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Process-essential insulator

A process-essential insulator is necessary to build or assemble the finished product. When grounding of these is not possible, choosing a method to neutralise electrostatic charge is necessary. This can be achieved with ionisation. Examples of a process-essential insulator include: product plastic housing or PC board substrate.

Point-to-point resistance

Point-to-point resistance is the resistance in ohms measured between two electrodes placed on any surface.

Path to ground

The path to ground is an electrical link between a static-dissipative and conductive material and the Earth.

Potential difference

Potential difference causes ESD when there is a static voltage difference between two items/objects: i.e. flooring, articles of clothing, shelving, conveyers, work surfaces, people.

Peak offset voltage

For pulsed ionisers, the maximum value of the peak offset voltage for each polarity, as the ioniser cycles between positive and negative ion outputs.

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