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Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles

Easy to install and remove ESD Floor Tiles - ideal for Offices, Clean Rooms, Server Rooms, Data Centers, Electronic Factories, Healthcare Environments. All our ESD Floor installations can be quoted as a package tailor made to your ESD needs.  

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These electrostatic dissipative, interlocking ESD floor tiles are ideal for both commercial and industrial use; including, production plants, electronics and telecommunication factories, offices, data centers, healthcare environments, clean rooms and computer server rooms. The tiles are a tough, flexible and modern flooring solution. They create a safe conductive floor surface that can be used as your primary ground and offer a life-time guarantee that will help it retain its ESD performance.



  • Very quick and easy to install - no adhesive required.
  • Exceptional durability - Resistant to impact, vibration and abrasion.
  • Anti-slip properties.
  • Life-time guarantee of ESD performance.
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable and zero VOC emissions.
  • Manufactured using an injection-moulding process during which thousands of tiny stainless steel fibres are added to the compound.
  • Smart modern appearance - Precision engineered interlocking joint.
  • Good chemical resistance - Resits most chemicals and fluids.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Manufactured in the UK with ISO 9001 Accreditation.
  • BS EN 61340-5-1 and IEC 61340 compliant.

Performance & Test Results

The interlocking ESD floor tiles have been independently tested:
  • Surface Resistivity: 2.2 x 104 Ω to 3 x 106 Ω
  • Resistance to ground: 2.9 x 104 Ω to 5.7 x 105 Ω
  • Walking Test: <100V
  • Static Decay at 15% humidity: 0.01 sec
The test results guarantee that the interlocking ESD floor tiles complies with British Standard BS EN 61340-5:2001 and IEC 61340.

Technical Information

                                                            5mm                                              7mm
Dimensions:                                        500mm x 500mm                          500mm x 500mm
Thickness:                                           4.5mm +/- 0.3mm                          6.8mm +/- 0.3mm
Weight:                                                5.44 kgs/m²                                     8.86 kgs/m²
Guarantee:                                          10 Years                                           10 Years
Anticipated Service Life:                  25 Years +                                        25 Years +
Material:                                              PVC                                                   PVC
Joint:                                                    Dovetail                                            Dovetail

Additional Information

Slip Resistance: EN14041:2004, DIN 51130:2004       (PASS, R10)
Fire Performance: BS 476: Part 7, DIN 13501:2004     (Class 1 Spread of Flame, Bfl-S1, Does not support combustion)
Stain Resistance: EN 423    (GOOD)
Abrasion Wear Resistance: EN 13845, EN 649      (50K Cycles, Group T)
Mechanical Resistance: DIN 53516      (17N/mm2)
Resistance to Hot Objects/Solder: (GOOD)
Thickness of Wear Layer: EN 429      (6 to 10mm)
Hardness: ISO 868       (89-92 Shore A)
Impact Resistance: EN 13329-549        (549kg/cm²)
Noise Reduction: EN 140-8        (>46db)
Thermal Insulation: (1.1 m²K/W)
Determination of Length, Squareness & Straightness: BS EN 428:1993       (<0.13% / 0.5mm max.)
Chemical Resistance: EN 13529         (Good resistance to most commonly used chemicals. Common acids, oils and gas oil - No deterioration / Not Resistant to prolonged contact.
Colour Fastness: EN 50105-BO21         (5)

Recommended Cleaning Method

Failure to maintain interlocking ESD floor tiles in accordance with recommended procedure can affect the performance of the product. We recommend cleaning the tiles with our Killstat ESD Floor Cleaner.
  • Clean the tiles regularly and lightly.
  • Use the correct cleaning equipment, either a two component bucket and mop system or rotary scrubber dryer, it may cost a bit more up front but will save you a fortune in time and effort in the long run.
  • Do not use excessive amounts of water, this will make your job more difficult; damp mopping is the best solution.
  • To remove as much dirt and moisture as possible, use an entrance mat.
  • Heavily trafficked or highly visible areas need to be cleaned more often than areas which are seldom used, or where appearance is less important.
  • Using excellent quality cleaning chemicals and equipment will ensure efficient maintenance.

Maintaining & Finishing Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles

  • Leave a minimum of a 5mm gap between the tiles and any fixed point (walls and machinery).
  • Cover the 5 mm expansion gap between the tiles and the walls with skirting profiles.
  • Undercut wood doorjambs and slip the tiles underneath. With metal doorjambs – cut the flooring material to within 5mm & then caulk around the jamb.
  • To keep your floor looking good give it a sweep on a regular basis and use a rotary scrubber dryer for routine maintenance.
Benefits of using Bondline for your ESD Floor install:
  • Over 30 years’ experience of installing ESD flooring
  • Advice on floor preparation and most appropriate material to use
  • Variety of materials to choose.
  • Complete supply, deliver and install package
  • Installation by our recommended fitters with experience of floor installations.
  • Test Certification.
  • Annual testing/certification if required
When establishing an electrostatic protected area (EPA), making the correct choice of ESD flooring is essential to ensure that sensitive electronic components and assemblies are adequately protected from the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD).
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