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ESD Brushes

Effectively clean and dust static sensitive components and worktops with our range of ESD-safe brushes. An essential tool for effective ESD control.

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Bondline offer a comprehensive range of specially developed ESD brushes which allow the safe cleaning and dusting of ESD sensitive assemblies, such as printed circuit boards and integrated circuits, without generating any harmful charges. Our brushes are durable, ergonomic and made from high-quality static-dissipative materials. They are suitable to be used within an EPA environment.

Our Antistatic Brush Range Includes:

  • ESD Wooden Brushes (Horse hair bristles)
  • ESD Black Brushes (Conductive plastic general purpose multi-use brushes with conductive nylon fibre bristles)
  • KillStat Black Brushes (Conductive plastic nailbrush and toothbrush style with conductive nylon fibre bristles)

Features and Benefits:

  • Ergonomic handles for operator comfort, allowing for prolonged use.
  • Safely dissipate static charges to ground, without damaging electronic components, when held by grounded personnel.
  • Important tool for any static controlled workstation.
  • Firm bristles which are ideal for working with electronic devices.
  • Helps preserve electronic devices’ quality, reliability, and functionality.
  • Very effective in reducing the likelihood that devices will malfunction.
  • Effectively removes dirt, abrasion and residue on static sensitive components.
  • Bristles are available in either conductive nylon or horse hair.
  • Brush handle materials include conductive plastic, wood, aluminium and zinc-plated steel.
  • Keeping electronic components clean helps prolong their lifespan.
  • Removes small particles and other debris from electronic components before you proceed with soldering.


  • Cleaning static sensitive components and assemblies (i.e. PCBs, integrated circuits).
  • Brushing down workstations and antistatic mats.
  • Cleaning and dusting delicate electronic components that require ESD protection.
  • Cleaning edge connectors in PCBs.
  • For circuit board rework or preparation.
  • Cleaning laptop components such as fan and heat sink.
  • For mobile, phone or tablet repair work.
  • Cleaning the computer gap and motherboard.

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