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How Corstat Packaging Can Benefit The Electronics Industry

Static damage is the hidden danger to your electronics devices, tools and components. Although invisible, it can cause catastrophic damage to these products. This can result in customer returns, increased costs and damage to your company’s reputation. So why not get packaging that solves this issue? In this article, we will explore how Corstat packaging can benefit the electronics industry. We will also take a look at the different types of Corstat packaging products and how they can help your business.

Static Protection

The importance of ESD safe electronics packaging

Electronics face two setbacks when it comes to packaging. Firstly, components, parts or even fully assembled products can often be fragile and / or costly. Secondly, there is the unseen problem of Electro Static Discharge (ESD). This can be harder to protect against as it cannot be visibly seen – and the damage it causes often can’t be identified. This can go undetected until the device fails in operation. For these reasons, this is why anti static packaging is so crucial for the electronics industry.

Electronics Packaging Overview

The challenges faced by electronics manufacturers

Taking the above two points into account, it is easy to see the challenges faced by electronics manufacturers and their associated products. Being delicate – and often expensive – means that any damage caused in transit through mishandling can prove costly. Not only in terms of returns and replacements, but also in affecting repeat business and customer satisfaction.

The same also applies to damage from Electro Static Discharge (ESD), except the problem cannot be seen straight away. In fact, the first anyone knows about it is when a product will not turn on, does not function correctly, or suffers from a vastly shortened lifespan. This also has the capacity to negatively affect your company’s hard-earned reputation – not to mention, sales. When deciding on what type of electronics packaging your company needs, you should look for packaging that protects against impact, shock vibration, mishandling in transit, moisture, dust, and static.

Fortunately, Bondline covers a broad range of ESD packaging, meaning that your business can source packaging for your electronics that does all of this – and more.

Corstat conductive transit packs, manufacturing the product. Bondline Electronics Ltd.

Conductive Packaging

Corstat® packaging: The industry standard for electronics packaging

Corstat® conductive coated packaging is a well proven material for use in anti-static packaging – widely used by blue-chip and multi-national electronics manufacturers, due to its, performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Corstat coated cardboard provides a “Faraday cage” that channels static charge around the outside of the packaging, protecting the items within. Electronics packaging – which often requires anti-static properties – can take on many forms. This enables the creation of boxes, handling totes, transit packs, bin boxes, dividers and almost any form of packaging with a high degree of static protection.

As the Corstat packaging is manufactured within an ISO 9002 approved environment, the material is suitable to use for cleanroom, medical and laboratory applications. In addition, Corstat packaging has been specially designed to complement each other while working seamlessly with the majority of standard racking and shelving systems which are typically found within static controlled work areas.

The range of stock products also offers potential cost savings in comparison with custom designed products. By eliminating the need for both design time and tooling, the cost of the standard ranges is often significantly cheaper than bespoke options. If one of the huge range of stock products is unsuitable for your specific requirements, a custom packaging solution can be created to suit your application.

Advantages of Corstat Electronics Packaging

How Corstat packaging can benefit electronics manufacturers

  • Performance of Corstat® is guaranteed for 10 years – a long-lasting solution.
  • Wide range of transit packaging options including boxes, dividers and totes.
  • Can be engineered to minimise damage in transit.
  • Corstat material is fully biodegradable, minimising disposal costs.
  • Managed inventory to meet your production schedules.
  • Consistent high quality and appearance.
  • Custom designs (incl. print and sizes) available, allowing performance tailored to your exact product / application.
  • Comprehensive range of standard in-stock sizes, assembled or flat packed as required for next day delivery.
  • Effective protection and production.
  • Quick lead times with an estimated delivery time of 2-3 working days*.
  • Stock sizes allow for very competitive pricing (no tooling / design costs, etc.)
  • Eliminating damage also minimises costs associated with returns / replacements.
  • Lower unit cost compared with plastic alternatives, without sacrificing performance.

Corstat Packaging Products

A solution for every application, industry and challenge

There are a number of Corstat anti-static packaging products to suit various applications and challenges. From component boxes to bin boxes, you can be sure to find the perfect solution for you. Below, you will find a range of Corstat packaging products stocked by Bondline.

Corstat Component Boxes

The convenient, versatile and ESD safe component box range

Suitable for a range of applications, Corstat component boxes offer a convenient and safe way to store and transport static sensitive electronic components and devices. Manufactured with a Corstat conductive coating, the component boxes provide excellent protected from electrostatic discharge, creating a “Faraday cage”. With the inclusion of anti-static foam, the two products creates a dual level of protection – from both static and physical mishandling – helping to eliminate damage to your items. This in turn helps in reducing the costs associated with returns, stock not fit for sale and even customer dissatisfaction.

However, whilst Corstat® Transit packs are usually recommended for transporting hard drives (HDDs), many of the other Corstat® products are also suitable. Conversely, Transit Packs can also be successfully used for a wide range of other ESD requirements.

corstat component boxes with pink anti-static foam inserts from Bondline Electronics Ltd.

Corstat Transit Packs

One of the most commonly used form of electronics packaging in the UK

Corstat transit packs offer a safe and easy way to transport and store any static sensitive device, offering exceptional protection from electrostatic discharge. They provide a packaging solution for unusually shaped items and eliminate movement within the pack during transit (which can be a cause of damage). As well as this, they also enable you to improve productivity through reduced packing times, easy disposal and safe handling.

