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ESD Raised Access Floor Panels

An excellent, static dissipative flooring system compliant with BS IEC 61340-5  Standard with raised access to safely incorporate mechanical and electrical services. Ideal ESD flooring solution for server rooms. New ESD panels can be supplied to fit existing pedestals or we can supply and install the complete system. Full electrical testing and certification provided. Wide range of colours available.

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ESD Raised Access Flooring, often known as raised computer flooring, is widely utilised in many industries, including server rooms and electronics manufacturing, to integrate mechanical and electrical services safely and securely while providing efficient static dissipative protection. For many industries who work with static sensitive components, a static-dissipative floor that is compliant with BS IEC 61340-5 Standard must be utilised opposed to a standard office raised flooring system.

ESD Raised Access Floor Panels allow for wiring, cables, ventilation, and plumbing to neatly run underneath the floor. The panels can be supplied with pre-cut holes to house power sockets, ventilation, or any other accessory required.

Our ESD Raised Access Floor Panels are manufactured with a high density chipboard core with galvanised steel bonded to both surfaces. The raised floor panels give an elevated structure above a solid flooring layer to provide a hidden void suitable for the routing of electricals or plumbing. The top surface of the panel is bonded with Sphera SD vinyl and the edging of the panel is constructed with a protective ABS band on all sides. The Sphera SD vinyl allows for consistent static dissipation, ensuring full ESD protection. The edge of the panel offers better tightness of fit between the interconnecting panels, providing a firm, airtight seal for an air plenum. The panels are very durable and hard-wearing. They are guaranteed to comply with the electrical requirements of IEC 61340-1-5 and BS EN 61340-5-1, making them a suitable choice for electronics manufacturing, server room and printing industries where static must be controlled. The panels have undertaken full electrical testing and certification to this Standard. ESD Raised Access Floor Panels must be tested annually.

To ensure controlled electrical leakage resistance, through to the in-situ pedestals via a conductive pad, the panels are made to exacting tolerances. All panels are electrically connected to ensure controlled leakage resistance across the floor surface.

The panels are available in two grades – Medium Grade and Heavy Grade. Medium Grade Raised Access Floor Tiles are 33mm thick with a distributed load > 8kN / sq. m. Heavy Grade Raised Access Floor Tiles are 42mm thick with a distributed load > 12kN / sq. m. The panels can be fabricated with other ESD vinyls such as Colorex EC, a more conductive option, as the wear surface. Please inform us via the enquiry form if you would like this option.


Alongside our ESD Raised Access Floor Panels, we have a range of adjustable-height pedestals that are available. These pedestals conform to the performance requirements of both BSEN and PSA specifications and are available in the void height options from 4cms to 200cms. The pedestals can be fixed to the subfloor in two ways; using an adhesive or mechanically fixed to the slab. Locating lugs on the pedestal head ensure correct panel seating with the additional option of screw fixing for additional rigidity. Stringers may be attached to the pedestals where additional lateral stability is required or where floor heights exceed 60cms. These stringers will improve lateral stability and rigidity but will not affect load-bearing performance or electrical properties. Raised Access Flooring Panels can be supplied to fit existing pedestals, or we can supply and install complete raised flooring systems with new pedestals.

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  ESD Raised Access Floor Panels - Technical Datasheet

Sphera SD Tiles

Sphera SD tiles are a homogeneous vinyl floor covering with static dissipative properties. Dissipative chips have been added to the tiles to provide  consistent, reliable performance. The tile's mat surface is embossed with clean sabbia to ensure easy cleaning.

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Why choose Sphera SD homogeneous conductive vinyl?

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A full fitting of the ESD Raised Access Floor Panels can be completed by Bondline's expert team of floor fitters here in the UK.

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