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Auxiliary ground

Auxiliary ground is a separate supplemental grounding conductor for uses other than general equipment grounding.


Antistatic is a minimal generation or retention of a ‘static’ charge. It usually refers to the property of a material that inhibits triboelectric charging. Note: A material’s antistatic characteristic is not necessarily co-relatable with its resistively or resistance.

Air ioniser

An air ioniser is a source of charged air molecules (ions). They help to neutralise electrostatic charges on “process-essential” insulators and isolated (non-grounded) conductors. For more information, see our guide on ionisers in ESD control.

Air ions

Air ions are molecular clusters of about 10 molecules (water, impurities, etc.) bound by polarisation forces to a singly charged oxygen or nitrogen molecule.

Air conductivity

Air conductivity is the ability of air to conduct (pass) an electric current under the influence of an electric field.

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