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UK Electronics Manufacturer Improves Quality and Systems With Bondline’s ESD Floor Tiles

The Installation of an ESD Floor for a UK-Based Electronics Manufacturer.

Please Note: This floor installation was conducted and completed before the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Customer’s Requirements:

  • A full site survey to discuss with the customer their needs.
  • The customer is provided with various options of different flooring to suit their application.
  • A permanent ESD floor installed, fully fitted and tested to the current IEC61340-5 specification.
  • A safe, ESD protected working environment.

At Bondline, we work very closely with all of our customers establishing their full ESD needs.

The Preparation and Installation of the Flooring Solution

After working together with one of our largest customers – who were in the process of expanding – they decided that they required a new ESD floor to improve their quality and systems in order to provide a better service and ensure that they worked to the highest possible standards. Our customer chose Bondline to install their new ESD floor because they was confident that Bondline would be able to provide a solution for their brief, would suit their needs and go above their expectations.

To begin with, Bondline had a meeting and a full-site survey with the customer to establish what their specific requirements were and how we planned to achieve them. This involved having a full discussion about the best solutions to dispose of the current floor, ways to correctly level the floor, the preparation work that would be required and how we were going to install the new flooring. Then, after taking careful consideration of the customer’s requirements and their site, we proposed a list of flooring options that would be most appropriate for their needs and would benefit them the most; whilst also ensuring we created a safe, ESD protected working environment for the customer.

As a result, the customer decided that the permanent ESD floor tiles would best fit their requirements as they were the most fitting solution for the area. Our expert fitters then carried out the following tasks: disposing the current floor by screeding the floor with a levelling compound to ensure that the floor was correctly levelled, installing the new ESD floor tiles and carrying out a full testing and certification of the floor to confirm that the floor met the current IEC61340-5 standard.

Once the floor had been installed by our expert fitters, the ESD permanent floor controlled the static discharge effectively in the sensitive areas. It also gave an aesthetically pleasing appearance, enhancing the commercial interior. With the floor fully complying with all ESD standards and cleanroom standards, the manufacturer could be assured that all standards we met and provided a safe-ESD protected working environment. Furthermore, the range of colour options enabled the manufacturer to have sectioned areas such as walkways.

The Following Tasks Were Completed:

  • Conducted a meeting and a full-site survey with the customer to discuss and establish their needs and how we planned to achieve them.
  • Established with the customer many flooring options that would be most suitable to them and offer the best solution.
  • Ensured that the chosen flooring solution worked alongside their safe-ESD protected working environment accordingly.
  • Disposal of the old floor.
  • Screeding the current floor with a levelling compound to ensure that the floor was correctly levelled. This ensured that it would be ready for the laying of the new ESD floor tiles.
  • Full installation of new ESD floor.
  • Full testing and certification to confirm that the floor met the current IEC61340-5 standard.
  • Conducted a final check of the flooring to ensure both parties were satisfied with the overall result.

The Completed Floor Tile Installation

  Astute Floor Bondline Installation

Disclaimer: ESD Floor Installation was conducted before the Coronavirus pandemic – all images shown were taken before the pandemic.

ESD Permanent Floor Tiles

What is ESD permanent flooring and what is it used for?

ESD Permanent Flooring is specifically designed to control static discharge in sensitive areas such as cleanrooms, operating theatres, pharmaceutical industry and the electronics industry.

Colorex SD is a static dissipative homogeneous floor covering in tile format with permanent ESD properties. Because of the dense network of dissipative veins, static charges flow easily through the floor to earth. Colorex SD tiles can withstand the most demanding conditions and offer a perfect solution for highly sensitive areas such as cleanrooms, and for demanding production sites in the electronics, life sciences and manufacturing industry.

Colorex enables safe electrostatic discharge through the whole thickness of the tile. The conductive mass throughout the tile is formed of a dense network of tiny carbon black veins permanently static dissipative floor, connection between tiles through the conductive adhesive and connected to earth through copper strip. Colorex SD Static Dissipative Tiles can be applied in newly built laboratories, clean rooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, production sites and operating theatres.

