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Pink Anti-Static Bags

Pink anti-static bags provide safe transportation and storage of non-static sensitive devices (e.g. nuts, bolts, etc) into an Electro-static Protected Area (EPA). Made from a flexible, soft-textured polyethylene with an anti-static coating. All bags are 60microns thick, supplied with an ESD symbol as standard. Available in open top and loc-top resealable. All packs are supplied in 100pcs.

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Pink Anti-Static Bags provide safe transportation and storage of non-static sensitive devices (e.g. nuts, bolts, etc) into an Electro-Static Protected Area (EPA).

Electrostatic damage to electronic devices can occur at any point, from manufacture to field service. Damage results from handling the devices in uncontrolled surroundings or when poor ESD control practices are used.

Pink Anti-Static Bags are made from a flexible, soft-textured polyethylene with an anti-static coating. While they have no shielding ability, they will not charge if rubbed against other materials. With the inability to shield from static energy, they cannot protect against static fields or discharge occurring outside the bag and therefore these charges can penetrate the bag and damage electronics inside. If you require bags with static shielding properties, please see our Static Shielding Bags.

All bags are 60microns thick, providing reliable packaging for your non-static sensitive items, and are supplied in packs of 100 pieces. Select from a choice of open top bags or loc-top resealable bags to suit your application – open top bags are great for easy access of components! Loc-top resealable bags, on the other hand, enables the contents to be quickly and easily sealed via the grip. They are especially ideal to use when being reused with items that require no shielding.

Did you know? Ordinary plastic bags can generate and hold static charges in excess of 10,000v, creating a damaging environment for static sensitive devices.

60 microns thick - Bondline 100 pcs per pack - Bondline Bespoke customisation - Bondline

Key Benefits of Purchasing Pink Anti-Statics Bags with Bondline:

Meets the Following ESD Standards & Requirements:

ESD safe label - Bondline ESD STM11.31-2006 ESD safe label - Bondline EIA541
ESD safe label - Bondline MIL81705 ESD safe label - Bondline MIL-STD-3010 4046
ESD safe label - Bondline IEC61340-5-1 bondline REACH compliant
bondline RoHS compliant

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For a volume large quantity or a bespoke quotation, please contact us by calling 01793 511000 or emailing sales@bondline.co.uk.

Anti static pink bag material is available to purchase as ESD film rolls. Please contact us for more information.

To view our full range of ESD Bags, see here – ESD Bags | Bondline Electronics.

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PB35 – Open Top – 3 x 5″ (75 x 125mm), PB46 – Open Top – 4 x 6″ (100 x 200mm), PB58 – Open Top – 5 x 8″ (125 x 200mm), PB68 – Open Top – 6 x 8″ (150 x 200mm), PB610 – Open Top – 6 x 10″ (155 x 255mm), PB810 – Open Top – 8 x 10″ (200 x 250mm), PB812 – Open Top – 8 x 12″ (200 x 300mm), PB1012 – Open Top – 10 x 12″ (250 x 300mm), PB1014 – Open Top – 10 x 14″ (250 x 350mm), PB1214 – Open Top – 12 x 14″ (300 x 350mm), PB1216 – Open Top – 12 x 16″ (300 x 400mm), PB1218 – Open Top – 12 x 18″ (300 x 450mm), PB1416 – Open Top – 14 x 16″ (350 x 400mm), PB1618 – Open Top – 16 x 18″ (406x457mm), PB1620 – Open Top – 16 x 20″ (400 x 500mm), PB1824 – Open Top – 18 x 24" (450 x 600mm), LTP35 – Loc-Top Resealable – 3 x 5″ (76 x 127mm), LTP46 – Loc-Top Resealable – 4 x 6″ (100 x 150mm), LTP58 – Loc-Top Resealable – 5 x 8″ (125 x 200mm), LTP610 – Loc-Top Resealable – 6 x 10″ (150 x 250mm), LTP610NWOP – Loc-Top Resealable With No Panels – 6 x 10″ (152 x 254mm), LTP810 – Loc-Top Resealable – 8 x 10″ (200 x 250mm), LTP812 – Loc-Top Resealable – 8 x 12″ (200 x 300mm), LTP1012 – Loc-Top Resealable – 10 x 12″ (250 x 300mm), PB615 – open top – 6 x 15", LTP1014 – Loc-Top Resealable – 10 x 14″ (254 x 355mm), LTP1216 – Loc-Top Resealable – 12 x 16″ (305 x 406mm), LTP1218 – Loc-Top Resealable – 12 x 18″ (300 x 450mm), LTP1820 – Loc-Top Resealable – 18 x 20″ (457 x 508mm)


Our Pink Anti Static Bags are manufactured with industry approved polyethylene laminates. Their anti-static coating prevents the bag from charging if rubbed against other materials.

2 layers of protection

Antistatic bag construction - Bondline

Technical Datasheet Specification

Technical Datasheet

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