to package something like a circuit board or hard disk drive.

Although it is the most expensive type of ESD foam, it serves its purpose in fully protecting your ESD sensitive component. If you were to use a much cheaper foam which doesn’t offer any conductive properties, then you may be compromising your electronic item to static damage. Using a cheaper, standard foam is not always the right solution and can lead to devastating consequences which could have been avoided in the first instance.

Our conductive foam is non-corrosive and is available in either high or low densities. They offer very low shedding, exceptional cushioning and excellent mechanic and electrical protection. They can be supplied in a flat or profiled form. Conductive foam is great to use in conjunction with conductive component boxes to protect your static sensitive devices.

Foam can be supplied in any size to suit numerous packaging requirements. Foam can easily be shaped or stamped to accommodate the most demanding criteria. To avoid damage/crushing to the high density conductive foam, 1 square metre is supplied in 4 pieces, each is 0.5 metre square.


High Density Conductive FoamLow Density Conductive Foam

Static Dissipative Foam

Static dissipative foam is a polyethylene foam that is either black carbon-impregnated, or pink coloured and doped with surfactants. The black carbon version is permanent, and has a lower carbon content than conductive foam. The pink version has a limited lifetime, but lasts much longer than pink anti-static foam. Static dissipative foam is the general go-to foam for reusable applications, unless you require the specific properties of conductive foam. Like anti-static foam, static-dissipative foam must be contained within a Faraday cage.

Bespoke Foam

Foam is commonly used in the transportation and storage of electrical components. All ESD Foams are manufactured in the UK.

To enquire about our conductive and anti static foam, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements and options.

Example of High Density Conductive Foam manufactured for individual requirement.

High density conductive foam Bondline

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