In industries such as the pharmaceutical industry where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. All active electronic components and equipment e.g. micro-chips, integrated circuits and machinery are sensitive to electrostatic discharges (also known as ESD events). Even when areas and people are equipped to handle such static-sensitive devices, inadvertent contact and damage can occur. Bondline’s ESD Permanent Flooring can safeguard your entire process. These systems can be designed to produce a floor tailored to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of using Bondline for your ESD Floor Installation:

Bondline are a leading UK supplier and vast stockist – specialising in the production and distribution of high quality ESD products and static control equipment to the electronics manufacturing industry. Over the years we’ve gained an abundance of experience and knowledge of installing equipment for our customers; with many satisfied customers who have returned to us again and again! As one of the leading companies for ESD installations, you can always rely on Bondline to provide you with high quality installations for your needs.


  • Highly experienced – We have over 35 years of experience of installing ESD flooring.
  • We offer a full site survey.
  • Excellent advice and help – We offer advice on floor preparation and the most appropriate material to use.
  • Excellent communication – Our team will always have a thorough discussion with you to discuss and establish the requirements, what is needed to be done and is expected. We will provide full support in answering any questions you may have regarding the installation.
  • Many materials to choose from – When installing your ESD flooring, we provide a variety of materials for you to choose from.
  • You will receive a complete supply, deliver and install package.
  • Recommended and experienced fitters – Your installation will be conducted by our recommended fitters with many years of experience of installing floors.
  • Test certification – You will be provided with a test certification and given annual testing/certification if required.
  • Guaranteed high quality – Ensure flooring is fitted and installed to a high standard, Earthed in accordance with IEC61340-5-1 and works alongside the customers’ ESD protected area.


When establishing an electrostatic protected area (EPA), making the correct choice of ESD flooring is essential to ensure that sensitive electronic components and assemblies are adequately protected from the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD).

How Does Anti-Static Flooring Help?

Static protective permanent flooring, in conjunction with conductive footwear or heel grounding straps, drains static charge away to ground through the floor. It is a solid foundation for a comprehensive static control system. By grounding the charge, anti-static flooring prevents the ESD from building up and discharging into the environment, where it could be destructive to goods or dangerous to people.

In addition to dissipating charges, the static-dissipative flooring reduces triboelectric charge generation in walking and minimise charge accumulation on chairs, carts, lift trucks and other objects that move across the floor. However, these items require dissipative or conductive castors or wheels to make electrical contact with the floor.

Almost any movement within an environment will contribute to the static electricity present, whether it’s the familiar walking across a carpet in an office, the everyday movement of vehicles or heavy equipment over a warehouse floor or the repetitive movement of parts of an automated machine in a factory. That majority of electrostatic discharges are below 3,500 volts and totally undetectable to people, so we’re not even aware of most of the potentially dangerous ESD happening all around us. Anti-static flooring, however, is capable of capturing all those charges and grounding them before they cause reactions.

Why Should You Invest In An ESD Floor?

Investing in quality ESD flooring is one of the best, yet smarter ways of combating electrostatic discharge in the workplace. Not only will anti static flooring provide you with a durable, long-lasting surface that will last for years on end, it will also ground everything placed onto its surface, provided that the floor has a path to Earth.

Despite ESD flooring being expensive, it is important to note that you are spending your money on the time and raw materials that is needed in the manufacturing process of your ESD flooring; ensuring only the highest quality. Cheaper ESD flooring may not be the best of quality since less time and poorer materials are used in the process of manufacturing them. Often, manufacturers try to cut corners by producing poorer quality products that they can sell more of for what seems like a ‘bargain’ price. However, don’t be fooled by this. Purchasing cheaper flooring can often mean that the floor will have a shorter longevity as it may not be as durable and therefore need to be replaced more frequently. Poor quality flooring may also compromise some of the ESD properties which will result in the flooring being less effective against grounding static charge. Similarly, if you were to opt for non-ESD flooring, and providing your workers will be moving around holding sensitive electronic devices, there would be no path to ground from the person to the floor meaning the electronic item is exposed to static charge and can therefore be damaged.

Investing in high-quality products does not come cheap, it is important that you should not cut back on costs. Make the smarter choice by investing in a quality, anti static floor from a top supplier / manufacturer like Bondline Electronics.

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