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Bondline offer a wide range of signs and labels to suit all requirements. We also provide ESD educational booklets for beginners and experienced operatives, along with bespoke customisation. View the full range below.

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Identifying an ESD Protected Area (EPA)

In certain environments, static can cause major damage to sensitive instruments. Because of this, it’s important to notify visitors and workers of the precautions necessary for these areas with ESD Signs. These notifications are vital to the health and safety of these fragile workplaces.

An EPA needs to be identified as such. You can use products such as signs which are designed to attract attention and deliver a clear message to personnel and visitors, i.e. “You are entering an ESD Protected Area” or “You are leaving an ESD Protected Area”. This ensures operators and visitors are alerted when entering (or leaving) an ESD Protected Area which require special precautions (grounding via wrist straps and/or foot grounders etc.). It also indicates that they are entering (or exiting) areas where exposed ESD items can be handled safely. ESD warning signs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and formats. Remember to be consistent throughout your workplace floor, i.e. use the same signs. This will avoid confusion for your operators.

ESD signs are a must have in facilities that have chemical storage and electrical areas that need to be static free. These zones require that proper static grounding equipment be used to ensure the safety of all those in the facility. Safety signs like static grounding signs in these areas can help workers stay informed of the static grounding policies at your facility. Bold ESD signs will ensure that these areas of your building will remain safe as well as alert workers and visitors to follow procedures and use proper static control equipment for safety reasons.

EPA identifiers include:

ESD Warning Signs

Our signs are designed to attract attention and deliver a clear message to personnel and visitors before they enter the EPA. Where high voltages greater than 250VAC or 500VDC are present, use proper warning signs. Bondline offer a wide range of signs in many different shapes and sizes, including round signs and rectangular signs. We also provide bespoke customisation of colours and multi-language text on request.

ESD Warning Labels

Our labels are great to use for components, sub-assemblies, bags, boxes, bins, etc. to give easy identification of static-sensitive devices and products.

ESD labels must appear on all packaging containing static sensitive devices to provide clear identification. At Bondline, we offer a wide selection of labels for electronics to compliment your ESD program, including ESD caution labels, lead-free labels and RoHs compliant labels. ESD Caution labels are ideal for identifying ESD sensitive items enclosed within packaging.

ESD Educational Booklet

Additionally to our labels and signs, we provide ESD education guides that provide a straight-forward, simple introduction to ESD. Our booklet will provide you with important general knowledge of static and ESD. This guide is great for beginners but also an excellent reminder to the most experienced operatives – ideal as a pre-training aid.

The booklet is also suitable for schools, colleges and universities who want to teach their students about ESD.

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