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What Are ESD Products And What Are They For?

You might have been hearing the term “ESD” being thrown around in the office or industrial projects. Have you ever wondered what it meant? Or were you confused about why it was a huge issue? ESD can cause major trouble in any working environment, especially during the manufacture of electronics. Here is everything you need to know about the most necessary ESD equipment. Are you looking for reliable ESD products to help protect your static sensitive devices or establish your electrostatic protected area?

What is ESD?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a problem that affects every type of business in any industry. In simple terms, ESD is static electricity that causes severe industrial damage to components and office issues. For example, you could be walking across your workspace to get to your boss’ office or maybe dragging some tools or equipment to stock on the shelves. When you are doing either of these activities or similar on non-conductive surfaces, the risk of ESD increases. Even standing could invoke all sorts of static issues.

Normal offices might not get major issues. But for companies that have electrostatic-sensitive products, equipment, and supplies such as printed circuit boards, computer cards or resistors, using ESD-safe or specialised products are a must. Once an area is protected from static electricity, they are called ESD protected areas (EPAs).

What are examples of ESD equipment?

Examples of ESD equipment include ESD workbenches, static shielding bags, anti static matting, ESD floor tiles, ESD chairs and more. They can also be in the form of hand tools, safety utilities and clothing. Some of the top ESD equipment includes the following:

ESD Bags

  • Static shielding bags
  • Pink anti static bags
  • High shield cushion pouches
  • Moisture barrier bags
  • Metallised barrier bags
  • Humidity indicator cards
  • Desiccant bags
  • Pink anti static bubble bags

Static Shielding Bags 3 Pink Anti-Static Bags Bondline Moisture Barrier BagsGround Image High Shield Cushion Pouch Bondline

ESD Matting

  • Bench matting
  • Anti-fatigue matting
  • Floor matting
  • Tack contamination control mats
  • Workstation kits
  • Shelving material
  • Cushion matting
  • Field service kit
  • Work area savers

ESD Smooth Bench Material Greyroll | Bondline Electronics LtdESD bench matting with a smooth finish. bondline

ESD Flooring

  • Floor tiles
  • Floor matting
  • Permanent flooring

Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles 8

ESD Benches

  • ESD workbenches
  • Suspended drawer units
  • Bench accessories such as ESD turntables and ESD magnifying lamps

Cantilever ESD Workbench With Accessories Cut Out | Bondline Electronics LtdCantilever ESD Workbench Comfort benchClassic ESD Bench Image 4

ESD Chairs

  • Basic, intermediate and supreme ESD chairs

Intermediate ESD Chair Blue 2 | Bondline Electronics Ltd    Supreme ESD Chair 4 | Bondline Electronics Ltd

These are only a few anti static products available in the market. Bondline have a whole complete range of anti static products suitable for all needs – see their range today.

Important ESD equipment

Depending on your work setting, you will need different types of ESD equipment. For example, you wouldn’t need a ton of specialised equipment if you run a computer repair shop compared to an industrial company. For basic offices or workstations that don’t require a lot of effort, here are simple ways you can be ESD-safe:

  • Ground wrist and heel straps that employees wear.
  • Install ESD floors and surface mats.
  • Provide static-resistant clothing.
  • Let your employees wear gloves or finger cots.
  • Use specialised ESD packaging.

For a more long-term solution to avoiding ESD, plan out your office space to be optimised. Each zone should be fully decked out with ESD mats or floors, tools, and supplies for extra safety. If you are looking to create an ESD-safe area, visit Bondline for an array of ESD-safe equipment and office supplies.

Let your employees know about EPAs

The best way to protect your employees from static electricity is to bring them into the circle of knowledge when it comes to everything ESD. The best way to advise your employees on ESD is by undertaking ESD training courses. Bondline provide an excellent ESD training program where your employees can grasp an understanding of what Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is, the effects of ESD and ways to prevent it. Our ESD training program will be conducted on-site at your own premises, effective through personal involvement. This can be tailored to your requirements.

Many companies have also found that areas that have not been ESD-proofed should be indicated using warning signs or even floor marking tapes – to allow employees to be more careful. To avoid static between employees, you can even have one worker stationed far away from each other to reduce the risks of ESD issues.

Look no further – Bondline has your back

Bondline is a family-owned business that equips all types of workplaces with ESD-safe equipment and office supplies. Enjoy browsing through an array of anti-static supplies to create a better workspace for your employees and products. If you would like ESD advice or support, please get in touch with a member of our team on +44 (0)1793 511000, sales@bondline.co.uk or fill in the form below.

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