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Bondline Bespoke Products

At Bondline, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers bespoke specialist products. We offer a variety of solutions and bespoke products from our anti-static product range to help solve our customers’ requirements and needs.

Bespoke customisation can include colours, sizes, special printing, embroidery and more, depending on the application. These bespoke options can enhance the company’s branding/profile, provide a more premium, personal feel or solve specific requirements.

When creating a bespoke product, we ensure that it is tailored to the highest quality and produced to the customer’s exact request.

Bespoke Specialist Products


Bondline offer bespoke solutions for many of their ESD packaging products.

These products include:

ESD Bags

Bondline’s ESD bags can be customised in terms of colour, size, thickness and printing, depending on the customer’s packaging requirements.

Previous packaging projects include:

  • Bespoke printing.
  • Customised colours, sizes and thicknesses.

ESD Foam

Bondline offer customisation for ESD foam including specialist die cut foam, size, thickness, CNC routing and water jet profiling.

We provide a range of different types of foam including black conductive, pink anti-static, blue static-dissipative and black closed cell (cleanroom) foams. Foams can be cut, stamped, layered, profiled or machined to produce economic trays or inserts to suit numerous packaging requirements. All ESD Foams are manufactured in the UK.

Bespoke ESD foam examples.

Zotefoam-conductive-plastazote Plastazote-dunnage-ESD-safe  High Density Conductive Foam Corstat-transit-packs-with-foam High Density Conductive Foam

Bin Boxes

Bondline can create special bin boxes and offer bespoke colours for their bin boxes.

Examples of Bondline’s bespoke bin boxes.

Special bin boxes and red colour | Bondline    Special bin boxes + red colour Special bin boxes + red colour


Corstat Packaging

Bondline can provide specialist CAD drawing, bespoke manufacturing, Corstat board and conductive correx for Corstat packaging.

With a custom design service and exceptional customer support, you can see a real tangible impact on the success of your packing processes and costs.

It is also possible, if these Corstat packaging products do not suit your specific application, for bespoke sizes and configurations to manufactured in any quantity to fulfil your individual requirements.

Corstat-Tote-Division-sets Corstat Transit Packs Conductive Corstat Layer Pads | Bondline Electronics Ltd

Fibreboard Boxes

Bondline’s fibreboard boxes can be specially designed with conductive fibreboard.

We are able to design and manufacture bespoke boxes, trays, divider sets and more to suit your requirements whilst also being able to offer a wide range of additional fittings and accessories such as steel reinforcements, stacking corners, cardholders and pulls, wooden runners, handles, handholds, riveted inserts and more.

All products in this range are manufactured from a unique grade of Resin impregnated Conductive Fibreboard, which is made from 100% recycled waste paper. This special board retains its static protective properties throughout its life and is both volume and surface conductive to < 10^5 Ohms.

By creasing and riveting we can make an infinite range of transport and tote boxes for storage, production line and transport by pallet deliveries or parcel carriers.

Click here to view our conductive fibreboard on our website.

Example of fibreboard reel box specials Bondline produced for a customer.

Bespoke Reel Box | Bondline Bespoke Reel Box 2 Resize Bespoke Reel Box 3 Bespoke Reel Box 4 Resize Bespoke Reel Box 5 Resize

Examples of fibreboard box specials for a customer.

Custom Fibreboard Boxes | Bondline Custom Fibreboard Boxes | Bondline

Examples of fibreboard box specials for a customer.

Custom Fibreboard Boxes | Bondline  Custom Fibreboard Boxes | Bondline Custom Fibreboard Boxes | Bondline


Bondline can offer a specialist cut to size on all matting including bench, floor and anti-fatigue matting. We can also provide printing on mats of your company’s information, branding, etc. for a more personal touch.

Process of Bondline team cutting mat to size, rounding the corners and studding the bespoke matting.

Simon cutting ESD mat Bondline Rounding Mat Corners Resize Mat Studding Process Bondline Stud in ESD Mat Bondline


For Bondline’s ESD testing products, we can offer private labelling, custom logos and colours on request. Additionally, we can also provide our test equipment with specific ranges to conform to many standards in the electronics industry. Some of the testing products Bondline can customise include ESD Work Check and Wrist Strap Tester.

Examples of testing products Bondline have customised for customers.

ESD Wrist Strap Tester | Bondline ESD Work Check | Bondline ESD Wrist Strap Tester | Bondline


Bondline’s garments can be customised in terms of logos, embroidery and special colours on request. Bespoke garments can enhance your company’s visibility when you are meeting clients or when people are visiting your workplace.

When designing your bespoke garments, we ensure that they are produced to the highest quality and are to the customer’s exact request.

Example of Bondline’s bespoke embroidery.

Bondline Close-up Embroidery Garment Embroidery Bondline

Examples of custom colour polo shirts Bondline can offer.

ESD Red Polo Shirt | Bondline ESD Black Polo Shirt | Bondline

Example of custom colour lab coats Bondline can offer.

Note: Illustrations are for reference only. Colouring of the garment may vary.

Red ESD Lab Coat | Bondline Yellow ESD Lab Coat | Bondline


Bondline’s grounding products can be fully customised to suit your requirements. Grounding products that can made bespoke include cords, wrist straps, bonding plugs and bonding brackets.

Wrist Straps and Coil Cords

Our wrist straps and coil cords can include either a 4mm, 7mm or 10mm stud. Custom colours can be available on request for either wrist straps or coil cords. The colour options allow you to select a colour that’s more preferable and suitable for your workspace or company’s branding colours.

Examples of colour options available at Bondline.

Bespoke ESD Wrist Strap Colours | Bondline Bespoke ESD Wrist Strap Colours | Bondline

Yellow ESD Coil Cord | Bondline Light Blue ESD Coil Cord | Bondline Dark Blue ESD Coil Cord | Bondline Black ESD Coil Cord | Bondline

Bonding Plugs and Bonding Brackets

We can specifically customise ESD Bonding Points to suit your requirements. We offer custom printing, logos, configurations, languages and other resistance values on request.

Earth Bonding Plugs Bondline Bonding Products Production - ESD Earth Bonding Brackets

Custom Configurations for Bonding Plugs and Brackets

For our bonding plugs and brackets we can offer various configurations to suit the customer’s need depending on their factory set-up and grounding facilities. See image below for Bondline’s available custom configuration options.

Bonding Points | Bondline

Examples of custom bonding point products.

Bondline have produced bespoke configurations of their bonding brackets for their customers. They have also produced special printing (French language) on their bonding plugs for customers.

Custom Bonding Points | Bondline LSBJK Custom Specials | Bondline BP3 EU French

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Bondline can also offer specialist flooring solutions, special ionising air snake products and ESD set-up guidance. To get in touch about our bespoke product service, please call us on (+44) 01793 511000 or email sales@bondline.co.uk. Alternatively, you can fill in the form below and a member of our team will get back to you.

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