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How Bondline Can Help You Design Your Ideal Custom ESD Workbench

Choosing an ESD workbench for your facility isn’t quite as easy as flipping through a catalogue and selecting one from a page. Rather, it involves a whole design process where careful considerations must be made to ensure requirements are met. When it comes to designing your own custom ESD workbench, there are many factors to consider that can be quite overwhelming. From what kind of loads you need your workbench to hold, how big you need your workbench to be to what aesthetic you feel would suit your workspace best. That’s where we can help. Our team can help take the pressure off your shoulders by helping you design your ideal custom ESD workbench from start to finish. In this article, we will guide you through our workbench design process to help you gain a better understanding of how we can craft your ideal custom ESD workbench.

Selecting an ESD Workbench Type

The first step is to help you determine the best type of ESD bench that suits your requirements. This will be used as the base structure of your ESD bench.

We offer a wide range of ESD workbenches, here is a list of our ESD workbenches options:

ESD Workbench Types From Bondline Electronics Ltd

ESD KSHB Workbench

The KSHB workbench is a cost-effective, standard ESD workbench fitted with one shelf and a pair of uprights. It is suited for most industrial tasks and environments including: packing, testing, repairing and inspecting. The workbench can be customised with a wide range of accessories and attachments, covering the essential basic needs of any professional workstation. The height of the bench can be easily adjusted with an Allen key from 650-900mm, allowing the bench to be set to the correct height of the user. As well as the bench, the shelf can also be adjusted. The bench is very durable, holding a maximum load capacity of 300KG for the bench top and 50KG for the shelf.

ESD KSTPB Workbench

The KSTPB workbench is a durable, conductive, industrial workbench with a simple and classic design. It is the ideal fundamental bench for a broad range of tasks and environments when fitted with accessories and attachments: packing, inspecting, testing, repairing, etc. The KSTPB bench is one of the most cost-effective workbenches in our range which is perfect for all budgets. While simple in appearance, the solid steel framework is extremely study and durable, guaranteeing regular use with a maximum load capacity of 300KG at a time! If you require height adjustment, the bench height can be easily adjusted from 650-900mm, which makes the bench suitable for work while standing or sitting. The height adjustment feature is particularly beneficial for work involving packing where the workbench height must be set correctly for the height of the user. The workbench can be easily placed in a line with no gaps for conveyor work.

ESD Classic Workbench

While the classic workbench is simple in appearance, it is extremely sturdy, being able to hold a maximum load capacity of 300KG at a time. The ESD classic workbench has a universal, modular design allowing it to be fitted out with interchangeable accessories and drawer units. They are often the cheapest option but are the best-selling style of ESD workbench.

ESD Comfort Workbench

As the name alludes, the ESD comfort workbench is designed to be exceptionally comfortable while offering appealing and advanced ergonomics for the user. Sleek in design, the comfort workbench is very durable and can hold a maximum load capacity of up to 200KG. For those who require height adjustment, the comfort workbench can be manually adjusted from 800-950mm to a height that suits the user.

ESD Cantilever Workbench

Constructed with a unique framework to that of a standard workbench, Cantilever workbenches are supported with dual vertical legs that are much nearer in distance to provide maximum capacity for legroom and easy accessibility. For users who value comfort and efficiency whilst working, the Cantilever workbench is a smart investment towards a productive working environment. With a Cantilever bench, you can work with weight loads of up to 250KG when evenly distributed. Manufactured in the UK by a quality supplier, this bench is the perfect option if you need quick delivery.

ESD Four Leg Workbench

An ESD four leg workbench is ideal for use as an assembly or repair bench in the electrical and electronic industries. While similar to the cantilever workbench, this workbench has four legs with a leg in each corner to provide firm support and can hold loads of up to 250KG. The four leg workbench is designed with wrist strap sockets for attaching a wrist strap, which ensures that the user is Earthed to the bench. As with the Cantilever bench, the four leg workbench can also be delivered in 5 working days for specific configurations.

Selecting The Type of ESD Worktop

After we have helped you choose the base structure of your ESD workbench, we will then help you to select the type of ESD worktop surface the bench will be fitted with. This will be best matched to your requirements. Two of our most common worktop materials are Lamstat and Neostat, here are some of their features:

ESD Worktop Options for ESD Workbenches - Neostat and Lamstat - Bondline

Lamstat Worktop

A hard-wearing, high-quality worktop with 20mm thick chipboard. This type of worktop is typically used for applications where chemicals or high temperatures are used. With its good heat and chemical resistance, a Lamstat worktop can resist high temperatures and chemical spillages (i.e. organic solvents, weak acids, alkaline, petrol and oil). The worktop has excellent abrasion and scratch resistance providing a durable surface to work on.

