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ESD Flooring Specialists For Electronics Manufacturing

Are you in the business of manufacturing electronics? If so, you’ll know how important it is to have a controlled environment to avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD). A properly installed and maintained ESD flooring system is an important part of any electronic production facility. That’s where a specialist in ESD flooring comes in. Our technical experts can help you select the right type of ESD flooring for your needs, along with making sure it’s properly installed and maintained. They can also help you create a complete ESD control plan for your facility. So if you’re looking to protect your valuable electronics from ESD damage, be sure to contact an ESD flooring specialist today.

Why Do You Need ESD Flooring?

ESD flooring provides a clear path to ground. How it works is that any static charge generated from the soles of people’s ESD footwear or heel straps is transferred to ground via the flooring system. In order for an ESD flooring system to be effective, anti-static products like ESD footwear or heel straps must be worn in conjunction to the flooring to safely dissipate the charge to ground. By utilising an ESD flooring system correctly, it will enable operators to safely hold and transport static sensitive components while walking from one area of the facility to another – preventing electrostatic damage to the components.

ESD flooring is typically installed in industries where it’s critical to implement and maintain a static-free environment. Some of these industries include electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, cleanrooms and healthcare.

Installing ESD flooring in these working environments is a must because ESD floors allow for the safe dissipation of static charges. This is the reason that they’re a mainstay in ESD control programs and being used in ESD protected areas (EPAs). The electrical resistance of the flooring system (from the person and their footwear to the floor) must be less than 1.0 x 10^(9) ohms. Floor systems with an electrical resistance greater than said value won’t be in compliance with ANSI/ESD standards, as this affects the flooring’s ability to safely provide a path to ground for static charges. If you are still unsure on how an ESD flooring system works and whether you need one, an ESD flooring specialist can help you go through this. Keep reading on below to find out more about an ESD flooring specialist and what they can do to help you.

Role of an ESD Flooring Specialist

You can rely on an ESD flooring specialist when you need expert advice on choosing the right ESD floor for your business. An ESD flooring specialist can give helpful recommendations and insights on how your business can utilise and install various ESD floors. From interlocking tiles to permanent flooring, specialists can impart useful knowledge that will help you create an ESD-safe environment at work. At Bondline, our specialists in ESD flooring are always on-hand to help with any queries you may have. We can offer our expertise to help you select the right ESD floor, alongside maintenance and installation servicing. You can see how Bondline’s ESD flooring specialists have helped a UK electronics manufacturer improve their quality and systems with their ESD floor tiles here.

How an ESD Flooring Specialist Can Help Your Business

When selecting your ESD floor, you will need to consider your budget, the material of the flooring, its features and where you will be installing it. An ESD flooring specialist can help you identify and choose among the different flooring solutions that are most suitable for your needs. If you are planning on investing in a new ESD flooring, it is best advised to talk with a specialist to check you are selecting the right floor for your needs.

Picking the right flooring for your needs

Here are the different types of flooring systems to consider:

Vinyl mats can withstand fairly moderate foot traffic and rolling loads. Vinyl mats come in many colours, from neutral shades to vibrant ones. This makes them aesthetically pleasing and easy to match with various interiors. Compared to other ESD floor materials, vinyl flooring is relatively cheap.

Rubber tiles have excellent chemical and heat resistance. Although they can have a relatively high initial cost, they’re a worthwhile investment due to their hard-wearing properties. Like vinyl, rubber tiles are available in a wide range of colours.

Interlocking floor tiles are easy to install because they usually don’t require any adhesive during installation. They have excellent durability and resistance against abrasions.

  • ESD carpet tiles

Carpet tiles also have a low initial cost like vinyl tiles. They’re aesthetically pleasing and typically used in offices. Their downside, however, is they’re not that suitable for heavy foot traffic or rolling loads.

  • Poured epoxy flooring

For this type of flooring, epoxy is applied as a coating. Epoxy flooring offers high chemical resistance and a seamless look to your floors.

  • Polyurethane coating

Like epoxy flooring, polyurethane coating offers a seamless look to floors and good chemical resistance. It can be easy to apply and maintain, but it’s also susceptible to abrasions.

Installing Your Flooring

Installation of your ESD flooring system requires careful planning and analysis, not only to ensure that it lasts long but also to determine that it’s the most suitable flooring for your operations. An ESD flooring specialist will help you assess whether you can safely install carpet and other flooring types in your building. They can help you know the various requirements and restrictions for installing your chosen flooring. Budget is another vital factor. You must consider the initial costs and long-term costs for proper maintenance of the system.

Before the actual installation of your flooring system, the assessment and preparation of the subfloor will be conducted first. This assessment will help identify if there are any issues within the subfloor that should be addressed. Poor subfloors, such as those with moisture issues and water leaks, can lead to ineffective static control.

Installation of the flooring system will differ, depending on the type. Typically, floor tiles are laid down over copper strips, which then connect to an outlet for earthing. The tiles are then bonded via conductive adhesives. Meanwhile, topical coatings and mats are applied over existing floor surfaces.

Our expert installation fitters can help install all types of flooring correctly in your static controlled area. You can see our most recent installations of our ESD Permanent tiles and interlocking tiles in the images below.

Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles 7 bondline

Maintaining Your Flooring

Having effective ESD flooring doesn’t just stop at the installation. There’s also the matter of cleaning and maintaining it. An ESD flooring specialist can provide advice on how to properly look after your flooring system. Your floors should be regularly cleaned and maintained so that they’ll retain their ESD properties. Though, you should note that different flooring materials require different types of maintenance. For instance, vinyl tiles require more constant polishing, while rubber, depending on foot traffic, may only require occasional cleaning and scrubbing. It’s also best to procure the appropriate treatments and cleaners from only reliable ESD suppliers. Bondline’s treatments and cleaners are highly effective for cleaning and treating ESD floors, see our top recommended products below.

ESD FLOOR CLEANER | BondlineKILLSTAT Restorer and Cleaner - Bondline Killstat Floor Finish formulated using non-hazardous ingredients to provide a reliable static dissipative floor finish Bondline Killstat floor stripper

Aside from helping you with flooring maintenance, ESD specialists can assist you in choosing other ESD products for your facility. Consequently, this can help you set up a complete control program for your business and implement effective ESD measures.

UK ESD Flooring Specialists

At Bondline, our trusted experts can offer tailored solutions for your ESD needs. They can help you decide which ESD flooring is the most suitable for your facility and which Bondline products to use best.

Get in contact with one of our ESD experts now at 01793 511000, or email us at sales@bondline.co.uk.

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