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Metallised Barrier Bags

Durable, strong and lightweight ESD Metallised Barrier Bags, ideal for PCBs or integrated circuits. Metallised Barrier Bags are designed for the packing of SMDs, protecting them from moisture and static damage. A cheaper alternative to 100 micron Moisture Barrier Bags. 4mil thick as standard and are supplied in packs of 100.

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A much more cost-effective alternative to 100 micron Moisture Barrier Bags. Metallised Barrier Bags are designed for the packing of SMDs, protecting them from moisture and static damage.

Metallised Barrier Bags are Jedec compliant, allowing you to safely transport Jedec trays. Each bag is manufactured with a layer of aluminium that blocks the moisture. These bags are durable, strong and light-weight and ideal for PCBs or integrated circuits. Dry devices are placed inside the barrier bag and the moisture laden air is evacuated.

Bags are 4mil thick as standard and are supplied in packs of 100. The 4mil puncture-resistant and moisture proof packaging has a flexible structure and is suitable for vacuum-sealing. Metallised Barrier Bags meet the requirements of ESD STM11.31 2006, EIA541, MIL81705, MIL-STD-3010 4046, IEC 61340-51-1998, ASTM D882 Standards and charge retentions standards.

All bags should be used with a Humidity Indicator Card and Desiccant. Desiccant filled pouches scavenge the remaining moisture from the bag’s interior which is entrapped by the desiccant. Humidity Indicator Cards report the effectiveness of the package upon device use.

Key Features:

Bespoke packaging sizes and thicknesses available on request.

Note: Before each use, ensure that there are no wrinkles or surface scratch, damage or pin holes.

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MOI46-80 – 4 x 6″ (102 x 152mm) – 100pcs, MOI630-80 – 6 x 30″ (152x762mm) – 100pcs, MOI810-80 – 8 x 10″ (203 x 254mm) – 100pcs, MOI812-80 – 8 x 12″ (203 x 305mm) – 100pcs, MOI1014-80 – 10 x 14″ (254x355mm) – 100pcs, MOI1020-80 – 10 x 20″ (254x305mm) – 100pcs, MOI1030-80 – 10 x 30″ (254 x 762mm) – 100pcs, MOI1115-80 – 11 x 15″ (280 x 380mm) – 100pcs, MOI1218-80 – 12 x 18″ (305x457mm) – 100pcs, MOI1420-80 – 14 x 20″ (355x508mm) – 100pcs, MOI1618-80 – 16 x 18″ (406x457mm) – 100pcs, MOI1820-80 – 18 x 20″ (457x508mm) – 100pcs, MOI1824-80 – 18 x 24″ (457 x 610mm) – 100pcs

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Technical Datasheet & Materials

Technical Datasheet

Click here to view the ‘Technical Datasheet’.


Why do I need to use the correct packaging?

What is a ‘Faraday Cage’?


When selecting an ESD bag, it can often be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. To find out which ESD bag you require click on the link below.

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