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Desiccant Bags

Desiccant bags are a drying agent which attract moisture from the atmosphere. They are ideal for protecting packaging and enclosure contents that are susceptible to damage from moisture such as electronic components. Desiccant bags contain natural bentonite clay with no additives. Packed in Cleanroom compatible, sulphur-free Tyvek bags. 1 unit = 35grams of clay. Conforms to DIN55473 and KMIL-D3464E standards. Excellent addition with Humidity Indicator Cards.

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Desiccant bags are used for protecting packaging and enclosure contents that are susceptible to damage from moisture. Desiccant bags are a drying agent which attract moisture from the atmosphere. The bags contain natural bentonite clay with no additives and are filled with high active agents; offering the ideal solution for protecting moisture-sensitive goods such as printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and SMDs. The desiccant’s absorption capacity can be as high as 30% of its weight. It absorbs and holds particles of water to itself. For maximum effectiveness, desiccants should be used within a closed/sealed moisture barrier bag. The activated clay is environmentally friendly as it is chemically inert and non-toxic for metal or any material which makes it safe to handle and therefore can be easily disposed of. The clay desiccants are packed in Cleanroom compatible, sulphur-free Tyvek bags for use in the electronic industry. 1 unit = 35grams of clay.

The addition of Humidity Indicator Cards  allow a visual check of the humidity levels inside enclosures or packaged items. This also gives a fast evaluation of the desiccant’s performance.

Natural Bentonite Clay

The desiccant clay is an effective and inexpensive static desiccant, which is enclosed in Tyvek, it will absorb moisture from sealed spaces to prevent corrosion and mould growth. It is widely used in military industries, precision instrument machinery electric and metal products, pharmaceutical, clothing and foodstuff leather.

Bentonite clay is a naturally occurring mineral as opposed to a chemically synthesised absorbent. Therefore it is more economical than silica gel or molecular sieves. The performance curve exceeds both industry standards, and the silica gel performance curve for these same specifications.

At 20% RH, the activated clay bags will absorb 50% more moisture than required by industry standards, whereas silica gel will only absorb 3.5% more moisture than industry standards require. The packaging is sealed inside a waterproof and moisture vapour-proof container with the inclusion of a desiccant to prevent rust, mildew or corrosion damage. In Method II packaging, the package is maintained at a safe humidity below 40% RH during the normal storage period of 18 months to 2 years.

Key Features:



  • Bulk density g/L ≥: 810
  • Moisture % ≤: 1.0
  • PH value: 7.0 + 0.5
  • 25°C RH = 20% % ≥: 13.00
  • 25°C RH = 40% % ≥: 18.00
  • 25°C RH = 80% % ≥: 25.00
  • Size: 0.5 – 1.5mm, 1- 4mm (> 95%)

Clay: Natural bentonite clay with no additives which conforms to BS7529:1991. It is a free flowing material with particle size 1- 4mm.

Sachet: The sachet material is heat sealed 55 gsm Tyvek with an 11 gsm coating. The sachet is approximately 135 x 80mm in size. Tyvek is an extremely tough, durable sheet of spun bonded polyethylene fibres. The sachet is filled with the desiccant clay such that it has an absorptive capacity of 2 units as defined by the German DIN 55473 and US Mil-D- 3464 specifications.

Printing: Standard sachets are printed DESSICCANT CLAY, 2 UNITS DO NOT EAT PACKAGING- 250 sachets per heavy gauge polythene bag with a releasable tie inside a carton. Up to 50 cartons per pallet.

Appearance: Purple and white, natural granular.

Standard: PRC military GJB2714-96 and as above.

** Tyvek is a registered DuPont trade name. ** Desiccant unit is the weight of desiccant which will absorb at 25°C 3 gram of water vapour at 20% Relative Humidity (R.H) and 6 grams at 40% R.H

ESD Standards & Regulations Met:

ESD safe label - Bondline BS7529:1991 ESD safe label - Bondline KMIL-D3464E
ESD safe label - Bondline DIN55473 CE Icon WEB-min-alt European Conformity
ESD safe label - Bondline PRC military GJB2714-96 bondline RoHS compliant
ESD safe label - Bondline IEC 61340-5-1 bondline REACH compliant

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