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ESD protective symbol

The ESD Protective Symbol, consists of the reaching hand in the triangle. An arc around the triangle replaces the slash. This “umbrella” means protection. The symbol indicates ESD protective material. It is applied to ESD furniture, mats, chairs, wrist straps, garments, packaging, and other items that provide ESD protection. It also may be used on equipment such as hand tools, conveyor belts, or automated handlers that is specially designed or modified to provide ESD control

ESD susceptibility symbol

The ESD Susceptibility Symbol, consists of a triangle, a reaching hand, and a slash through the reaching hand. The triangle means “caution” and the slash through the reaching hand means “Don’t touch.” Because of its broad usage, the hand in the triangle has become associated with ESD and the symbol literally translates to “ESD sensitive device, don’t touch.”

The ESD Susceptibility Symbol is applied directly to integrated circuits, boards, and assemblies that are static sensitive. It indicates that handling or use of this item may result in damage from ESD if proper precautions are not taken. If desired, the sensitivity level of the item may be added to the label

Electrification time

Electrification time refers to the time for the resistance measuring instrument to stabilise at the value of the upper resistance range verification fixture.

Electrical resistance

Electrical resistance describes the capacity of a material to stop, or resist, the flow of electricity. Resistance tests are typically used to predict how quickly or slowly an ESD flooring material will transport static charges to ground; this is measured in ohms (Ω).

ESD grounding

The ESD grounding system selected for use in a facility or situation that best suits the application: a) AC equipment ground; b) auxiliary ground; c) equipotential bonding.

ESD event

An ESD event is the occurrence of a single electrostatic discharge from any source. Examples of source include ESD simulators, humans and other charged objects. ESD events far below the human threshold for perception—static charges humans cannot see, hear, or feel—can damage static-sensitive components/devices and cause product failure, disruption or financial loss. In work environments, most ESD events are caused by the static generated when people walk, called walking body voltage.

Electrostatic damage to static-sensitive electronic components/devices can occur at any point from manufacture to field service. Damage results from handing the devices in uncontrolled surroundings or when poor ESD control practices are used. Generally damage is classified as either a catastrophic failure or a latent defect.

Catastrophic Failure: When a static-sensitive component/device is exposed to an ESD event it may have caused a metal melt, junction failure or oxide breakdown, permanently damaging its circuitry and resulting in failure. Such failure can usually be detected when the device is tested before shipping. If the ESD event occurs after the test the damage will go undetected until the device fails in operation.

Latent Damage: A latent defect is much more difficult to identify. A device may be partially degraded yet continue to perform its intended function. However, the operating life of the component/device maybe reduced dramatically. This could cause premature systems failure which could prove extremely hazardous and very costly.


The term “equipotential” refers to having the same electrical potential; of uniform electrical potential throughout.

Electrostatic potential

Electrostatic potential is the voltage difference between a point and an agreed upon reference.

Electrostatic field

An electrostatic field is an attractive or repulsive force in space due to the presence of electric charge.

Electrostatic discharge susceptible item

Electrostatic discharge susceptible item is an electrical or electronic piece part, device, component, assembly, or equipment item that has some level of electrostatic discharge susceptibility.

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