Neostat Worktop

A synthetic rubber-based sheet of material that covers over MDF core. This type of worktop is commonly used for general assembly, inspection and test applications where live equipment is not exposed. With its high resilience to heat, hot solder and flux, this worktop suitable for applications where high temperatures are used. Neostat worktop has a lightly embossed textured to eliminate glare; with a light reflection of 29%.

Accessorising Your ESD Workbench

Once we have decided on the base structure and type of worktop for your ESD bench, we can then look at accessorising the workbench. When designing a workbench, we always consider these several main factors:

  • Is there sufficient lighting at the workstation? If there isn’t enough natural light in the room then you should consider using individual lighting units that can be attached to the workbench.
  • Is the workbench at the optimal height for the user? Consider what optimal bench height is needed for your employees or yourself. You may decide that a height adjustment or footstool is required to allow for flexibility to adapt to different process needs.
  • Are there enough storage systems in place? Every workstation should have a place where you can store items or equipment away, allowing you to take them off of display. Fortunately, there are a wide range of ESD storage options to select from, from ESD trolleys and ESD cabinets that can sit beside the workstation, or ESD shelves and drawers that can be fitted to the workbench.
  • Is everything easily accessible? The workbench should be designed so that items used on a daily basis (i.e. tools) are easy to reach and accessible.
  • Is the seating comfortable? To complete your workbench set-up, the right type of seating is required to support you or your employees. When deciding on what type of seating you or your employees require, you should think about what type of support is required. For example, a chair with an ergonomic backrest provides support and comfort for a variety of working positions.
  • Is the user able to transport goods to or from the workstation effectively? If you or your employee will be moving to and from the bench frequently, then you may want to consider using ESD trolleys.

By asking these questions, it allows us to take everything into full consideration when designing your custom ESD workbench so we don’t miss anything out.

Types of ESD Bench Accessories

ESD Workbench accessories - Bondline Electronics Ltd

Power rail

When using an antistatic wrist strap and cord grounding system at your workstation, you’ll need somewhere where you can plug in your Earth bonding plug or bracket. A power rail is the ideal solution to this. Power rails typically offer a number of ports to allow for multiple connections at a time.

Drawer Units

As various tasks are completed throughout the day, you may find that lots of tools will have accumulated on your worktop. To keep your workspace tidy, you should look to invest in a good storage system such as a drawer unit or trolley to store all your hand tools, documents and other equipment.


Another way of keeping your workspace organised and tidy is by installing shelving on your ESD workbench. If you are looking for somewhere to store your ESD stationery, documents or adhesives, a shelf can be very useful in keeping everything tidy while still in close reach.

Cable Management

If power tools are used at the workstation, there should be a cable management system in place to prevent the cables from becoming tangled or getting in the way of walkways. A cable duct or trough should be installed at the workbench to tidy and conceal cables without preventing maintenance access.

Louvre Panels

If you plan to use a lot of equipment at the workstation then you may wish to accessorise your bench with louvre panels. A louvre panel is a shadow board that fixes to the workbench via the two bench uprights. With a louvre panel, you can simply attach your conductive bin systems to the fitted panel to stow away any bits and pieces. This allows you to organise your workspace, keeping everything tidy and out of the way.


ESD workbench with Louvre panels illustration - Bondline Electronics Ltd


Lighting enhances visibility at a workstation and is a critical component during assembly or laboratory applications. Overhead lighting fixtures are among the most common and come in a variety of widths and sizes to meet the needs of a space.

To avoid eyestrain in situations where low light levels are unavoidable, an overhead light should be used to provide sufficient light across the worktable. Overhead lighting can be useful when you are working with complex machinery that often casts shadows and restricts clear views. They can also be used to check the surface of items for imperfections, dents and scratches that are often missed in low light conditions. An ESD magnifying lamp, on the other hand, can help provide sufficient lighting for close-up intricate tasks that require a high degree of accuracy.

