Static Shielding Bags

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£3.85 (£4.62 inc vat)

Transparent metalised shielding bags provide a complete static safe environment for the safe storage and transportation of static sensitive devices and printed circuit boards ensuring easy identification. (Faraday cage). All bags are supplied with ESD symbol as standard.

Bondline supplies static shielding bags for holding static sensitive components when they are to be handled outside of an electrostatic protected area (EPA). Metallised shielding bags are silver in colour and act as an effective Faraday cage, subject to the material and physical condition of the bag.

Select your preferred static shielding bag size from our selection above to purchase online with fast shipping. Can’t find your size Get in touch for a tailored solution.

  • Do not crease the bag as this can break down the integrity of the metalised shield.

  • You should not use any bags damaged with tears and or punctures as these can destroy the function of the Faraday cage.

  • Please be aware that metallised shielding bags can deteriorate with use.

Monitoring your static shielding bags for effectiveness is very important. If in doubt, contact one of our specialists and well be happy to help.

  • We've been supplying anti-static products since 1986.

  • We have these sizes in stock in our 14,000 sq ft warehouse.

  • We are industry experts in ESD management.

  • We can produce custom static shielding bag sizes tailored to your requests.

  • We can manufacture custom thicknesses, films, tubing and almost all ESD packaging.

  • We provide high-quality anti-static products at great value.

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