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What is ‘Potential Difference’?

A static voltage difference between two items.

What is ‘Tribocharge’?

To generate ‘static’ by the rubbing or separating of surfaces.

What is a ‘Faraday Cage’?

A conductive barrier against E.S.D (e.g. Metallised Shielding Bag, Conductive Box etc.)

What does ‘Insulative’ mean?

Does not allow the free flow of electrons, therefore, it will more than likely cause problems e.g. prevent a path to earth, hold a ‘static’ field, etc.

What does ‘Static Dissipative’ mean?

Increased resistance, which protects better against an E.S.D (i.e. between 1 meg-ohm (10^6) and 1000 meg-ohm (10^9).

What is does ‘Conductive’ mean?

Conductive means low resistance (i.e. less than 1 meg-ohm (10^6) – the closer to 1 meg-ohm (10^6), the slower the discharge.)

What is ‘Antistatic’?

Minimal generation or retention of a ‘static’ charge.

What is ‘Static’?

An electrical charge/field that isn’t moving.

What is E.S.D?

E.S.D stands for ‘Electro Static Discharge’. An uncontrolled surge of ‘static’ between objects with different voltage potentials.

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