ESD workbench lighting illustration - wrong and right lighting - Bondline Electronics Ltd

Other ESD Workbench Accessories

As well as the above accessories, there are many more accessories to choose from for your custom ESD workbench. From LCD screen holders to bottle holders, and document holders to bin rails, there’s a wide selection to choose from to suit your bespoke requirement.

Seating For Your ESD Workbench

It’s easy to focus on the workbench itself and forget about another important component… an ESD chair. A high-quality ESD chair plays an important role in the safety, comfort and health of your employees, and therefore a workspace’s productivity. After we have helped you kit out your ESD workbench with accessories, we will then guide you on the most optimal type of ESD seating to choose.

When selecting a chair for a workstation, there are 4 factors we always consider:

Material: Fabric, vinyl and polyurethane are the most common type of materials used to cover an ESD chair. A polyurethane chair has a good resistance to water, chemicals and various coatings which makes it a great choice for cleanroom environments.  Most users may prefer fabric for its comfort and its variety of colour options. A vinyl chair is also a popular choice because it is long-lasting and easy to clean. We will help you choose the most appropriate type of chair material based on your preference and work area application.

ESD Chair Upholstery Material - Fabric, Vinyl, Polyurethane - Bondline Electronics Ltd

Comfort: Poor posture can lead to many health issues such as back pain and tension headaches. By investing in ergonomic chairs that provide support and keep employees comfortable and productive, these risks can be minimised. Look for chairs with adjustable heights, sturdy frames and comfortable, supportive back rests and seats.

ESD properties: As with everything else at your workstation, it is just as important that your chair is also ESD safe. ESD chairs feature static dissipative fabrics and conductive castors which minimise static electricity buildup and provide a path for these static charges to ground. These should be compliant to the relevant ESD Standards such as the IEC 61340-5-1.

Other types of ESD seating: In addition to standard ESD chairs, there are also several other seating options to consider. These include ESD cleanroom chairs, ESD heavy weight chairs and ESD stools.

How We Help Our Customers With Creating Their Custom ESD Workbenches

When it comes to helping our customers with their projects, we like to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes to truly understand what our customers require. With our project management service, our aim is to help take the pressure off your shoulders by supporting you with your ESD project every step of the way to ensure you have a custom ESD workbench that meets the needs of your facility in a timeframe suitable to you.

In order to help you create your ideal custom ESD workbench, our team will firstly establish what your requirements are. This could be the size of the workbench, the type of worktop you would like, or the weight load capacity required. If you’re unsure what size is needed for your ESD bench, our expert team can visit your site where we can measure up your room and take any other necessary measurements required for the project. As well as taking your requirements into consideration, we will also offer our recommended advice and suggestions to ensure the best bench solution for your facility. Your company’s current and future needs will be considered so that we can create a workbench that not only works for you and your employees today but can be adapted and changed to work for the future.

Operative working at ESD KSHB workbench with bench accessories. Bondline.

Our Previous ESD Workbench Projects

Over the years, we’ve helped many of our customers on a variety of projects with several involving the addition of ESD workbenches to their facility. We love helping our customers find the best solution for their workspace and finding out how our projects have added benefit and value to their workplace. Here is one of our most recent case studies on an ESD benching project our team has completed for a customer.

Bondline Helps UK Electronics Manufacturer Set Up EPA With ESD Workbenches And ESD Chairs

This customer wanted to transform their current office space into an Electrostatic Protected Area so they could safely handle and manufacture static sensitive electronic components and devices in their facility. In order to set up the workstations, they required several ESD workbenches and ESD chairs which Bondline were able to supply, deliver and install as part of their package. Each ESD workbench was installed with one shelf, a power outlet strip, and a pair of uprights along with lighting support to align with the customer’s requirements and brief. As you can see from the images, our ESD KSHB workbench fitted nicely in line with the other workbench with no gaps in between to maximise the space of the area. Read the full case study here.

An image of an EPA with ESD Benches and ESD Chairs installed by Bondline Electronics Ltd An image of an ESD Bench and chair installation at Customer's premises - Bondline

Let Us Help You Design Your Custom ESD Workbench Today!

Our team love to get fully involved with envisioning and creating the ideal way to furnish your workspace. Get in touch today to find out how our products and accessories can add both value and benefit to your workplace.

Simply fill in the form below or send us an email to sales@bondline.co.uk with your custom ESD workbench requirements and we can help you get started with designing your ideal ESD workbench. Alternatively, you can also call a member of our team direct on +44 (0)1793 511000 if you have any enquires. We look forward to working with you!

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