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The Types of ESD Component Storage for Your Workstation

During processes at the workstation such as repairing or soldering, it can be useful to have some form of storage for storing or holding your components while completing tasks. This can help to maximise the workbench area while keeping components close to hand and easily accessible. Improper storage of components, particularly those of which are small and fragile, can lead to easy misplacement or damage (ESD, physical, etc.) of static sensitive components. Therefore, when creating your ESD control plan, ESD component storage should be at the forefront of your decision.

In this article, we will cover the various types of ESD component storage for your workstation and how they can benefit your business.

Conductive Picking Bins

Often referred to as stacking boxes, shelf bins or pick bins, conductive picking bins are a popular and cost-effective choice for storing static sensitive components at the workbench. With their ability to be mounted on louvre wall panels, they can easily be used to maximise vertical space at your employees’ user bench.

Providing employees with picking bins at each workbench allows for increased efficiency and better organisation; components can be found much easier and therefore tasks can be completed quicker.

While they can increase efficiency and maximise space, their durability can also protect components against physical damage; providing excellent longevity and reducing lifetime costs. Components left on the workbench can easily become damaged from accidental drops or falls.

Flat Fronted Picking Bin

Conductive Storage Cabinets

ESD storage cabinets are another good choice for safely storing small static sensitive components, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), that are susceptible to ESD at a workbench. If storage is a concern for you, conductive storage cabinets are a good option for storing a wide variety of parts and components and large amounts at a time.

Conductive storage cabinets are versatile and thus are good for those who need a flexible storage solution. The cabinets can be either wall mounted, freestanding or mounted onto stands, trolleys, and turntables to suit a variety of applications and benches. As they are designed to meet the requirements of demanding professional use in industrial facilities, workshops, schools, stores, hospitals, warehouses, and pharmacies, they can be used across a wide range of areas where many other storage products may not.

ESD storage cabinets offer good organisation and easy picking of components. With the addition of identification labels provided on each drawer, employees can easily locate the contents they require to complete tasks.

These cabinets offer the most durability for the protection of static sensitive components. Their robust structure and material ensure static sensitive components are protected against any physical or ESD damage that may incur during storage and transportation. This is essential to the component’s longevity and performance.

C551 Conductive Storage Cabinet | BondlineConductive Storage Cabinets

Conductive Carousel

For tasks such as populating PCBs, you may want to use a conductive carousel. A conductive carousel can help employees easily select components at the workbench; without the hassle of opening drawers or sorting through mixed parts.

Conductive carousels are particularly useful for corner worktop use. Their 360-degree rotation allows for employees to pick parts with ease wherever they are located at the workbench. The option to remove and easily slot picking bins into the carousel offers employees flexibility when completing tasks.

Conductive Carousel

Conductive PCB Racks

Conductive PCB racks, otherwise known as a PCB magazine rack, are good for storing printed circuit boards at the workbench in between maintaining and repairing PCB parts. They offer a strong, stable, and convenient method of storage; keeping printed circuit boards in place and helping to make soldering and repairing tasks easier. Another way these racks can be used is for draining or drying printed circuit boards after preparation.

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, conductive PCB racks can sit comfortably onto any workbench making them a versatile method of component storage.

Large Conductive Storage Rack - Bondline      PCB Racks

Selecting ESD Component Storage For Your Workstation

Now we have covered the types of ESD component storage for your workstation, you should consider using several of these products in your workplace. Implementing these products can help to improve operation efficiency, maximise space and increase employee productivity.

When selecting ESD component storage, you should consider the following points:

  • Price – How the product fits into your budget.
  • What’s the intended function? – Are you looking to store printed circuit boards? Or stow away small, fragile components into individual drawers?
  • Size and shape – Consider the bench specifications and the intended use.
  • Space – Does the product need to be stackable or mounted onto wall panels?
  • Versatility – Are you looking for a product that can be used in multiple ways?
  • Compliance to Standards
  • Lead time

Once you establish what is required, you can then go ahead in finding the right supplier that meets your needs. Bondline is a leading UK supplier of ESD control products. Find an assortment of ESD storage products at competitive prices, including conductive PCB racks, picking bins, storage cabinets and ESD component boxes on www.bondline.co.uk.

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