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Below is some quick helpful questions and answers:

Question – What is ESD
Answer – Electro Static Discharge. An uncontrolled surge of ‘static’ between objects with different voltage potentials.

Question – What is an EPA
Answer – Electrostatic Protected Area. A static-safe handling area could be a bench, a room or any other designated area and should not have and ‘static field’ greater than 100v maximum!

Question – What is Static
Answer – An electrical charge/ field that isn’t moving

Question – What is Anti Static
Answer – Minimal generation or retention of a ‘static’ charge.

Question – What does ‘conductive’ mean
Answer – Low resistance. IE less than 1 meg-ohm (106) and 1000 meg-ohm (109)

Question – What is ‘static dissipative’
Answer – Increased resistance, which protects better against an ESD (between 1 meg-ohm and 1000 meg-ohm)

Question – What is ‘Insulative’
Answer – Does not allow the free flow of electrons, therefore it will more than likely cause problems to prevent a path to earth, hold a ‘static’ field etc.

Question – What is ‘Faraday Cage’
Answer – A conductive battier against ESD IE a metallised shielding bad or conductive box.

Question – What is ‘tribocharge’
Answer – To generate ‘static’ by rubbing or separating of surfaces.

Question – What is ‘Potential Difference’
Answer – A static voltage difference between two items.

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