The patented Corstat carbon based coating, when coupled with the structural design, creates a “Faraday cage” that efficiently channels static around the outside of the pack. This protection can be further enhanced with the addition of pink anti static foam. This level of protection can eliminate damage to items and the associated costs of returns and replacements.

Corstat transit packs with anti static foam and lid. Bondline.

Corstat Stacking Boxes

Save space, time and costs without sacrificing performance

Corstat® conductive stacking boxes are a widely used, flexible solution for in-plant component handling and storage when ESD protection is required. The tote boxes can be easily and safely stacked, minimising the storage space required in your warehouse or factory. This in turn can have an indirect effect on costs and efficiency. In addition, the sturdy construction ensures that crushing or compression of lower boxes is avoided, whilst the reinforced high impact stacking tabs ensure that the stacked boxes remain safe and secure. Corstat stacking boxes can be supplied flat which can reduce storage space when not in use. The boxes are light in weight to ensure they are easy to handle, whilst the inset handles provide comfortable and safe handling.

Corstat stacking box with electronic component stored inside, stocked by Bondline Electronics Ltd

Corstat Inplant Handlers

Ideal for safe transit and storage of chips, boards and circuits

Flexible, fully adjustable Corstat Inplant Handlers allow you to accommodate almost any board size with adjustable partitions to achieve the desired cell size. When supplied with a lid, Corstat Inplant Handlers provide “Faraday cage” protection to effectively channel any static charges around the outside of the container. Corstat Inplant Handlers can be re-used across multiple lines, products or projects. The handlers enables safe and efficient handling of multiple items in a single trip.

Corstat Inplant Handlers with slots and dividers for storing PCBs, stocked by Bondline Electronics Ltd.

Corstat Chip Boxes

Cost-effective shipping of micro-chips and small devices

Corstat Chip Boxes, often referred to as microchip packaging, provide a cost-effective method of shipping micro-chips and small electronic devices. Microchips can be particularly susceptible to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Damage from static can significantly shorten their lifespan or cause them to become completely unusable. Corstat Chip Boxes have been designed specifically to protect microchips from this. With “Faraday cage” protection, the chip boxes channel any static charge around the outside of the box, protecting the contents within.

Corstat Chip Boxes

Corstat Bin Boxes / Tubes

Protect from static whilst streamlining stock handling

Corstat® Bin Boxes offer ESD protection for virtually any static sensitive item. This is the ideal electronics packaging solution for storing IC devices, dip tubes and other delicate electrical components. By storing such items in Corstat® Bin Tubes, you can significantly reduce damage to these static sensitive devices. As well as eliminating the costs associated with damage and administrative burden of having to refund damaged components once they have been shipped, storing items in Corstat® Bin Boxes can also help protect your company’s reputation by removing the risk of supplying customers with damaged or faulty components.

Corstat bin tubes and boxes with electronic component. Bondline.

Corstat Dividers

A robust, versatile and ESD safe way to improve handling

Corstat stacking tote dividers created from Corstat® conductive fibreboard, offer a durable and fully ESD safe method for dividing Corstat stacking boxes (and other standard sized containers). They also allow the partitions to be arranged to form a modular cell layout.

Inefficiencies in the movement of parts, components and even finished products around your production facility is usually an overlooked cost to your business. By utilising the static safe Corstat dividers, you can improve productivity without sacrificing protection. Using Corstat divider sets within your tote boxes can significantly improve handling efficiency. It also allows for more items to be safely placed into an outer container, improving part density during handling. Dividers can prevent overloading of the container which is a health and safety issue in itself.

Dividers can also allow for easier retrieval from the tote container, as well as aiding quick visual stock checks. All this is of course in addition to the added protection provided by the Corstat dividers, separating each item, and preventing them from damaging each other through collision.

Strong ESD Safe Dividers | Bondline Electronics Ltd

Key Ways Bondline Can Benefit Your Business

Why work with Bondline?

  • Lower your costs: Cost effective options that also reduce volume of returns and written-off stock.
  • Unrivalled ESD performance: All products are sourced from quality manufacturers across the world.
  • Minimise damage: Specialist materials and designs to eliminate damage, reducing rejects and returns.
  • Single source: Source all your anti-static consumables from one supplier, enabling cost efficiencies.
  • Long-lasting and durable packaging: Enhanced lifespan reduces lifetime costs of your electronics packaging.
  • Custom design: Products tailored to your product or application for further performance gains.
  • More than 35 years of experience in the ESD industry: Knowledgeable and experienced team.
  • Extensive range of static control consumables: A one-stop shop for everything static control.
  • Selection of UK manufactured products: Quality products you can trust.

Corstat Packaging Solutions With Bondline

Get advice from an ESD expert

As you can see, there are many ways the electronics industry can benefit from the use of Corstat packaging. If you are being affected by high levels of static damage, experiencing issues with mishandling during transit, or you just think your current packaging isn’t up to scratch, Bondline can help. Please contact a member of our team today on +44 (0)1793 511000 or send us an email to sales@bondline.co.uk with your requirements.

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